The Prey in The Dark

The Prey in The Dark

By:  Lora Tia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Before the Callisto's became the alpha pack of Peskington, the Mazzeos, revered as the last azure pack, ruled over it. Then, in an ungodly massacre, the Mazzeos are displaced, and the Callisto's reigned as the head of the five families. As the last azure, Elyssa Mazzeo abandoned her family name, only returning years late to attend the Moon Ball where the alphas converge once a year, to finally get her revenge. But the goddess has other plans for her chosen. After her race through the Labyrinth, and torrents of revelations, she realizes she's a pawn in a game between the gods and the dark. When forced to pick a side, will the hunter become the hunted? Will she pursue her revenge or allow destiny to run its course?

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42 Chapters
Chapter One
Behind every great fortune, there is a crime. And Lucian Callisto’s crime was the massacre of her entire pack. If she hadn’t snuck out to Aubrey’s party that night, Elyssa Mazzeo would be dead too, burnt to a crisp with her entire pack in the Mazzeo estate. That warm October morning, she lost her family, her identity, and her inheritance, and was forced to roam the wilderness on the outskirts of Peskington as a lone, bitter wolf. As Elyssa stood in front of the full-length mirror in her loft in the Ember Tower. Her brows creased in a frown as she pushed her rage into the dark recesses of her mind. The time had finally come to have her revenge. “Are you sure Zuker got our names on the list? I don’t want to be drag out of the Callisto compound by my hair,” Taylor asked as she strutted to Elyssa’s side in her blue body-con ball gown. “Tay, if Zuker said we’re in. We’re in.” Zuker was one of the few people she trusted, few? She shook off
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Chapter Two
After slipping up the side steps, Elyssa arrived in a dark hallway on the second floor of the castle. Now that her mate’s scent was gone, her wits had returned. She took a minute, leaning against the wall beside the heavy curtains, to savour in the discovery of her mate. Her mother’s description of the sensation did not compare; the throbbing, the yearning, and the insatiable desire to be near him. Her mouth watered as she thought of seeing him again. But did he feel it too? The moment his eyes met hers, they glowed a fiery amber that blasted the air out of her. Elyssa adjusting her dress and continued further into the hall, making sure to stay close to the wall so that she could duck behind the curtains in case anyone entered. But then Elyssa paused and turned to the empty hall. That was the most stupid idea, the building was packed with wolves who could sniff her out from miles. It would be better to step out in the open instead of hiding in the shadows, and drawin
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Chapter Three
Elyssa ran all the way home from Aubrey’s party following the news of the fire at her house, and the memory of it was ingrained in her mind. The entire estate burned down and not a single member of her pack survived. She knew it was no accident because her father and brother had tightened security weeks ago after the new family in town attacked one of the Peskington five families. At the time, Elyssa had believed they were being overly protective, which was mostly because she was not allowed out of the compound any more. She did start to worry when Antonio told her the same security protocols were in effect at the Marino compound as well. Lucian Callisto was the name they whispered in everything; a monster who took what he wanted and crushed anyone in his way. She had cried for hours behind the ruins of her family house before running off into the woods to keep her scent hidden. It devastated her that her parents and big brother, Gregory, would never witness
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Chapter Four
Lucian led her to the ballroom, where a fierce, ethereal beauty stood in front of the live band. With her greying black hair brushed into a bun, her haughty pose screamed Luna. “We all know why we’re really here.” The guests murmured in confirmation as she stepped forward, smiling and gesturing to the room. “It’s time to hunt.” Elyssa glanced sideways at Lucian before turning back to watch the woman with an uneasy frown. Hunt? What had the Callisto’s turned the Moon Ball into? What were they hunting? She searched the hall for Taylor and when she didn’t see her, tried to find her scent. “A tradition so old and fine, where the wolves race through the goddess’ Labyrinth in search of their mates. We will send the most beautiful, unmated elite females into the Labyrinth, and if any one of them catches your eye, track them down and mark them by sunrise.” She gestured as she spoke. “Nevertheless, we’re not animals; there are rules; you can only mark a consenting fem
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Chapter Five
