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What do you do when your brother's best friend catches you masturbating?Ashley Green is consider the goody two shoes who is always hidden in the shadows of her brother, but maybe she isn't much of a good girl as everyone thinks. What do you think Ashley would do when her brother's best friend catches her masturbating? Beg for her dirty little secret to be kept? Be ashamed of herself? Or give in to the underlying sinful desires that strikes her nerves at the sight of the pierced tattooed green eyed?

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"Fuck, Harder! Fuck me harder you little piece of shit!" I scrunch my nose at the obnoxious sounds that come from the stall right next to me. Leave it to students of Westwood high to do this stupid shit when it's already the first period. "Fuck!" She groans and I shut my eyes, wondering why that voice sounds so familiar to me. Whoever is banging the chick inside that room definitely has no mercy, I bet she'll even be able to make it through the rest of the school day. Deciding it's none of my business, I begin to make my way out of the room but the next choice of curse words that fell from the girl's lips stops my movement and time suddenly freezes. "Oh my God! Dave, right there! Fuck me harder, Dave!" Dave? Did she.. did she just call Dave? I turn on my heels, staring back at the door as my heart drums repeatedly against my chest, my breathing harder as I bore holes into the door. It can't be, right? I shake my head, stopping myself before I can move further. "You're
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ASHLEY.  "Ashley, wait!" I turn around just in time before opening the door to see Lucy, the closest girl I've ever been to, running towards me with her books in hand. Her brown curly hair bouncing off her shoulders as she tries to hold her glasses from falling off.  She grabs hold of my arm when she's close enough as she tries to catch on her breath while I swipe my palm down my face to get rid of any evidence that I had been crying.  "Damn, I have been calling you. What- what the hell is going on? Where are you heading to?" She raises her brows as her hazel eyes move over my shoulder and I give her a small smile, pulling on the straps of my bag tighter.  "I'm heading home. I don't think I'm feeling too well. " My heart hurts.  "That's weird. You were fine moments ago until you had to go to the bathroom. You should go then, I would walk you home but I have maths as my next period and you know h
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"It was stupid to have ever thought you would love me. I was the stupid one, but I never regretted it, Bash. "I roll my eyes as I take a large spoon of the ice cream, staring at my screen which I'm getting irritated at. Plan one. Eat a large bowl of ice cream and drown myself in the shitty world of heart aches and heart breaks which is why I'm currently in my pajamas, tissues at my side, a large bowl of ice cream in hand as I scowl at the third heartbreaking movie I have watched on Netflix. I dip my spoon back into the bowl and bring out nothing, bringing me to the realization that I finished the large bowl of ice cream under five hours. I groan before kicking the bowl off my bed, pausing the movie and sliding off the duvet to get another bowl. I should have just brought two altogether earlier. I walk down the stairs with my eyes moving across the room out of habit and I walk towards the kitchen, opening the freezer and pul
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I let out a deep breath before clicking on the play button and the video plays. Hell, I never thought I could be the type of girl that would skip school, only to lock herself in her room and watch porn. Never in my entire life had I imagined that my Tuesday night could ever go this way, and yet, here I am. The woman lays next to a man who looks like he's currently sleeping. The blonde woman moves her hand all over her body, biting down rather harshly on her lips. And I gulp down, as I find myself rather intensely immersed in it. I watch as she swipes her legs against each other before dropping her hand down her stomach and disappearing into her pants. She throws back her head against the pillow, her feet thrashing against each other as her hand moves in her pant and I bite down on my lips, my whole body suddenly feeling hot. She moans as she buries her head deeper in the pillow, her pants now moving down her legs along with her panties, so she'
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ASHLEY.  "Are you nut, Little Greene?!" Sinclair pulls away from me so fast—as if a bolt of lightening had just struck him and I shrink into the bed at the expression that covers his features. He looks so damn disgusted, like the mere thought of what I suggested irritates him so fucking much.  Way to fucking go, Ashley! Once again, the universe proves to you-you are not enough for anyone. You will never be enough for anyone.  "I'm—I'm sorry. Forget I ever suggested that. I don't know what came over me. It must be—must be what I was watching earlier. I—please just forget I mentioned that. " I stammer stupidly, looking everywhere but at him because I don't think I can bare to see that look on him again.  What the hell is wrong with me?! Why the hell would I suggest it to him? How can I expect my brother's best friend to help me explore my sexual desires? In which fucking world does that happen? And even if it does; wh
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My heart doesn't stop drumming fast against my chest as I drink in the shadow that allures before me, green eyes fixed on nothing else, but me. The books I'm holding tightly to my chest seems to be losing their stance as my lips quiver in an attempt to let out a call of his name, "Sinclair?" I call, more like a question, and he lets go of my shoulders before stepping back fully into the light, his eyes moving across my stance before he settles that intense gaze back on me.  "What was that shit that just happened there?" He heard that. He heard everything. Heard my pathetic little existence being mocked.  Just when I thought I couldn't get more embarrassed before this man.  "N—nothing. What are you doing here?"  I try to divert his attention, and he seems to catch up on what I'm trying to do because he narrows his eyes at me. And I don't think I can be any more thankful when he chooses to let it go instead. 
