Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn't Easy

Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn't Easy

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Six years ago, she was framed by her wicked sister and was abandoned by her then husband while she was pregnant. Six years later, she started anew with a different identity. Oddly, the same man who abandoned her in the past had not stopped pestering her at her front door. “Miss Gibson, what’s your relationship with Mister Lynch?” She smiled and answered nonchalantly, “I don’t know him.” “But sources say that you were once married.” She answered as she tucked her hair, “Those are rumors. I’m not blind, you see.” That day, she was pinned on the wall the moment she stepped in her door. Her three babies cheered, “Daddy said mommy’s eyes are bad! Daddy says he’ll fix it for mommy!” She wailed, “Please let me go, darling!”

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Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn't Easy tells the story of a man pursuing his ex-wife after divorcing. Mr. Lynch abandoned his wife heartlessly because of misunderstanding when his wife was pregnant six years ago. After six years, Miss Gibson, comes back in a new status and says nothing about her past experience to others. Mr. Lynch who had been regretting about their divorce decides to win her heart back. Will they reconcile? More details in Pursuing My Ex-Wife Isn't Easy.

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Chapter 1
Luna Gibson was pregnant.She headed home happily with the test report in her hands, all while she pondered on how to break the news to her husband, Joshua Lynch, as a surprise. He had been overseas on a business trip for more than half a month, and he would finally return home tomorrow.The moment she entered her home, however, she noticed a pair of ladies’ shoes that were not hers. She frowned.She recognized them. It was her sister’s, Aura Gibson, and she just bought them not too long ago.Was she not on that business trip with Joshua?It was then she heard a woman’s voice that resounded from upstairs.This voice… It was her sister, Aura’s voice!Luna bit her lip as her body trembled inadvertently. Which other man could it be if it was not her husband?Instinctively, she raised her feet and walked upstairs. The closer she got, the louder the voices of the man and woman that drifted out of the bedroom.“What are we going to do when she comes back later?” Compared to Aura’s s
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Chapter 2
At the mention of her eldest son, Luna’s heart ached.She smiled bitterly. “Someone is taking care of him back there. We might stay a little longer this time.”She had to take care of some issues.Six years ago, Joshua and Aura colluded to try and kill her, even though she was three months pregnant. After news of her ‘death’ was announced to the public, Aura even shamelessly produced her so-called will as proof she committed suicide.The reason for her supposed suicide was because she betrayed Joshua and felt guilty. Ridiculous. The true traitor lived happily whilst she had to carry the brand of a cheater even in her ‘death’. For everything they owed her, she would make them pay with their blood!Of course, there was also Nigel’s body…The woman sighed heavily as she turned toward Anne. “How’s the job opening I asked you to look into?”Anne looked slightly awkward. “I asked someone to inquire into it, but at the moment, there’s no opening for any position in the Lynch Group ex
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Chapter 3
Early in the morning, the atmosphere in the Lynch Group was serious and cold. All the staff members stood in a neat line as they respectfully waited for the arrival of their big boss.When the clock struck 8 a.m., a luxurious car stopped in front of the entrance. A man who looked like a butler rushed down from the passenger seat and opened the back door.With a cold expression, Joshua lifted his long legs wrapped in black trousers out the door and put his feet on the ground to get out of the car. He was apathetic and arrogant, and his aura was so domineering that everyone in his vicinity could barely breathe.The man looked forward and strode up the steps.“Daddy—!” A cute, childish voice abruptly broke through the heavy atmosphere, and everyone hurriedly raised their gaze to look in the direction where the voice came from.A little girl that seemed to appear out of nowhere climbed up the stairs clumsily. She wore a pink, princess-style dress. Even though her face could not be mad
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Chapter 4
“Yes, Blue Bay Villa. It belongs to Mr. Lynch.”The man’s voice on the other end of the phone sounded excited. “The Little Princess is in desperate need of someone to help her with her bath, and she chose you out of a few hundred applicants. Come quickly!”With that, the man hung up the phone. Luna frowned as she raised her head and looked at Neil before her. “This is the job you found me?”The boy nodded as he went toward her and held her hand. “Mommy, I know you’re back for a reason. It’d be easier for you to approach Joshua Lynch in his home compared to his office, don’t you think so?”Luna sighed and just knew she could not hide anything from the smart tad. She knelt. “You’re right, but...”“Mommy, don’t worry!” Neil looked at her with his bright eyes. “The Little Princess is easy to deal with!”Luna smiled helplessly, washed her face, and tidied herself up a bit.“Oh, where’s Nellie?” she asked as she put on her shoes.Nellie would dart out of her bedroom to meet her whe
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Chapter 5
