My Bully is A Psycho

My Bully is A Psycho

By:  Angela xu  Completed
Language: English
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"Use your words Isabella , I want to hear that sweet voice of yours " His voice dripped with cold menace as his grip on my jaw tightened even more. My lips trembled under his harsh glare. I could barely manage to hold his gaze with my blurry teary ones . "I..I'm sorry A..Ace" I stuttered "You are always sorry, a pathetic cry baby is all you are ever going to be. " He sneered further tightening his grip on my shoulders. I couldn't stop an embarrassing tear that escaped my eyes at his words. "You are so pathetic, I will only hurt you more until you are nothing more than dust beneath my feet " My eyes widened when he inched closer , not knowing what to expect i shut my eyes tightly close . I stopped breathing when his breath fanned against my cheeks. When I opened my eyes he was gone. He used to be my crush and childhood best friend... But now he's my nightmare. He hates me, and he's vowed to make my life a living hell. Because I made a huge mistake. Staying alive when I should have died.

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72 Chapters
Chapter one
My Bully is PsychoChapter oneISABELLA.**A loud groan escaped my mouth at the loud sound of my alarm, "Argh! " I groaned inaudibly Oh for a world without freaking Monday's!. I closed my eyes trying to drift myself back to a peaceful slumber when I was disturbed yet again.Without giving it a thought I stretched my arm towards the nightstand to grab the monster that dared disturbed my sleep.I was satisfied with the loud crashing sound it made, That was until I heard a scream."Isabella Joan Morrison! Did you just throw your alarm bell at me! "Shit. It was mom.The sleep vanished out of my eyes immediately, I could almost see its two feet as it scurried away, leaving an innocent good old me with an angry mom.I jumped into a sitting position as quickly as I could, giving her the best innocent look I could muster.Her gaze was set in a narrowed slit , her mouth set in a grim disapp
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Chapter two
My Bully is Psycho Chapter twoISABELLAI haven't seen him since that encounter in the morning, not even during lunch break, I couldn't have been anymore relieved.I sat beside Olivia during our final class, Algebra wasn't really my thing, no how hard I paid attention during lessons, I could never manage to come up with anything more than a "C"I zoned out completely as Mr Isaac kept going on and on, my mind continually drifting back towards Him.Some days I just find myself wishing we could go back to how we used to, but I knew it was a far fetched dream. Each day his behavior made me think that perhaps I had never really known him even though I thought I did.I know he never forgave me, He still blames me for everything that happened.What he didn't know was that I never forgave myself either and most nights I still get nightmares of that terrible day.He was easily the most influential person In the
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Chapter Three
My Bully is Psycho Chapter Three ISABELLAThe bell rang signifying the end of the last class of the day, I packed my books and other writing materials and walked out of the class. I kept them inside my locker and went in search of Olivia.The hall way was fully crowded, students chattering endlessly , it would be so hard to locate her, it would be best if I waited for her outside.I made a turn around the hall way and bumped into a hard body, I lost my balance from the sudden contact, falling butt down on the hard concrete flood.A low sound of pain escaped my mouth at the impact."Are you fucking blind! Why don't you watch where you're going! "The hairs on my body froze on their ends at the familiar icy tone and voice . My gaze slowly traveled through combat boots, to a pair of jeans and a black leather jacket. Then I met with his cold angry stare of the one person I have been avoiding, the one person I should
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Chapter four
My Bully Is Psycho Chapter fourIsabella I made my way inside the house to meet Liz having lunch. Mom wasn't back from work yet,  it wasn't something new.  She works as a nurse an would often at times return home late.  Sometimes I think she was trying too hard for us,  it was mainly one of the reasons I didn't want to disappoint her.  After dad left four years ago,  she would often work overtime just to make ends meet. She thought school was the most important thing in the world. She'd refused my pleas of searching for a part time job so many times because, she just wants me and Liz to study hard and get into a good college. I wasn't a bright student, far from it,  I think the only area I could boast of being good is with my paintings, I draw beautifully well .....but according to her,  that wouldn't secure me a bright future, I don't blame her,  almost every
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Chapter five
