Saving my broken Girl

Saving my broken Girl

By:  Ramona Els  Ongoing
Language: English
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“You will move to the Emerson’s family.” the judge announced, making me jump when he used his gavel to close my argument to move to yet another foster home. My name is Emily. I’ve been living in between foster homes, on the streets, and in shelters for the past 3 years. My parents passed away when I was 14 years old, with only an aunt that apparently can’t handle my moods, so they keep tossing me into the foster system. The last family called me abusive and broken and that’s why my case got reviewed. Only four months then I am eighteen years old, but until then I have to stay with the Emerson family with 2 daughters and a son whose ego’s bigger than his shoes, or so I was told, his name is Aiden. Yup, the entire Ford Anglia School knows who he is, the first school student so young, who became a billionaire at the age of 24 years. When he turned 18, he opened his first club, and by the time he turned twenty-four, he owned eight clubs. Most of these families can’t cope with me. I constantly ran away and end up on the streets, where I learned to smoke pot and use drugs. Believe me, you feel great until that “great feeling” wears off and you need your next fix to feel like an f****g person again. So here I am on my way to the last family for 4 months until I am old enough to decide whether I want to go to college or just turn back to my old habits of living on the streets and can barely remember the previous day.

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8 chapters
Chapter 1
 EMILY’s POV  “This will be your room Emily, feel free to decorate as you wish. You will find in the attic what you need.”  Mrs Emerson sounds and looks just as nervous as I am, well not that I’m nervous. I know I won’t be here long enough to even decorate the damn room.  The entire house is anyway too classy for me. I remember Mrs Johnson, Oh yes, that was my previous foster Mother, I sold her Chinese cutleryRead more
Chapter 2
My alarm clock shrieks through this enormous room. I hit the clock to shut it up with my eyes still closed. I heard Mrs Emerson call Ivory to brush her teeth and Jocelyn yelling for Ivory to finish up in the bathroom.I let out a sigh before I dragged myself out of bed before Mrs Emerson decides to look up on me. I changed into school clothes, which looks hideous on me. “Your dress is too tight Emily.” I can already hear the English teacher when I enter her classroom. So Mrs Emerson bought new school clothes for the last semester. Just four months Emily, four months. I said out loud, looking into the mirror. Everyone was waiting in the kitchen by the time
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Chapter 3
“This is your apartment?” I ask when Aiden pulled into the parking lot. I swear my eyes are still foggy. There is no way a billionaire is staying in such a dumb?  “Yes, as I said, it’s not done yet.” he opens the passenger door and yet again struggles to unlock the seatbelt.  “It must be exhausting?”  “What?” he asks, smiling. Please stop smiling with those beautiful dimples, asking me to kiss you. I silentl
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Chapter 4
I woke up with a massive headache and in an unknown apartment. Not that it bothers me. I’m used to waking up in different beds every now and again.  “Morning,” Aiden greets walking in with only a towel wrapped around his waist. I tried to remember last night, but it’s a complete blank.  “Did you sleep okay?” I nodded, climbing out of bed.  “Clearly you 're not a morning person,” he said in a playful tone, but me, being me, takes it as offences  “I’m not a person at all, so stop the small talk and take me home.”  “Listen, Emily, whatever shit life you had before, fucking deal with it, you’re not lost and you still have people who care about you,” he declared openly with an annoying attitude.  “Care a
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Chapter 5
Aiden is silent while driving me to school. I know I might be dramatic, but I never really had someone to show me how to deal with emotions. I kept quiet as well until he stopped in front of the school. “Thank you,” I said while sliding out of the car seat. Aiden just smiled before he took off. Maybe the kiss wasn’t as good for him as it was for me. I pushed that emotion to the back of my mind and tried not to think about it. “Are you serious?” Jocelyn s
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Chapter 6
“Emily?” Aiden calls as he opens the door for me to get out. I completely shut down and didn't realize him climbing out of the car.He held out his hand for me to get out, but I rejected it and climbed out by myself.“I will order food,” he said when we entered the apartment. It looks different from what it looked yesterday.There is a lot more furniture and the walls are painted a cream colour, and the kitchen cabinets replaced and cherry red. Yesterday it looks like the apartment was falling apart.It actually looks nice, too classy for me. A completely fucking rich man's apartment.I moved towards the couch and grab my phone from my bag.I ignored Aiden for at least an hour while scrolling through my phone. I had a few messages from Joe who went on and on about how Aiden picked me up yesterday, and she can’t believe that the richest young man in town pulled me out of the docks.S
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Chapter 7
EMILY’S POV. I wake up, Aiden’s legs wrapped around my waist, and my head rested on his chest. I need the bathroom and fast, but Aiden’s body is wrapped around me. I can’t move. I tried waking him up, but it's like a ghost lying next to me. I wiggled until I’m out of his grip. It's 3 AM, but it feels much later. How long have we been sleeping like this? I used the bathroom and made coffee.  I’m honestly still tired but don't want to lie on the couch again with Aiden, okay I do, but like always I would rather lay down on the floor than having to withstand resentment, even though we had a moment again, I still can’t open up and just let him in.  I sit in silence listing to his snores. School starts in less than 4 hours, and here I’m sitting listing to Aiden snoring and a cup of coffee, we're I’m supposed to sleep. I sigh when I think abo
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Chapter 8
  “I will drop you off at my parent’s house,” Aiden announced, his eyes binding on the road.   “No, then you can drop me off at the docks. At least no one will judge me.” Aiden sudden turned his face to look at me, pure anger reflecting on his face.   “Are you fucking serious now? I didn’t judge you. I’ve told you how many times that you are the only one that judges your own actions. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and fucking act like an adult.” Aiden practically yells.   “You know what, you can’t choose to treat me like a person at night, or your lover at night, and then treat me like a fucking junky during the day. So stop the car so I can get out.” I grab my bag from the floor and tried to open the door, but Aiden grabbed my hand before I could open the door.   “Let go of me, you have no right speaking to me like that, you don’t know half the shit I had
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