The Were King Mate

The Were King Mate

By:  MJ Opera  Completed
Language: English
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Cole, the were king has been waiting for his mate for more than three hundred years, mates were a difficult thing to find for every supernatural and this was the worse period, one could see his or her mate. Fortunately for him, he got his wish and met his mate, unfortunately for him, his mate even aware of the dangers seem not to care and is determined to get herself into danger. Myra, the heir of the Ubbis race never meant to see her mate. In fact, she never expected that her mate would be the Were king. One of the frontline leaders for the war that was coming. A war that was showing signs of Ubbis betrayal. Then again, her race was very confusing and although the betrayal was not on purpose, it seems like she might not have a choice to make. Not when she was betraying her mate by keeping a secret that was not only hers to keep. Being torn between heart and duty is never a good place to be in.

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72 Chapters
 It has been almost two hundred years since a shifter walked between the fire of the blue and red dragon without being burnt to a crisp. That was what Cole was about to do. Even knowing that he had defeated their masters and that he is now their ruler, he still needed to be crowned before all and the best way for him to be crowned and accepted as the new king of shifters was if he could survive the flames. He would. He knew he would but it did not change the fact that he was still regarded to walk through flames. “My king…” The lynx shifter croaked, the last of her kind, protected by other types of shifters because she was the oldest among all. Over a thousand years and with the gift of foresight, she was leaning heavily on her staff as she and the small band of witnesses all waited to see Cole survive, witnesses taken from each type of shifter that exist, witnesses that will go back to their people and tell them that a new king is crowne
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 Myra knew all about sex and consent, when you are of the ubis race, there is one thing you have to be careful of and it was consent. The three incubus in front of her were going against that rule and she was watching, just one more marker remain for them to cross and then they were hers to punish and deal with. “L- Leave me alone.” The young succubus which they surrounded and were mercilessly teasing and suffocating with their pheromones said shakily, even with her pupils dilated. Myra could feel the potency from her perch a little far from them and the fact that she could feel it when it was not directed to her just shows how strong it really was and what this scene that was playing out before her really is. Rape. “But we can make you feel so good instead of doing that. Just imagine how sated you would feel afterwards.” One of them said, stepping closer to her. “I did not gi
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Myra loves the journey whenever she leaves her settlement and moves on one of the supposed ambassadorial jobs which she always goes to. She might not like the courts and the attitude of other supernaturals especially the snobby ones but there was always one part of the journey she loved, her being on the road. She could always teleport to where she was going but she finds it better to move among the human population. Their overcrowded cities and ill-mannered tempers makes it the perfect feeding ground for her and it was a change up from the usual supernatural diet. She had discovered that their emotions came second to none other but her own race and their memories could easily be modified. And the major reason why she likes travelling among humans was that she gets the peace and quiet, time away from other supernaturals and that was why she was surprised to see a familiar blond hair a few paces ahead. Jacob, one of the vampire leaders, th
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Myra watched the leader of the vampire council kneel beside his mate, the pregnant female and tried to calm her down, reassuring her that he was fine. The female was still looking strained and worried despite her mate reassurance. “That was not a good move at all.” The other woman who arrived said glaring at Myra, Myra knew she was the huntress and her using her powers did not endear her to either of the women. “I know that it was not a good move but I was forced to react that way, I saw myself as threatened and I have been attacked enough for a life time by vampires.” Myra replied and as usual. She just couldn’t help herself but add. “Besides it was not meant for them, they chose to appear at that exact moment, that is not my fault.” The room was silent as everybody including the friendly Jessica glared at her. “How about I kill you for attacking my mate, your mother would not be abl
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Three hours later, Myra was surprising laughing and joking with Ashley and Gwen as they had drinks in a bar not so far from the council building. Myra learnt that they were closer to her age than their mates. Granted she was older than them. “God, how I wish for some alcohol right now?” Gwen mumbled, eyeing Myra drink with greater interest than any pregnant woman should have. “You can’t, you are pregnant.” Ashley cautioned as he took the liberty to keep the alcoholic drinks away from Gwen side of the table and keep the juice flavored drinks to Gwen side. “This is discrimination of the highest standards. Gwen griped even as she drank heavily from her cup. “You are the first pregnant vampire I have ever seen.” Myra slurred, she needed to stop while she was ahead, she was drunk than she anticipated but then again, she was planning on burning it all away when she visited the bathroom next. “Yep, that’s me. Making history.” Gwen replied. “Your mate is history.” Myra snorted and the
