Love that you never know

Love that you never know

By:  Hellan white  Completed
Language: English
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Sam Huston, a fresher having crush on Wil Heyworth (Mr.popularity), a basketball player. Later that crush develops into love before she even knows it. On the valentine's day she decided to tell her love to him but she came to know something big. Calix, a sophomore and a member of basketball team. He fell in love with Sam at first sight. He propose Sam eventhough knowing she already like someone. Things get complicated on Sam's journey of love. Will she know with whom did she really in love with?

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30 Chapters
Chapter - 1
Enough with this staring stuff. I'm finished. Today, I'm going to claim that I like him. I'm not backing down this time.I went over to where he was sitting. I stood in front of him. Everyone's gaze was fixed on me, anticipating what I would do next. I choose to disregard them.I was completely focused on him. He was directly in front of me. My heart was pounding quicker than usual. He was staring at me intently. Damn! His eyes were captivating. His lips are sculpted in the ideal shape for kissing. How do you manage to look so good?He opened his sealed lips and asked, "What!?"My heart pounded faster!I began to perspire. It boosted my confidence. This is something I can handle. I shut my eyes and screamed, "I LIKE YOU!!" I said after a slow inhalation and fast exhale.There was a moment of silence. There were no responses either.I gently opened my eyes and saw him. He was beaming. Is he grinning? Oh my goodness!!! He smiled when I stated that. That means... wait... his smile is now
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Chapter - 2
It was a lunch break.   "Let's go to Cafetaria", Lia screamed beside me. Clara opposed, "I need a book so I'll join you guys later." Thank god she mentioned it. "I'm going with Clara, I need a book too." Lia commented, "Do you even know where the library is..." "Even though I don't. I still need it. Miss Shelly said she'll decrease my detention period if I score above 70% in the upcoming test. So I'm gonna prove that I can score more and at the same time it's hella boring in the detention room without you guys", I sobbed. Luna pleaded, "Do me a favour, take a book for me too. Pls..." I used this offer, "Buy me a drink then!" Zoe called, "Luna, Lia let's go."   Clara and I came to the library. Clara found her book as soon as we went because she always spends most of her time here. Later Clara helped me to find my book. Now we have to look for Luna's book. We both
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Chapter - 3
Sam p.o.v: I reached home. My brother was on the couch looking into his phone and started to make fun of me by calling names. Normally I get mad at him, but now I remained silent and not even tried to take a glimpse at him. All I'm doing was looking at the card which was given by Senior. I walked straight to my room holding the card in my hands. I dropped the card on my bed and went to take a shower. After I'm done with my shower, I sat on the bed. I felt something was missing. I looked around... My card! Where is it! Damn!... It must be Sarah! I shouted, "Mom! Sarah is taking my things again!" I came out of the room by calling out to mom.   After some time Mom came to my room holding the card. She flicked the card over my face asking, "Is this for him?" "I didn't buy this. It was from a Senior." "Senior!?... Is this Senior Junior plot? I t
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Chapter - 4
Ace p.o.v: After coming out from Calix room I thought, 'How can he think she'll accept him. She already likes someone. And that someone is Wil, my friend. I've stopped Sam many times from approaching Wil. I don't know whether I can carry on with this. Because she's so persistent. I can't explain this to Calix either, he likes her so much. Sam is the reason for him to smile again...So I'm not giving up on this. 'Don't worry brother, I got your back'   The next day at school, I turned to look at Sam, she was staring at Wil like usual. I looked into my book and thought,' Just stopping Sam from Wil won't make any progress, I have to do something on this.   The classes got over. I know Calix will follow Sam on her way back home. So I followed Sam without my brother conscious. I removed my jerkin and my bag and kept them in the car and wear a mask covering my nose and mouth. I mad
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Chapter - 5
Today is Valentine's day. I'm excited because I'm gonna express my feelings to him. I wonder how he reacts to that. I carefully kept my gift inside my bag. I woke up late as usual. Why? Because of him. If he keeps on appearing in my dreams, how can I get to my class on time? I laughed. I came downstairs. Mom was so eager about the gift than I was. She wished me, "All the best!" with a thumbs up.   Dad gave me a ride to college since he had time for his work. I was walking to my class with excitement, eagerness and a little bit of nervousness and fear. I saw Ace outside the class standing and looking into his cell phone. I walked past him. When I entered the class, it was flooded with girls. I tiptoed on my legs to see Wil. I think girls from other faculties also came to give gifts. I proceed forward. The girls around me gossiping about something. As I keep nearing him gossiping gets high. I saw him.
