Silent Addiction

Silent Addiction

By:  Kabejja Daphine  Completed
Language: English
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"We always underestimate the hearts but they will never cease to show us what exactly they want, my heart wants only you my silent Gift " Marco Di Martino, is heartless, second in command of Gaetano Di Martino Ruthless Cold Murderer and proud He doesn't know what to expect when he finds a broken, silent girl in the middle of the road at night. Is it bad to be vulnerable around her? To show how broken he is in front of her ?

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40 chapters
Chapter One
Her heart was pounding as fast as it could in her chest, her pulse high. It was dark but she didn't care as far as she was away from Valente.Her feet couldn't stop bleeding and neither could she stop remembering the way she was forced to walk on glass, the rain couldn't stop falling and she could feel the heavy winds blow her way making her shiver heavily.Her wedding dress that was designed just for her with sparkling diamonds, it's lower parts had been covered with mud.. She didn't care about all this but just kept running.Her feet hurt with the more steps she took. Her head was pounding and her view was getting more blur but she had one thing on her mind and that's to keep moving..The fear, darkness and pain within her also kept pushing her forward She could taste her tears from her slightly open mouth that was helping her to breath through this suffocation.Her cheeks were flashed and her hair sticking on her face, it was like her body was
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Chapter Two
You know that feeling that settles in your heartRipping away every single smile and happiness within youThe feeling of loneliness covering up every corner of your heartLike a dark web, suffocating you.All the cubicles of your heart sinking into the deep flows pain.It changes your facial expression to sadnessAll your feelings molded in to only that one of depression.It hurts more when there's someone on your mind, Someone you regret to having ever left that one time.Every time her dangerously toothy beautiful smile played in front of your eyes, you could hear every normal part of your heart crush more brokenly. The feeling of her every laugh vibrating through all over your body like lady bugs crawling for food, the beautiful memories making you smile for a few minutes before drowning you back in sadness. Every one could think Mariana was crazy ever since she woke up, the way she always saw her late daughter in every corner of th
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Chapter Three
Mariana stared up at the skies, their beauty taking up most of her attention, she wondered if her daughter was one of them looking out for her from up there. Her back ached for sitting so long but she didn't mind, this window was giving her some sort of comfort she lurked.The food in front of her on a metal tray had become cold, not even it's smell was able to awake her taste buds.She turned her head and looked around the luxurious room that was given to her. Its dark colors stood out marching the way she felt to be exact.She pulled herself up, noticing the quietness of the house. Mariana wondered if they were any more people in this house than the man that had saved her and the woman that had served her food. Her feet moved towards the slightly opened door, slowly as she slipped out into the hall way. A few rooms down the short hall, she walked towards the large balcony.This house was no where compared to Valente's, she could see the main d
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Chapter Four
Blue crystal eyes stared back at herHe had found herThere's no way that he had found her.Her heart pumped wildly in chest as he grabbed her  harshly by the wrist.' No No No ' where was taking her, he couldn't take her back to that hell hole.With much energy she tried to pull out of his grip but he was far
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Chapter Five
Somehow drunken Marco has managed to get Mariana safe to bed, all the comments he kept throwing her way there was only one that was stuck in her mind making her smile before going went back to bed"Happy Valentine's day beautiful " he had whispered while walking out of the room leaving her to stare his way with surprise, a simple smile finding it's way on her lips.It was somewhere in November and he was drunkenly wishing her a happy Valentine , she was now yearning to know his name.He had helped her and then got her a place to leave, he may act cold but deep inside him laid a good heart.Mariana drifted back to sleep, to think of it seriously it had been a long night.***Marco groaned as he got out of bed, his head hurt like a bitch but how could he blame it when it was all his fault. Drinking was starting to become a habit, he was starting to stupidly rely on it.He hit the s
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Chapter Six
Marco leaned back against his car, his impatience and frustration slowly sipping in slowly. He felt the urge to walk inside that police station and find out what exactly was going, he wondered where Dominic really was to erase this mess.Marco's phone vibrated within his hand gaining most of his attention, he took the call on the second ring. "Davin " "Sir this new girl that.." Davin tried to explain knowing one wrong word he would be dead."Why the hell is your voice shaky, and what the fuck is going on ?" Marco roared"This new girl has Stephanie on gun point " Marco cursed silently hanging up as Andrea and Gianni walked out of the building staring at him weirdly."Get your  fucking asses in the car, we have some where to be "

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Chapter Seven
Mariana raised her head slowly looking around the room, her head hurt badly so was most of her body. Her eyes couldn't open properly but at least she could see something a little clearly.The room was white with blood splashed awkwardly on every wall making her heart beat increase randomly. She wasn't born yesterday or joined this life style yesterday.She was in the death room, the three red tool boxes in the corner made a sweat break out on her forehead. Panic was getting to her, her pulse high and her thoughts fuzzy like she was high on cocaine.She had to get out of here but how, noticing the tight ropes; her whole body froze. She was tied on a chair for fuck's sake she was damn tied on a chair. Her legs and chest too, the adrenaline pushing her to the edge.Positioning her legs and holding her ground she tried to stand up in a weird way, good enough it was a wooden chair making easy way for her
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Chapter Eight
"Davin,  untie her " Marco ordered his man who had also walked into the room with a bandaged shoulder, "But boss she.. ""Are you questioning me Davin ?""No boss ""Then good " with that Marco strode out of the room not even bothering to look back.Mariana felt her self sigh out of relief, after all Marco Di Martino wasn't going to kill her anymore and for the job she had been denied those skills since she was sixteen how was she going to pull that off.A loud growl pulled her out of her thoughts, she looked up at Davin.A man who was well built and big enough to scare all the day lights out of her, he had black messy hair and green - grey eyes that held nothing but coldness whilst his red plump lips.The men here knew exactly what they call beauty without a try, Mariana couldn't help but notice the angry scowl on his face.Mariana smiled not so surely hoping he would let go of that anger, she never meant to shoot him
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Chapter Nine
Mariana sat by the window silently staring outside, the rain kept hitting on the glass it's rhythm soothing to her ears.Beryl had covered her thoughts, all she could see was daughter.Stephanie had come up a while ago asking her to come down and have dinner with them but she seemed to had lost all her appetite within a snap.Mariana had unknowingly gone back to pushing herself away from people without realising it, Her thoughts, her past and her pain had become the centre of her world once more.Marco walked in to her room and she didn't even notice, he leaned by the door and stared at her. His thoughts moved back to the first day he had walked into this room after she had arrived, the way she had pushed him away still hurt a bit.A lone tear escaped down her cheeks but there was no way she would notice, there was no day or night her eyes weren't empty even when she was trying to run away.Yet they were the best beautiful thing he had ever
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Chapter Ten
Davin was walking by Mariana's room towards the basement but suddenly he came to a stop, curiosity enticing his nerves. He seriously hated this girl with so much passion yet found himself wanting to see what she really was up to.He looked inside, more careful so he won't be noticed only to find the room empty, even the bed where she should be at this time.Turning his direction he walked in to her room slowly, the only window in here was closed so she certainly hadn't escaped but where was she if not in here at 2: 47 in the morning.Prying his eyes away from his wrist watch and looking around once more the light from the bathroom caught his attention "Mariana " he called out but he still got only silence.Pushing the bathroom door open slowly, he froze his eyes wide as he stared at the girl on the floor. He moved towards her kneeling besides her, he didn't care if she was laying in a pool of her own
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