My Contract Husband: One More Day

My Contract Husband: One More Day

By:  FearGod Prince  Ongoing
Language: English
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Her name is Jennifer, a single industrious lady. After discovering she has coronal artery disease and have only but 3months to live. She called her parents to spend her last days with them before she die. They gave her one condition. That they will come if she's married/getting married. She lied and said she's married and they agreed to come. To fix everything in order, she need someone who she will employe as a contract, that will pretend and act like her husband throughout her parents stay. She met Mike, a commercial bus driver and offered to pay $500k for one month who declined the offer but later showed up on the very day her parents arrived, and in process, he became the best thing that ever happened to her.

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134 Chapters
Bad news
  I woke up and started feeling pains right inside my chest, not only the pain but I started loosing breath. This was the first time I was having the feeling in my life. I walked out slowly to the living room and everywhere was clean already. Caleb my house help had finished doing what he does best. A smile ran across my face as I saw everywhere spackling clean. I headed to the kitchen and saw Linda as she kept herself busy in the kitchen.   “What are you making this early morning?’’ I asked her and she turn and greeted me and then replied, ”Ma, I said lemme prepare fried rice today’’ she replied .   “fried rice? This early morning?’’ You don’t have to be stressing yourself, preparing food that will take you long to prepare in the morning” I said.   “You don’t have to worry ma, Am not complaining. Anyway, am paid to cook. Don’t worry, I have no problem with it.’’ She replied.   “Ok, Its
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 I got back home without going to work. All I could do is cry and cry in my room, knowing that am going to die soon. I couldn't eat for days. All I was thinking was how I was going to die. The happiness in me vanished, leaving me in agony.After some days, I decided to invite my parents. At least to spend some days with them before I die. I decided to do everything possible to make them happy before my departure. During the evening time,I picked up my phone and dialed my dad mobile number. "Dad, I would like you and mom to come over. To spend some time with me. For like a month. Would that be possible?" I asked."That's nice, but I will visit you depending on you getting married. I and your mom have waited enough". He replied."I know that. That's why I said you should come." I lied indirectly."You mean you went ahead and got married without informing us?". He asked"Dad, remember that your condition was to i
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Do it and get paid
"My Man!" He exclaimed and they hugged and exchanged greetings. "My bus is having issues, I came so you can help me and fix it." He said. "Your car is having issues? Ok you know what? Off that your music first to I can attend to my client first." Jack said. "I should off my music. I should off my music because you are have a big car to work on? You must be joking". The guy said. "When the battery of that your nonsense car will off you will know who will give you battery to restart it". Jack said and he rushed without hesitating and off the loud music."Jack, what are you saying?" I said as the guy rushed out of the scene to off the music. "You know what. The engine shitting have a problem. It has four sets of rubbers that are used for the sitting. So what we will do is to buy the original one which is $50. After am done with the car, it will just be like a brand new car." Jack explained. As we we're
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"There must be a reason behind this. Why did you want me to do it?. Its obvious you want to use me."He said. "Please stop saying that. This is a job offer, just act as my husband for one month and we are done. I will pay you $500k immediately". I said. "You have not answered my question. Why did you want me to do it". He asked. "Its alright I will tell you". I said. "Go on, am all ears". He replied. "My parents are coming to visit me. That's not the problem. The problem there is that I told them that am married. That am living with my husband but am not married. So I want you to act as my husband from the day they come till the day they will leave the house". I said and he stared at me and laugh. "Ha haha, you sound funny". He said as he continued laughing. "Why are you laughing? Am not joking, Mike. I really need you to do this for me and I will pay you". "Wait, I want to ask a q
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*MIKE POV*....After working for some hours, I decided to go and see jack, then tell him about the contract as well. I got to his shop and explained everything to him."Are you seriously telling me that you did not take the contract? So you just shunned down fave hundred thousand dollars just like that?" He asked."So you don't like how you are seeing me everyday. You don't like it right? If she disappear one day, what do you think will happen to me? Am not ready for any trouble". I said."At least be useful to yourself. You like how you are suffering right?. A very good opportunity that God gave to you and you smashed it on the ground. You are very useless". He said."You must be stupid". I fired back."You are an idiot. Only a stupid person can declined this offer. This is even a opportunity to be fucking a big girl for free with free foods." He said."In your mind now you are making sense right? I don't want to do
