Let's Dream Together

Let's Dream Together

By:  Faria_Samira  Completed
Language: English
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{ Choi Dea and Sung-ho } "Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate: Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May, And summer’s lease hath all too short a date: Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines, And often is his gold complexion dimmed; And every fair from fair sometime declines...." - by William Shakespeare Choi Dea was in the possession of a position where she never truly wanted to be, just because of her father insisted. Her whole life was existing without love, she never got a chance to meet her mother. One day and within a day, her sister Joo-eun trapped her in a business downfall, she planned it all along. Why would a bastard be the CEO of the top cosmetic company, when the true heir was still alive? Joo-eun did that to her because of hatred and envy. Dea actually never thought about her birth, those feelings never occurred to her. But when she saw her company fall, her cold heart began to quiver, unable to decide between the right and wrong. Due to her close friend's suggestion, she went to meet the Mafia Boss of the underworld, to convince him to help her company regain their shares. Mafia Boss Sung-ho was literally shameless, he had a crush on Dea from the moment he saw her. He decided to help her company and cleared the people who were after her, but the exchange was......... Two people, from two different worlds, both of them didn't want to be from the beginning who they were. The exchange, could Dea be able to give her heart to the Mafia Boss? Or would she backstab Sung-ho and destroy the underworld if she listened to her conscience?