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Cole was shocked when he came to visit Vince, without Vince approval in his home because he just sometimes loved riling up the other rulers just as much as they love making him angry but Vince restrained himself barely from attacking Cole at the breach. He was still arguing with Vince when the scent hit him. “Mate.” He growled out unconsciously as his body tightened with tension. The only reason he did not go after the scent was because the scent was coming closer to him.“And you are here? Apparently you have more restraint than what I thought of your race.” Vince said sarcastically but he had choose the right day to make a joke like that because Cole would not shift his attention away from the door, even to glare at Vince for his words. “That is because she is coming this way.” Cole responded, his teeth had already partially shifted to that of his wolf. Vince sniffed the air and only scent his mate and the succubus on their way. “Oh hell.” Vince whispered. “What?” Cole growled.
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“What are you doing here?” Myra asked, her tone all confrontational. “Err, looking for you.” Cole replied like it was the dumbest question ever which Myra should know because mates are rarely separated during the first few weeks since their mating and it applied to all races. “Shouldn’t you be still sleeping?” Myra asked, swallowing air loudly when Cole walked to her, the same way he did when she was ranting. Like he was on a hunt and she was his prey. “You only wore me out because that’s my first time, don’t count on it again.” He growled leaning into her space while Myra seemed to watch him transfixed. “I would have never suspected that The Were king was a virgin.” Vince whispered loudly just to rib Cole who stared at his vampire counterpart out of the corner of his eyes. “First time with a Succubus, don’t act like my words mean anything else besides why are you having some inane pleasure from this, what are you? Twelve?” Cole asked Vince who shrugged. “It is annoying you so I
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Cole walked into the study where the vampire councils, also known as the primordials of the vampire race all stood in while Vince made a call. “I understand that it is the practice of your people but surely you can revise. She is the mate of the Were king.”“That is good Sir.” A male voice replied. “She would still be queen, just not of the race she was trained to rule.” “But being banished, that is too far. I was not aware of this.” Vince grated. “Each race has their customs and this is one of our most upheld ones, it is not yours to be aware of so please I suggest that you leave this issue alone, Myra would understand.” The voice replied. “This is ridiculous Lord Stan, why am I speaking you. I demand to be on call with the queen.” Vince gave a growl that would make any shifter appreciative of the finesse used. “The queen is indisposed as of the moment but I will tell her you call so she can give you a call when she can.” Lord Stan answered and then ended the call. “He just end
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If there was one thing that Myra hates, it was when someone was trying to intimidate her, she was used to power plays and had enough diplomacy training behind her to know that this woman was the one in wrong already. “A guest for now, you?” Myra asked, shifting back, unwilling to start a fight without her knowing the person and she was uncomfortable with someone being in her space, of course the only person she allow that was Cole and it was purely because he was her mate.“A high ranking member of this pack, soon to be future Luna. Now I know for a fact that you are not one of us and might just be a follower of power since it was all it took for you to open your legs…” The woman started ranting. “Are you sure you want to say those words to me, they seem like fighting words and I will not be held responsible for my reactions to them.” I warned because I was always fair in trashing my opponents and she deserved the warning because she was getting close to my retaliate-no-matter-what
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Myra looked around the room as Cole talked about how she should be respected since she was his mate and she took all the expressions in. These wolves were not happy with the fact that she was the mate of their king. Just as she suspected, she was not going to be welcomed any time soon but then again, she did not have a choice because she had no other place to go. “My king, pardon me for asking but are you sure?” One of the men asked and Cole was not the only one who looked at the man like he was drunk. “No, think about it.” The man defended himself. “She is a Succubus, how are we certain that she did not place him under a spell.” Cole pinned the man with his gaze and before he could deal with the man for suggesting something so baseless. Myra held his arm. “I don’t need to tell you that Succubus don’t do spells. But we can place someone in a thralldom, seeing how dangerous it is, I have never practiced that part of me but I can if you volunteer.” Myra suggested and just as she knew
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