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A wedding ballroom is prepared for a bride and the groom that will never show up. Spoilt richest man daughter in the town Mary Sanders sets her eyes on General Mike Stone ever since he saved her life. She is determined to marry him, her father in a bid to make her dream come through plans a wedding with the entire town in attendance Mary is humiliated when the General refuses to show up, her father makes Mike’s military superiors demand his presence at the wedding hall as his daughter must get what she wants. As a military man, he is compelled to obey or risk being jailed Jared Stone, Mike’s mysterious and hardhearted twin brother shows up at the wedding, fools everyone, Mary is married off to Jared, He said Yes to everything except to love her and he is determined to show her a life of hell.

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@FASHOLA ESTHER ADEBUSOLA. 2021.Please, Note that every words written in this book is purely a work of fiction and therefore is written for entertainment and relaxation purposes only. This book may not be screenshotted, downloaded or shared as a pdf. it is clearly not authorized. Thanks.I do hope you enjoy the book, i was dazzled myself at the characters that form so much passion to live and love.Do, Enjoy the book most dearest to my heart.Love is a common thing to some, to others like Mary it is a priviledge, she just didn't know it.To Jared, well.... we will find out in the book......
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The incessant sounds of hoof beats in the distance made Mary’s heart skip a bit,as she looked about her in dejection, the path was foreign to her, all she could see was grassland miles ahead, she dragged her delicate body along the path and into the open but the biting pain made her scream out forgetting her pursuersThe Carriage she had been on had been stopped by Armed thieves on the way, her maids had been taken away and the driver of the carriage, she had later discovered was one of the men, but it had been too late to do something about it. Since she was the only daughter of Nicholas Sanders, the owner of a couple of the town’s conglomerate, her father operated a monopoly of carriages, he imported carriages into the town and he owned several other businesses in the town, something that gave her a sense of pride and satisfaction but was about to be her doom.Her father had warned her not to embark on her journey as his most trusted guard was out of town
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Western Creek was a small town, where everyone knew each other, the town lay west of England. Western Creek had over the years been able to get itself a political standing in the King’s army, hence there were several military stations at Western Creek, the town had slowly gained recognition after that as the town was well protected and insured.Apart from Military power, it also had a great economic power presence as rich merchants and banks grew at western creek giving the town a wealthy boom. And as this took effect, the more the lawbreakers in the small town also grew.But there were core military men who would give their all towards the town, and a good example was the Stone Men, generation after generation of the family were soldiers in the King’s army. The grand patron of the house who had started the trend had also fought for and died in the King’s Army.The present generation of stone men were the identical twins of Richard and Catherin
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”Papa, it was so scary, Have you seen Abigail? She left with me but that stagecoach driver took her Papa. I thought I would die, the grass they dumped me was so itchy” Mary whined as she sat in her mother’s lap, her father sat across her, petting her hair“Sorry, my darling. Do not worry about Abigail, she was in cohort with the driver, they have both been caught and are in the town Jail. You lie down here and worry about nothing, I will have the doctor bring the cream I imported from Italy last fall, it would soothe your skin” he turned to a maid, standing nearby”Are you deaf? did you not hear my command, do you want me to say it one more time?” Nicholas Sanders thundered angrily. The maid scurried away in fear“Papa, keep your voice low, my head hurts” Mary croaked Mrs. Sanders cast a hot glance at her husband, for which he waved apologetically, saying in a soft voice”Sorry
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Commander Mike was sitted in the Stone Mansion living room when he relayed the news of him marrying Mary to his mother, who expressed her fear“What nonsense? it is beyond my understanding how Nicholas Sanders would think I would marry his daughter. He is calling me out because I found her naked in the jungle, so I ought to be held responsible for having seen his daughter’s nakedness, he is using the military reputation to threaten me” Commander Mike smirked “ He wants to report me to the Generals for seeing his daughter’s nakedness. Mary Sanders is not even the sort I would marry, I do not like her at all, she is rarely out of her mother’s pouch, she is a good for nothing sissy that can hardly pick a needle by herself, she is useless. And I will never betray Evangeline, I love her too much for all this, how does he expect a soldier to marry that ninny he called a daughter” He snickered, as he faced his mother