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25 Chapters
Nothing but bad news
It was raining.   She found herself staring at the sky outside of the glass. Raindrops were falling from the clouds in a rhythmic motion, beside this skyscraper building, the pink cherry blossom flowers were covered with water drops. She could see the amazing wet petals, slightly wishing they would be more closer so she could touch them."So beautiful," she whispered in her mind. The creak of the opening door brought her back from her luxury of rain. A black suit coated young man entered into the office room, wearing rectangular full rim glasses matched with his face shape. Myung-dae nervously glanced at her, he could feel his body already sweating, then looked down at the file he was holding in his hand. "Miss Choi," he slowly stated.  She swiftly moved from the raindrop covered window and sat in the chair, ignoring him totally. It was her, Choi Dea. The famous and mysterious Chief Executive Officer of the top cosmetic
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Making a decision
Dea wiped her lips with a tissue, then scowled at him with anger, an unusual feeling was sticking in her throat. "Lee Myung-dae!"Myung-dae wanted to shrink into the chair. He didn't know his suggestion was totally that unexpected to her. He looked at her with pleading eyes, thinking how to explain this to her.       A few months ago, he had come to hear some rumors about a new Mafia boss in Busan city. One night, he was being followed by some unknown strangers, while walking on the streets alone, he thought they were the spies of their competing companies. His phone was dead and he didn't have any gun with him for his protection. When those five guys attacked him from behind like some cowards, a man saved his life from them, just like a hero. Myung-dae had been in contact with that mysterious man a few times, but he didn't tell Choi Dea anything about that. He didn't even know about his true identity until a week ago by coincidence. T
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Dealing with the Mafia
Choi Dea rolled her eyes.'What? Did I hear him correctly? Is he complementing me or teasing me?'   Sung-ho snapped his fingers idly and instantly the bodyguards knew that meant he wanted to talk with Miss Choi alone. They walked front without saying a word and a female bodyguard swiftly gestured at Myung-dae to go outside.'Ah-heh. Is this woman saying me to leave them alone? Why isn't Boss telling something either? It looks like she and Brother Jeong are participating a staring competition, not even glancing at me!'   Myung-dae eyed his boss and his Brother Jeong nervously, not understanding if he really should leave them alone for talking. It was true that he had a good feeling about the Mafia, but who knew what he would do to her if he left the room. Choi Dea usually lost her patience easily, if they both started fighting each other a second later the door was closed, he wouldn't be surprised."Out," the female bodyguard u
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What just happened?
She widened her eyes, like her whole world was exploding before her eyes.       As soon as his warm lips touched hers, her mind went blank, she didn't know what to do. She numbly stared at his thick, fluttering eyelids, feeling his slightly heavy breath. She knew she had the strength to push him away, but what she didn't know was why her body wouldn't move. He spontaneously moved his hand to her thigh, pulling in and out her lips by his, until....Dea pushed him away, dumbstruck.'What the hell just happened?'Sung-ho was stumbled back to his chair, exhaling sharply. When he noticed her hard and startled look, he realized that he shouldn't have kissed her like that. Not in their meeting after so many years."Have you gone crazy? Why did you do that?" She suddenly felt so angry looking at his red, swollen lips. Those lips were just on her mouth, tasting her. She hastily wiped her lips by the back of her hand and gave him a cold
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Behind the Mask
Choi Dea hopped out from the driver seat and closed the car door slowly.    She was standing in front of a small neat two-storey building and the whole place was plunged into dark as the lights were off. She wondered if her sister was in her home, otherwise she weren't aware of where to find her. As usual, she came here without informing her about that.   Choi Joo-eun was a thriving model of a new fashion company and because of her beautiful look, it didn't take much time for her to gain popularity. She was two years younger than Dea, actually they weren't blood siblings by birth. Dea was known of the fact that her sister hated her as much as possible, nothing could stop her from that since she hadn't even hesitated to destroy her own father's company.Sometimes, hate for someone can go beyond control, it becomes massive.    Choi Dea took a deep breath and passed the gate of the house. She could hear the monotonous humming
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There was Her Home
Dea tiredly entered the password of the gate, good thing her stepmother didn't change that until that time.      Her head was still throbbing because of what Joo-eun had said to her earlier, her mind was running with an unknown feeling. All she had done in her life was just moving on and pretending everything else around her was invisible, the cause was she had been broken. Something had broken her a long, long time ago, which couldn't be fixed again. But in this evening, after hearing Joo-eun's words, another thing seemed to snap inside her again.A middle-aged housemaid named Wandara opened the front the door. She had been taking care of their house for years, she was kind-hearted and nice, Dea knew her well."Miss Choi!" Wandara widened her eyes, looking at her with shock. "You came home eventually! Why on the heaven you're still standing outside? Come in, come in!" she vigorously waved her hand and stepped aside from the door to let her
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Having Dinner
"What a lovely meeting of father and his daughter, isn't it?" Suddenly a voice spoke near from the door, with a little hint of banter.Dea tilted her head after hearing that.    Choi Chun-ja was standing by the doorframe, casually leaning against the wooden door. Her black hair was perfectly trimmed and her face was covered with light makeup. It looked like she just returned from her usual evening shopping. She looked at her with mock sweetness and smiled at her husband with more honey."How are you, Mum?" she asked politely in order to not make the situation awkward."I'm fine, sweetie," she spoke. "You didn't say... that you would be coming home.""Thought I should come to see Dad."Chun-ja smiled at her statement and observed her outfit carefully. "Aren't your clothes more getting.... boyish, Choi Dea? You are a grownup woman, you should stick to women's clothing style, right?"Dea didn't smile at her back and replied in
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Meeting Again
The phone was ringing continuously. And boringly.    Dea relaxed herself under the shower, letting the water wash the soap lather from her body. She turned off the showerhead after quite a while and brushed the fog away from the mirror glass by her hand. She intensely looked into her brown eyes, while water was dripping from her hair. Then she let out a frustrated sigh and wrapped a towel around her naked body.After she stepped out from the bathroom, she picked up the phone, praising the caller's super lengthy patience. "What's up, Myung-dae?" "Gosh. What's with that voice?" His voice came through. "Are you alright?""No, I don't think I'm. And yeah I was, until now," she replied curtly. "I feel annoyed. What did you call for?""Really? CIO Ji-ho got the IP address a minute ago, so I called you to let you know that."Dea put the phone in loudspeaker and started to shake the water from her hair gent
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What to Talk about
"Mr. Jeong, are you okay? You suddenly seem.... distracted.""I-I'm...fine, it's.... fine," Sung-ho answered somehow, his hands were shaking because of that ugly memory. He pressed his hands together forcefully under the desk, ignoring the pain running through his nerves.  Choi Dea looked at him with slight worry, wondering why he was sweating so hard. After he explained everything what happened with her sister and him, even though she wasn't sure whether it was truth or not, her expression softened a bit. She also noticed how he had reacted when she had mentioned his father Shi-woo. So she assumed that the relationship between Mafia son and father might not be good."Thank you for your explanation about Joo-eun," she said after a moment. "And I would prefer if you don't tell about this incident to anybody. Ever."Sung-ho frowned a little. "Urm, sure."She glanced at the bracelet again which her friend had given it to her when she was little.
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Strip Club
Sung-ho stepped out from the building and briskly walked to his car. People around him were looking at him with surprise, he could tell they were wondering who he was.   Because of being a Mafia's son, he usually never went out somewhere without his bodyguards. Though at first he hated it being surrounded by scary and smart-looking people headset mouthpiece all the time. He had been stubborn that he would go alone if he went outside of his house since he disliked the idea of gathering too much attention. But it hadn't taken much time to figure out that every time he had gone outside since he grew up, there were people who had been followed him like ghosts. Even when he was fourteen years old, one day he had been shot in the back of his left wrist and the bullet broke his Lunate bone of arm. Since then his father Jeong Shi-woo had strictly forbidden him to step outside from his home without bodyguards. Not that he had cared about what his father ordered, he kept the
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