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ASHLEY.  "Ashley!" I jolt back in shock at the shout of my name, and Lucy shakes her head at me as our gaze meets—reminding me that there's someone present before me, and have probably been saying some things I've failed to listen to, judging by the expression that covers her face.  "Sorry, what were you saying?" I clear my throat, shifting in my seat, my gaze moving to my untouched food.  "I've been yelling your name for minutes now, and you're sitting right before me, Ash. What are you thinking about so much?" Sinclair.  Pressing my lips into a thin line, I shake my head, "Nothing, sorry I spaced out. " A look of concern crosses over her feature at my words, and I let out a soft sign, knowing she'll start being worried over absolutely nothing again.  "Whatever it is that's going on with you, please just talk to me. You know I hate it when you hide things away from me. " I'm not
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ASHLEY.  I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding, my palm rubbing against each other as I try to shake off the anxiety that runs through my veins.  Raising my hand to the wooden door, I find myself bringing it back down; sweats covering my forehead with the echoes of my heart pounding fast, and loud against my chest si sound in my ears.  What the fuck is wrong with you, Ashley? It's just Sinclair! It's just fucking Sinclair, and it's not like he's going to murder you or anything! Get your ass together, and knock on that fucking door.  Shutting my eyes, I take in a deep breath to calm down the racing of my heart before settling a smile on my face, and raising my hand to the door again; ready to click it against the wooden material, only for it to be opened from the inside.  I flinch slightly as Sinclair's face appears through the door, and he lifts his brows at me with a smile etched on his gorgeous face. 
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ASHLEY.    Sinclair has this look on his face that makes me want to drop everything, and beg for him to do something to me. Anything! As long as it's coming from him; I'm willing to take it.    But knowing those are only perverted thoughts of a teenager who's over the moon for having her childhood crush speak to her; I push those thoughts back, and dig my fingers into the flesh of my thighs to control myself.    "Little Greene, " Sinclair's voice pulls me out of my thoughts, and I lift my brows with a hum. He chuckles with a shake of his head before saying, "I think I'm going to need you to answer that. Do you still want us to talk about it?" He questions, his voice going lower. You bet your fucking ass I want to!   I don't tell him that though.    "Yes, I'll like to speak about it. " I respond, and he nods; his gaze moving to where my hands rest against my la
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ASHLEY.    "Where the fuck have you been all day?" Vincent questions the moment I walk through the door, and I shut the frame behind me, dragging the straps of my bag.    Vincent is sprawled on the couch, watching a basketball game it seems, and I shrug.    "The library. " Trying not to fuck your best friend. My stomach churns in excitement at the memories of what went down at Sinclair's house I swear to God; it took everything in me to not pull that man towards me, and have him fuck my brains out.    "Talk about being a nerd, " he mutters under his breath before turning back to the television, and I roll my eyes with the middle finger.    "Where's mom?" I question, my eyes moving across the room in search of my mother.    "You know. The usual. She's out. " Vincent says with a wave of his hand; not seeming to be paying much atten
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