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The alluring lacy material flowed tenderly across the marbled floor, the dress had been specially sewn for her from another country, though it had only been a short time, it seems her mother knew how to use their wealth to pull strings. The dress was a wonder, it was a low-cut dress, which accentuated Mary’s full breasts and made them threaten to spill out, she had pouted at this, but her mother had said it would be perfect to make Commander Mike fall for her, no man ever resisted a well-endowed woman like Mary, especially if it was laid out in front of themThe dress hugged her slim waist tightly, Her mother had often said her hips are a man’s undoing, the dress was made to seduce. She smiled as she thought of Commander Mike’s hands removing the gown from her body, she blushed at sexual thoughts. She was currently draped with a dull overhaul with which, the maids were powdering her face, so as not to stain the material, her mother stood nearby commanding them on what to do, Mary sa
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Smiling and waving at guests as he walked by, Nicholas Sanders kept up his fake modesty to the very hilt. He was raging within, his hope of making the Sanders family be intimate with the Stone family was his lifelong aim and he was not about to see it dashed away, he would achieve it by crook or nook.“Why isn’t he here yet?” Nicholas Sanders thundered at his fellow conspirator  in the hall,  he turned to face them“ You promised me, he would come, I paid you handsomely for this” he banged the wooden table in anger, the pain he got in return made him shout with rageCommander  Cole barked back at him equally” Calm down, Nicholas, this is a soldier’s superior order we are talking about, he has to come or else he shall be stripped of his title and punished and it will involve his family, he knows that very well”“I do not care about that at all, all I know is that he ought to be here by now marryi
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Jared rode madly in pursuit of his brother, judging by the unconscious words of Alan, he knew his brother’s next line of action. He wondered what had gone wrong with the Commanders after he left, for a measly man such as Nicholas Sanders to think he can control them, Jared sneered, he would make it his last attempt Following his mother’s horse footprints she had gone the midwife way but a dark thought made him stop the horse suddenly, breaking its run Following the way of the Corrupt Commanders, they knew Mike all too well, then it clicked Evangeline would not be at the midwife, if she had been gone since morning, the Commanders would have her, and it would be the worst mistake of their life. Jared began riding hard this time, in the direction of Nicholas's grand hall, he hoped he would be in time to get Mike before his brother burnt down the place in order to rescue his wife. Evangeline was not one who could endure such harsh conditions for long, the girl had grown up with them aft
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“Do you Mary Sanders, take Michael Stone, as your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to honour, to cherish and to hold, for the rest of your life?” the vicar pronounced“Yes, I do” came the blushing reply, from a love-filled eyed Mary, as she stood at the Alter holding Jared’s hands it was surreal, she glared at Commander Mike under her veil, it was those same blue eyes, they were staring at her again, they held her captive, she had been so happy when she had been informed he had arrived. This was the happiest day of her life, she blushed at the thought of them spending a night together as man and wife.The Vicar turned to Jared “Do you Michael Stone, take Mary Sanders, as your lawfully wedded wife, to love and to protect, to cherish and to hold, for the rest of your life?”Jared stared with glistening annoyance at Mary in front of him; he really hoped for her sake that Evangeline was unharmed.Jared could feel
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Twirling about in her wedding dress, Mary was beyond happy, she blushed harder at the thought of Jared’s hands on her, she had been brought home from the hall by her mother. She was currently in her room which had been extensively decorated for her wedding night.The door to her room opened “Mother, mother” she jumped at the sight of her mother, she flew into her arms in joy“Thank you mother, it's a dream come through, I am a happy bride” she beamed, the light shining in her eyes,“Yes, my dear, My princess deserves the best, “ Her mother said looking into her Mary’s happy eyes“Mother, his touch felt like a caress, it was so feeling, I shivered all over my body, it was delicious. I could go on touching him forever” she gushed out in a rushHer mother smiled” I am glad you like it my dear. A wedding should be filled with happiness. Your wedding shall be the talk of the town for years
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