Be The Witness

Be The Witness

By:  Sophia Audrey Pelayo  Completed
Language: English
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This novel is about a girl who is constantly receiving messages about forewarned crimes or killings in places she goes. She did not believe it the first until she witnessed a murder happened in front of her and gone as nothing happened. One day a killer appeared and murdered her whole family as the messages stated then a mysterious man appeared in front of her and vanished together with the corpse.

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51 chapters
Quianna’s POVMy hands are being busy since in the morning, preparing for the special meeting conducted by our team about the new product we’ll going to introduce. I am Quianna Ross, a normal office employee working under the company owned by my best friend’s parents. I am currently an intern working for 6 months and it’s my final week before the announcement of regular employees, even if it is the company of my best friend, I don’t want people to keep telling gossips on who I entered or chosen at the final lists. That is why I am working until my feet felt numbed and my shoulders tensed for the whole day. “Quianna! Meeting in 5 minutes.” The team leader said to me.“Yes, coming!” I hurriedly collected all the needed papers for our meeting.“Quianna! I said we’re starting the meeting now!” I saw the team leader peeked from the meeting room to yell out to me. “
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Quianna's POVAfter that flowerpot incident, some guards went out of the hospital and starting asking what happened with this huge mess. Being shocked and in disbelief, I just stare at the ground while Dylan guides me to sir for a second. What if I did not saw that message? My life could've ended in just a few seconds. That flowerpot was huge enough to have me injured or put in a coma. "Are you okay?" Dylan asked me and handed me a cup of water."Yeah, I guess so." I answered."Who would do such a prank?" he said irritatingly."Calm down, we already called the security and they are now investigating it." I said to him and grabbed his hand to let him sit for a while.Read more
Terror Attack
Austin's POVThe witness left the interrogation room and I can sense the cold gaze Aaron was giving to me. I know seeing someone the same way as they saw me will result in some misunderstandings because it looked like I was caught red-handed. But still, I was framed! How can something like this happen to me? I tightly closed my fists, I should put my emotions first before thinking objectively. I should think of a way for me to be acquitted in this kind of unbelievable accusations. "Trace the person who keeps sending me those messages." I ordered to Aaron."You know that's not easy.""Come on, I did not kill that suspect! I am innocent." I plead with him."You can appeal when you were forwarded to the p
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Austin's POV"Austin! We have a case." Aaron said to me."There's a terror attack at the Blue Square building, there's one casualty." Jason explained."What? Let's go!" I said then wear my jacket."Austin!" Aaron called me and threw me a taser."Use it accordingly." He warnings."I know." I said then chuckles. We all run towards the car and Jason put the siren on.After some minutes we arrived at the building and we saw that there's still a crowd even though there's one casualty."Let us through, we're the police!" Jason shouted and we saw a woman lying on the ground, she was bleeding badly and unconscious."Have you seen the culprit?" I asked to the guy who's holding the woman."No, I was looking at her and she suddenly run towards me and shot by gun. Everything happens so fast." He said hysterically."The ambulance is here, sir." Jason said and I give way to the rescuer who's holding first aids and other
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Quianna's POV"Quianna, be the witness." He said with seriousness in his voice."What are you talking about?" I asked."You have to tell me every time you received a message, by that you would not be involved in any of it." he explained."But why would I do that?" I confusedly asked."Cause, I am with the police and you're just a civilian?" he answered"I can protect myself." I said to him."Yana, I think I should go." Dylan suddenly entered the room."What's with this atmosphere?" he asked."I shall go also, seems like I got her statement completely." Austin said to us."I got it, thank you very much, sir." Dylan answered and Austin left the room."Dylan, I thought you'll be going to?" I said to him."Right, I should go. Rest well." He said then smiled at me.Now that I am alone in the room, I can have peace and think about his offer to me. To be honest, I am tempted, I also do want to know w
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Austin's POV"You are alone inside and before entering the elevator, sir." He reported."What are you saying?" I asked."What is it, sir?""Nothing, I got it." I just answered him but still confused about who is that woman. I did not saw her face as she's still looking downwards while still talking to me.I walk towards the room of Quianna, but peek first to see if she's with someone inside. Upon seeing that she's alone lying on her bed, I entered the room and checking the place."What do you want?" she said while facing her back on me."I just got a report that the assailant went in this hospital." I answered."What? Did you catch him?" she immediately asked."Not yet, but our team is tailing him now, you can hear good news later." I answered."About my offer, have you thought about it?" I asked to him."I am still not sure. I can ask help with my best friend." She answered."But he's not a police o
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Quianna's POV"Then I am just stuck at being your friend?" Dylan said to me."Are you drunk?" I jokingly said to him."I did not drink." He answered, another silence happened between of us."But why are you acting like a drunk?" I asked him."Who's drunk? I am not drunk!" Aina suddenly intervenes and collapsed after she said that."Yana…""Just go home, Dylan. I just want to breath fresh air." I said then get my jacket.I left Aina's apartment and sat on the wide bench here. I looked up and I saw a lot of stars shining at the dark sky. They looked so beautiful together, then this crazy idea suddenly crosses my mind, what if those stars are actually planets and people lived there, our parallel selves living at one of those stars choosing the things we do not do at this planet we currently live. That's so amusing, people are the same, but their lives differ on what choices they apply."What are you thinking so hard
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Austin's POVI arrived at the station before the dawn breaks, I saw some constable moving around the whole place."Sir, you're early." Jason greeted me."What are doing here? Did you not go home last night?" I asked him."Aaron won't let the team go home until we found the suspect." He answered and started drying his hair with his towel."That guy, where is he?" I asked to him."I think he's at the evidence room" upon hearing it I went upstairs and go directly to the evidence room. I entered in and I saw him watching something on the monitor."What are you staring on, too early in the morning?" I said to him, and I realized that he's sleeping soundly."How dare you sleeping in here while the team is up the whole night?!" I yelled at him and smacked the back of his head."Austin! That hurts!" he shouted when he woke up."That hurts? Get a grip Aaron. I'll be out later." I said to him."Where are you going?"
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Quianna's POVI saw the rescuers immediately responded to where the driver is. They are preparing for moving the victim out of the car and I just watching them silently and still worried about how badly that woman got injured."Ma'am are you sure someone is here?" one of the rescuers approached me and seriously asked me about it. I looked at him confused and glance at the driver's seat side of the car."Yeah, she's badly hurt. She's bleeding all over her face." I explained to him, and I saw him looking very confused like what in the world I am talking about."But, no one is here, ma'am." When the rescuer said that words to me, I felt my senses left my whole body. I feel numb, I definitely saw someone in there, bleeding badly."What are you talking about?" I just said to him and run towards the driver's seat. I looked at it and saw the seat was empty but there were traces of blood on some parts."Maybe somebody helped her to get off from the
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Austin's POVI am standing here in front of the Imperial Hospital, Quianna should insured her life as she's always entering hospital since the day we've met. I directly headed towards the information desk and asked the room of Quianna. When the lady gave me the room number, I immediately walked towards the elevator and calmly pressed the floor button where the room is located. This time, I think we should stop thinking that everything is happening unusual, for it was really unusual. We should start asking how it happened and who's behind it, that's my agenda with Quianna today."Come in." she said upon knocking once."You knew that I'm on my way here?" I asked her immediately and put a basket of fruits on the table beside her."Yeah, Dylan told me." she answered and scanned the basket."You don't have to bring something like this." She said and started picking the grapes."This will be the last, can you stop going to hospital?" I sarcastical
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