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Monica Arrival
Mike pov..I sat down on the couch, looking up at her, waiting to know how she will take care of it as she said. You might be wondering why I changed my mind and come after I rejected the offer. My girlfriend broke up with me. Yeah. My lovely girlfriend. She caught me with her sister.  I hurt me but I won't blame myself. I tried the best I can to avoid the incidence but nature managed to have it way on the little chance I gave it. I tried the best I could as a good lover but I couldn't keep it to end. For some part of the incidence, its her fault. How can you bring a grown up girl who is very beautiful, not just beautiful but a seductress, to come and stay with us. She should have not bring her along. I told her not to but she gave deaf ear to my suggestions. It was spring break, and Monica (the sister) apparently had no place to go for the short holiday. She doesn't want to go ho
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Flirting ?
Finally it came free and she dragged it out of the car. She stood back up and looked at me, huffing slightly with reddened cheeks. A long strand of hair had fallen in front of her face and she blew on it, flustered. Looking back at me, she gave a triumphant, if sardonic, smile. "Whew! Do you have this affect on all the girls?" I cocked an eyebrow at the comment, but didn't have time to reply before she shoved the overstuffed bag towards me. "Show me what else you can do!" Reactively I lifted the bag and turned to the door. Vivian had just come back out and saw me. "Ah, is he being obedient now?" she called out laughingly. "A perfect gentleman," Monica replied sweetly. "Well that's good to hear! I'll make us up some eats. Lock the car up and come on in!" I rotated back around to bump the car door shut with my body, but Monica stood between me and it. "Could you
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Vivian was only going into work for a few early hours the next day so she could spend the rest of it all with Monica. I was loafing around myself, planning to go in for a few hours in the afternoon, but I was still up early. Eventually Monica found her way out of bed and had taken a shower. I have to admit that at least a little part of me wanted to try and accidentally find myself near the bathroom so I might get a chance to glimpse her in a towel. Once again I admonished myself and firmly planted my ass in the kitchen. Despite my halfway noble intentions, Monica decided to intervene. She came trotting out, a light purple towel wrapped around her body, her hair still wet and dripping down her shoulders. Entering the kitchen, she waved frantically at me. "Sorry, but I totally need coffee! I always drink it while I, uh, dry off and get dressed…" "Um, sure, there's still some left over. I'll uh, one sec&he
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Unlike other days
I realized with some shame that as soon as I was alone in the bedroom, my mind still recycling and replaying some of that recent exchange of words, that my mild excitement had zero trouble growing into a full blown problem.  Admonishing myself, I realized that at least my earlier anxiety helped to mask something of what I was really feeling. The problem being though, that I was really feeling something in the first place due to Monica.   I tried to squelch my guilt and just put the entire thing out of my innocent mind. Readying myself with some haste, I escaped the apartment and told Vivian that I was heading into work for the afternoon, that someone called me to transport goods for him, hopefully to clear up most of the loose ends so I could relax away the majority of the week. Monica was in the guestroom, presumably getting dressed for the day, and so I avoided having to say anything to her.   Regardless of
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    After dinner, the girls informed me we were going to have a 'pajama party' and watch a movie. They picked up some teen humor movie about hijinks in college. "So you can see what I have to put up with these days," Monica smiled.   I wasn't really in the mood, but I knew better than to go against two women when they had their heart set on something frivolous. Vivian and I changed into pajamas; they were nothing special. Just your typical plaid pants and a tee-shirt. We came back out and put in the movie. Vivian immediately stole one side of the couch. Then patting the middle cushion next to her, "You can sit next to me!"   I gave her a dry smile and drop in next to her. Honestly, it didn't occur to me right then that I'd be sitting in the middle of the both of the girls. Not until she came out. Monica's pajamas consisted of a pair of extremely tiny, pink shorts and a little top that cut away at the stoma
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