Joshua frowned and sent Nellie outside. “Lucas, bring her to get some dessert.”Once the door was closed, he entered the bathroom.Even though he said Nellie could choose her own servant, she was still a child—her ability to judge people was not as sharp as adults. The worried Joshua purposely came home to have a look.In the bathroom, Luna tidied up the washbasin and turned around, only to notice that there were only white towels on the rack. She turned and opened the cupboard to find a pink towel and hung it on the rack.Nellie liked pink.The bathroom was filled with steam and fog, and her slim figure fleeted around the bathroom familiarly as she busied herself.Her figure and her movements made Joshua feel like he was dreaming.“Lulu…” he uttered the two-syllable name involuntarily, and Luna stiffened immediately.After a moment, she turned around and looked at Joshua with a smile on her face. “Hello, Mr. Lynch.”The woman’s unfamiliar features and voice brought his mind b
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Chapter 6
In the rented apartment.Luna leaned back on the sofa with a cold smile on her face as she looked at the man who busied himself in the kitchen. Back then when they were together, whenever Joshua said he was hungry, she would get up to cook for him no matter the time, even if it was at two o’clock in the middle of the night.He never cooked before. He never even walked into the kitchen, yet all of a sudden, he was cooking very seriously, all for Nellie whom he had met less than a day ago.She closed her eyes.It seemed that he could cook all along, yet it was because she was not worth the effort to him that he did not. Thankfully, his attitude toward Nellie was pretty good.He was not as cold-blooded and ruthless as he was to her back then, at least.…Blue Bay Villa.As she sat on the children’s chair, Nellie eyed the sorry-looking dishes in front of her and silently dragged the cookies Luna made in front of her. “I’m not very hungry anymore, Daddy, so I’ll just eat this.”
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Chapter 7
Luna’s lips twisted into a disbelieving frown. “Mr. Lynch, are you playing a joke on me? A woman like me, who behaved suspiciously toward you, that even my name is ripped off of your ex-wife, are you sure you want to hire me?”Joshua knew that Luna was mocking his attitude toward her previously.The man narrowed his eyes slightly.If it was not for the fact that Nellie had just reunited with him and he did not understand the child’s temper, he would not put his pride down and hire this dubious woman.He had read up on her on his way to her apartment.As a woman who just returned from abroad, she had no monetary issues, yet the first job she applied for after returning was for a position as a servant at Blue Bay Villa?If not him and not the Lynch Group, what was her target?“Wow.”Just as the two of them were locked in a stalemate in the doorway, one could hear exclamations of surprise from her neighbors from the corridor. “That’s... Mr. Lynch, right?”Joshua was a successful
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Chapter 8
“Look after Nellie, I’ll come home immediately.”Joshua hung up the phone and stood up to leave.“Wait, wait!”Hearing him mention Nellie, Luna hurriedly stood up. “What happened to Nellie?”His hand that held the door handle trembled slightly. He turned his head and studied Luna’s face coldly.Facing his suspicious eyes, Luna sucked in a deep breath. “I’m Nellie’s personal servant; caring for her is what I should do.”The man opened the door and strode into the hallway. “Let’s go.”On the way to Blue Bay Villa, Luna tried to ask him about Nellie’s situation. He glanced at her coldly and threw the contract at her, “You’re not her personal servant yet.”Luna pursed her lips, signed the contract, and handed it to him. “Can you now tell me what happened to Nellie, Mr. Lynch?”Joshua frowned slightly. “Aura came to look for Nellie.”Luna felt like her heart fell into a deep chasm just by listening to him. Aura went to look for Nellie!Why?Nellie was the smallest amongst he
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Chapter 9
“She hit her.”Aura pouted slightly and continued, “The moment she entered the room, she accused Nellie of offending me before she slapped her. I couldn’t stop her in time.”She even faked a distressed expression as she knelt and reached out to touch Nellie’s face. “It must’ve hurt so much, huh?”Nellie glared at her, eyes full of hostility, as she slapped her hand away and wriggled out of Joshua’s lap. She ran toward Luna and interlaced her fingers with hers. “You…are you okay?”Luna straightened her back, though the pain from the kick still lingered. “I’m fine.”Aura poured all her strength into the kick, and Luna still carried an old wound from the accident six years ago. The kick almost rendered her unable to stand.Nellie knew this all too well. She tugged at Luna’s finger anxiously and settled her down on a corner of the sofa. “Does it hurt?”The little girl’s concerned voice and attitude made Joshua furrow his brow slightly. “Aura, you said she hit Nellie?”Aura’s hand
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Chapter 10
“Does it still hurt?”In the small bedroom upstairs, Luna knelt in front of Nellie as she carefully applied ointment on the little girl’s face with a cotton swab.“It hurts!” Nellie looked at Luna, teary-eyed. “Mommy, it hurts.”“Shush.” Luna frowned and raised a finger, placing it to her lips. “Be careful what you say. I’m your servant, so call me Auntie.”“Oh.”Nellie wiped her tears as her pair of big, dewy eyes were filled with distress. “Auntie, this is the first time someone beat me like this since I was born.” Her small body trembled from her sobs.Luna’s heart clenched in pain as the tip of her nose turned pink.It was all her fault.She should not have left Nellie in this villa alone to make Joshua less suspicious of her.Inhaling deeply, she held Nellie’s hand, her eyes full of self-blame. “It’s not your fault; it’s all because of that bad woman.”Nellie pursed her lips. “I hate her to death.”“You’re not allowed to talk like this in the future.” Lips tucked togeth
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