My Bully is PsychoChapter fiveIsabella "I missed hurting you Isabel " his taunting voice dripped with menace.What a psychotic thing to say...I looked into his gaze for any trace of remorse, if I could perhaps see a glimpse of my childhood best friend, the one person I missed so much. It wasn't there. This was a totally different person, and all I could manage to find in those gray eyes were hate and disgust."Let me go! " I hissed out in pain, if anything his grip tightened around my shoulders even more, his nails digging painfully. I stared into his hate-filled gaze now."It's been eight years, hurting me w..won't bring her bac.." my words trailed off, his jaw ticked murderously, I could feel the tension radiating off him."I've told you not to mention her! " he grounded out to my face."Tricia was my friend too, it was an accident , I never meant for it to happen, I swear " The sob escaped my th
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Chapter six
My Bully is Psycho Chapter six ISABELLA. The rest of the day went by slowly  , I didn't have any more encounter with Ace.  It was time for gym class. Another of my least favorite things to do .  It wasn't that I didn't like to exercise,  I just hated to do it in front of the other humans...For almost every activity I've ever participated in,  it was either I was too slow....or too dumb, and the at the end of the day, I would end up being the joke of the entire class . I concluded that bad luck always followed me wherever I went , in addition to that,  it always turned out that any team I was paired with always lose , most of the time it was due to a stupid mistake I made. I gritted my teeth as I walked to the girls locker room, Olivia beside me. Perhaps the coach would allow me take a pass?  The chances were very slim. We met Miranda and her f
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Chapter seven
My Bully is Psycho Chapter seven Isabella.YOU ARE SO FUCKING DEAD!!. His silvery deadly gaze screamed at me. For some even more stupid reason I hurried towards him. "I'm S.. Sorry I.. i.. does it hurt? "He glared down at me like I was dumb, earning snickers from people around. I gulped down nervously wondering why I had even asked ,  the laughter and snickering made me wished I could make myself smaller or even disappear completely. I tried to block my attention to their crude words but they still found my way inside my head. "She's so dumb ""Was it intentional? Is she trying to gain Ace King's  attention? ""A girl like her? No way! I'm sure Ace wouldn't spare a cheap stupid girl like her,  it would be such a good show..." "You! " he began only to be distracted by Miranda.  She practically shoved me aside to create space for herself.
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Chapter eight
My Bully is Psycho Chapter Eight. ISABELLA. My eyes flickered open slowly,  it was so blurry,  I blinked twice,  but it didn't help,  everything was still hazy. I was lying on a bed? The memories flooded in.  Ace had broken my glasses... Trapped in that little space.... I must have passed out. "You're finally awake! oh god you left me so worried! " A familiar voice sounded from above me,  it was so sharp,  making me wince aloud. A gasp escaped my mouth when she choked me in a tight embrace.  It was so hard to breath,  I might as well just pass out again  ."Olivia? " I croaked as she supported me to a sitting position,  it seemed she had brought me to the nurse's office. I couldn't see her face clearly,  had she been crying?  It seemed so from the crack in her voice. It made my heart melt like hot w
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Chapter nine
My Bully is Psycho Chapter nine ISABELLAThe warm shower felt amazing on my skin,  today was Saturday, I was in no  hurry to step out of the soothing temperature.  After about thirty minutes I stepped out,  as I stretched  my hand for a towel , my gaze caught on my reflection in the mirror. As always it was focused on the scarred skin beneath my left shoulders , it would forever be a reminder of that incident I would always be reminded me of that painful incident .A lone sigh escaped my mouth as I wrapped the towel around me and stepped out of the bathroom. My gaze narrowed at the sight before me almost instantly. "What are you doing! " my tone was sharp as I glared at my kid sis,  majorly on the box in her hands .That box contained my most precious things. She shot me an innocent look and shrugged lightly as if she had done nothing wrong." Well mom
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Chapter ten
My Bully is Psycho Chapter Ten ISABELLA.I splashed water over my face,  my reflection from the mirror opposite me was a hectic sight. My eyes were red and swollen,  the tip of my nose blotted.I opted to stay inside the bathroom,  when everybody was gone,  then I'll just quietly leave. It wasn't the first time he had hurt me,  it surely won't be the last. But he had never called me that before. A murderer. I felt a vibration from my pant pocket, I carefully slide my cellphone out from my pants pocket. Five missed calls,  also about eight text messages. Where are you?.Are you alright?  Call me. Have you gone home?  Why don't you reply.? All was from Olivia. I inhaled sharply. The exhaled breath came out shakily. I didn't want to speak to anyone,  she was worried a
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