The President's Secret Son

The President's Secret Son

By:  norwinviphurit  Ongoing
Language: English
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Laurent Leyva grew up in Valencia, Spain and moved to the Philippines when he was sixteen years old after the death of his mother. Being the secret bastard of the country's head of state and later on introduced as the president's nephew; Laurent never anticipated it. He eventually met his half-brother named Sebastian Gabrielle Blanco, who was numb, cold, and slightly a temperamental artist. Until one night, Sebastian and Laurent did something that shocks the entire country. Something that people did not expect at all.

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7 Chapters
 Disclaimer.  This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author's imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.***  Recurve Men's Junior Category; National Archery Competition A loud beep sound echoed the entire field. I closed my eyes and took a deep sigh. The game starts.

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Chapter One
 July 16, 2021; 4th State of the Nations AddressAs a nineteen-year-old virgin, playing with myself has been my daily routine. Regardless if I am horny or just bored, the feeling of pleasing myself is satisfying.  This is my own definition of self-love and self-pleasure.I picked up my phone, opened my Twitter app and went straight to the alters. I prefer watching adult videos on Twitter rather than the actual website itself, you can jump from one category to the other. They have been a great help to find a video that best fits my mood. 

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Chapter Two
 Living room, 3:55 PM.  Living in a 500 square meter modern Mediterranean house with eight bedrooms is still new to me. What's noticeable is its number of chandeliers located in every central part of the room, such as bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchen area. Unlike our house in Valencia, the entire house is fully air-conditioned nonstop. I am not gonna lie but there are areas in the house that I am still not familiar with. My favorite spot in the house is its roof deck near Sebastian's room and mine. I often see him drinking his morning coffee with his tight boxers' short and loose
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Chapter Three
"In case, mom and dad are asking where was I. Let them know I am inside the presidential car."  A plain text message popped up on my phone from Sebastian. I ignored the text message he sent and rolled my eyes in annoyance. I've known Sebastian since I was sixteen years old and up until now – I am still trying to understand and figure out his personality; however, I always failed maybe because we don't talk that much or the house was too big for the two of us to communicate. I did everything to start the ball rolling between the two of us, but I could feel that he was not just into it. Sebastian was okay with us being half-brother acting like strangers living under one
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Chapter Four
 "Sir Laurent." Kuya Julio said, one of our gardeners, running towards my direction and breathing heavily. I quickly turned around and looked at him. I can see some droplets of sweat forming on his forehead. "I am sorry but the car broke down." He uttered, still trying to catch his breath. I sighed, trying to figure out how can I go to Malacañang Palace in no time when SONA starts at five, and it's already 4:30 PM. Kuya Julio saw the disappointment on my face. I have no problem with me being late since I am not the one who is going to address the country's current situation or unveiling the government's future agenda. I am obliged to go there because I am their family. We need to pretend something th
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Chapter Five
Sebastian and I finally arrived in front of the Malacañang Palace, I looked at my watch, and it says 4:45 in the afternoon – fifteen minutes before the event starts. I quickly jumped off the motorbike and took the helmet off from my head. Sebastian followed and slowly removed his headgear; his black medium-length hair almost touched his eyes. His hairstyle is nearly similar to Leonardo Dicaprio's, a combination of man bun and slicked-back hair, but his hair is much thicker than Leonardo's. He ran a hand through his hair, and his slightly slanted eyes looked at me. Sometimes, I envy him for having those eyes. They look so mysterious and mischievous at the same time; these types of eyes are impossible to understand. 

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Chapter Six
"My name is August Tiangco. A fellow archer." A guy introduced himself, extending his left hand and trying to fix his posture. I can see how his pupils slowly dilated like he just saw someone famous. His beauty reminds me of some of my Filipino-Spanish friends in Spain. He is the perfect definition of tall, dark and handsome – definitely a moreno. "My complete name is August Gezrael Tiangco," he continued. Happiness and excitement are visible on his face. I almost laughed when he said his full name like I was asking for it. "Just call me, August." Read more Protection Status