Somewhere Only We Know

Somewhere Only We Know

By:  seleneblue  Ongoing
Language: English
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Natasha Hale only want to do one thing. Drink and forget the world after going through a rough break up halfway through the world Somehow she end up meeting the mysterious James Campbell

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5 Chapters
is this a good idea?
It's too loud. She can still feel the remnants of alcohol in her veins, can smell the scent of sweaty bodies in the air, the flashing light, blinding. It's suddenly become too much. (Or not enough because she can't tell the difference at this point) It's the island of gods but all she wants is to cry, drink, hurl and start all over again. Trying not to trip and stumble with the crowd around her is easier said than done. (The alcohol certainly didn't help) Before she can fall flat on her face and making fun of herself, a hand has already grip her waist, fingers splayed wide beneath her ribcage. Goosebumps start dancing on her spine, realizing with the rainbow crop top she's wearing, leaving her midriff bare is certainly giving her a certain advantage right about now. If this any other night, she probably will grind down on who ever has their fingers on her waist right
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everything has small beginnings
Is it crazy to accept a stranger offer to go with him halfway across the world?  The old Natasha probably will be freaking out. She can imagine Olivia shaking her head in disappointment, or even her dad will probably be worried sick.  But Daniel doesn't seem that bad, he listen to her ranting about her ex boyfriend for hours and seem to be respectful of her boundaries.  Still though, seeing the way the road narrow beside her seem sketchy as fuck and she can feel herself started hypervalenting in the taxi that they took to god knows where.  She's been asking him where are they're going, jokingly ask him if he's a serial killer even though honestly she's getting worried too.  He snort, "I would be the worst serial killer."  "Says the serial killer." He shake his head, "What if you are one and you were the one who's biding her time?" The notion is so ridiculous that she decided to be quiet and
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it is to run blind and never stop
They end up on another lake. She decidedly didn't want to ask what's going on Daniel mind because she's not sure she can keep up.  "Aren't you tired?"  Daniel grin, biting his bottom lip in the way that look both hot and adorable at the same time. "No, c'mon. You promised that you will follow me to see Bali right?" She shook her head, "I did no such thing." "Same difference, you're still here anyway. C'mon." Accepting Daniel outstretched hands, she let out a sigh. They haven't sleep at all since last night, surely he didn't plan them to go sightseeing all day right?  (Wrong, as she soon realized)  It's not a far drive from lake Tamblingan. Now that the sky has lighten, she can see the view better. All her eyes can see is green, the rice paddies seem to be everywhere.  She insist to pay the driver this time around. It's not as much money spent from their last trip, but she still feel better about
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I don't mind if there's too much to say
"This is a bad idea."She should've known that following Daniel idea is terrible. She's regretting this already. (She keep saying that since last night and here she goes again) Daniel looks up, pouting,"You keep saying that.""Because it's true!""But you're still here anyway," He respond, smug. Tugging at one of her curls playfully. "Temporary insanity?" She offers, unconcerned. Daniel looks petulant, taking one of the many swimsuit that hang in front of them and giving it to her. "I already choose one. C'mon the meters running."She rolls her eyes, "It's easier for you, maybe.""It's just a swimsuit, Rose," Daniel muttered, exasperated. To be fair, the first thirty minutes of their ride is spend arguing when Daniel tell her that they're gonna have to buy a swimsuit for their next destination. And then when they finally arrived in the shop that actually specialize on swim wear, they
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pining and anticipation
She looked like a mess. Her curly hair is frizzy, her makeup has faded from today's activities and staring at herself in the mirror she wonders why Daniel hasn't run into other directions, seeing her right now.    Trying not to think too much about it, she quickly changed her clothes into her faded t-shirt and shorts. Quickly brushing her teeth and hoping that her hair is tamed at least for now because she can't hog the bathroom all night just to tame her hair could she?    God. Why did she ask Daniel to stay the night? It's the worst idea ever. He could kill her in her sleep. Was she drunk?    She probably was.    Couldn't back down from her decision now, could she?   Read more Protection Status