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Chapter - 6
Next day in college, Clara, Luna and I were having a Chocolate drink in a cafeteria. Luna went to class before us.  While we're on the way to class, Clara stopped me asking, "What's with this black-eye? Have you been crying all night!" I ignored it and continued walking. "Stop whatever you're thinking now! If You like him. Go and tell him." "FYI! He has a girlfriend!" "So What?" "You are crazy!", I know she cares for me but I can't do this.  She continued, "Today's the game! Science versus Architect Faculty." "I'm not going." "I didn't ask you. We're going."   We came to class. Hours went by through lectures, Gossips and Quiz tests.    Clara dragged me to the Basketball court once the classes got over. The court was filled with many people cheering up and taking pictures of themselves and the players. Architect faculty students seem to be more in
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Chapter - 7
I dumped my face into the pillow thinking about quitting college least for a week. I took my phone to check what's happening on the University Board page since many people took pictures of us kissing on the Basketball court. As I was scrolling, there were so many feeds posted on the board page about us.   On the University Board Page, I came across an A video clip named( Hot-headed Calix kissed a fresher in Basketball court) Comments: - They're a couple? - Calix got himself a girlfriend? - Hey! I know this girl. A clip of her was shared in a group. She said she's gay! Now I'm confused. - I can't believe Calix was into a nerd. - How can he be in a relationship with her! - He's an asshole! - I wonder how that girl tolerates him. - Even though he makes the team win, he's still a loser. - He's doing this to get attention towards him.   Will Cali
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Chapter - 8
When I opened the door, mom was there standing beside the window. I thought, 'Did she saw what happened outside.' I approached her with a nervous smile, "You're back." "Yes, I am. So... where's Sarah?", she asked while looking around the house. "Sven will pick her up." She was surprised by my answer. I took a relaxing breath.   I went upstairs to get changed into comfortable clothes and came downstairs. I helped her by setting the table for dinner. She asked about the gift, "Did he like it?" She seemed to be curious as usual. I told the story about the hidden girlfriend. For a moment she looked stunned and the second she started laughing. I asked, "What makes you smile?" "This means my ship is going to sail..." and screamed. "What ship?" "You and that Senior!" Wow. I didn't know my mom's a shipper and why she likes Calix this much. It's weird because t
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Chapter - 9
Wil dragged me to another section of the store. I looked around it. It was a Female sector.  I asked him, "For Blair?" He shook his head and said, "For you. You helped me so... I'll treat you by buying you a dress." "It's okay. You don't have to do that." He didn't listen to me and took a Red Off-shoulder top for me. "You always wear hoodies to class and I have never seen you in a girls outfit. So try this out. I think Red will suit you more than a pink hoodie." I can't say no since this is the first dress he's buying for me. Even though it isn't my type I wanna try this for him so I took it.  He said, "Can we go and grab some lunch. I'm so hungry." I nodded.   While eating he asked, "Do you like shopping?" I laughed and said, "It's not like I don't like it. It's just... boring. With my friends, it's fun but with Sarah, it's quite opposite." (Laughs) "With Blair, I have to
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Chapter - 10
"Mom, how will you apologize to Dad?", I asked her eagerly. She gave me an eye roll, "What happened this time?" "Nothing. I just wanna know how will you get back after you get mad at him?" "I'll give him a back hug... he'll love it", she squealed and continued, "And... I think Calix will also like it if you did that!" she laughed. "Mom!" She continued her laugh.   I went to Sarah's room and knocked on the door. I went inside after hearing a 'Come in' approval from her. She was sitting on the floor working on some homework.  I sat down with her, "Sarah..." "I didn't take any things from your room. You can even check. Because I'm already fed with my homework here!" It's weird to see her being responsible. Because I never saw her doing that before. I asked her, "Not about that. Actually... I came for a suggestion. How will you get back to a person after the quarrelling stuff." She
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