The ladies followed Jeremy and a squadron of Callisto wolves out of the ballroom and down a stairwell to a white-lit basement corridor. Aaliyah's mate, Jeremy guided each female into a lift, one at a time, with only a five-minute interval between each one. The wolves stood guard so close to them that they could only exchange uneasy glances, barely speaking to one another. Maybe they were finally realizing the severity of the ritual. Taylor turned around to look at her and Elyssa gave her a small smile. With Taylor ahead of her, she would be the last to go in, and judging by the look on her face, Taylor only just realized how dangerous this was going to be. Soon after, she watched Taylor enter the lift, descend slowly while smiling nervously and the five minutes that followed were the longest she'd ever had to suffer through. Jeremy held the lift open for her and Elyssa stepped in with a gulp. "Good luck," Jer
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Chapter Six
They snarled at Elyssa and darted off in the direction of Lucian’s howl, forcing her to sprint through the opening after them. Following them towards his scent, she struggled to match their unnatural speed. Elyssa shook her head, not wanting to focus on why he howled, was he trying to get himself killed? The monstrous creatures made a sharp left turn ahead and the Labyrinth moved, Elyssa dropped, shifting immediate she hit the ground and jumped through the opening before the passage could shut her out. She slowed to a halt when she reached the field where the beasts were now locked in a fight with Lucian. Elyssa shifted back, unable to believe her eyes, as she watched Lucian fight the beasts she had thought would be too much for him. With his sharp canines, he tore out one’s throat, before knocking the other into a puddle of black dirt. Transformed, Lucian was the same size as the beasts; heavy and terrifying
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Chapter Seven
Elyssa stared at her mate. All six feet of him with his short ash brown hair and full face of beard she was tempted to caress. Although his well-toned torso gleamed like precious liquid under the moonlight, his eyes were his most striking feature. They resembled amber orbs that morphed colour to match his mood, and as they narrowed at her right now, seething with anger, she pouted. “I see.” Lucian’s voice was low, steady and levelled. He was livid that she rejected him, and while she knew how devastating it could be for a wolf, she didn’t care. She didn’t want to care. “So you lured me here just to turn me down?” “I did no such thing. Your mother sent me out here, Lucian.” Elyssa shot him a frown and looked around. Lucian stared at her with an unreadable expression as a cold breeze swept by, and she heard the chilling whisper in the gust of air. Azure. A jolt of cold racked through Elyssa’s useless robe
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Chapter Eight
That was his meaning? She almost rolled her eyes at it. A few people could tell by looking at her that she was an azure, but since the fire that took her pack, they believed the azures to be extinct, so most people didn't think anything of her appearance.  As a child, her mother told her stories of the pack of beautiful wolves with hair as red as ruby, fur as white as snow, and eyes as blue as the azure sky overturned by savages. There were only a couple of survivors and their numbers had dwindled since, leaving just a few of them. Caitlyn Mazzeo was one of them. Her mother’s stories of her azure heritage started to make sense after her first shift, and the Ewing pack would not stop calling her a chosen. The azures were blessed with the goddess' grace and gifts, and were chosen Lunas of their packs. She didn’t even understand what it meant. Chosen for misery? To be alone, and forced to be the mate of the man who destroyed her life? “I hav
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Chapter Nine
She’d been kissed before. Not a lot, but they’d been good, with men gorgeous enough to knock the breath out of you, but goddess, this was different. It was like nothing before this existed, the world was a measly grey scale and Lucian woke her from the dreadful lapse. She could taste the opening up of her soul, as his hands trailed down to her hips, and he lifted her up, Elyssa wrapped her legs around his waist. Any more, and she’d explode from the feeling she couldn’t quite put into words. Happy, joy, complete, like she was only created to kiss him. Lucian broke away, and they stared into each other’s eyes. She had no thoughts, and in that moment she knew he was hers. Then he took her lips in a soft, warm kiss and smiled against her lips. “Tell me why you despise me.” As his voice rumbled through her, she reached out her fingers to finally touch his beard. She ran them through his soft hair and traced her way upwards into his hair. Her intent
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Chapter Ten
Lucian’s POV Amid the eerie darkness that followed the ungodly wind sweeping through the chamber, her soul-piercing blue eyes held his with an iciness that outdid the current cold. He was transfixed by her azure gaze, and whatever she had found out clearly upset her. “What, exactly?” he asked, turning away from her. There wasn’t anything the Callisto’s weren’t blamed for, and he was getting tired of it. Drizzles pooled in his palm as he held his hand out. There was no shelter around to wait out the impending heavy downpour, and the storm was picking up quickly. “Your mother drives the azure wolves in here as an offering to that witch.” Then he turned around and faced her. Her crimson locks dancing in the wind now, as did the short robe she had on. While his muscles tightened, he felt himself swallow; Elyssa was stunning. “What are you talking about?” He groaned. “She sent me here too, despite the fact t
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