Her Painful Revenge

Her Painful Revenge

By:  ScaryInnocent  Ongoing
Language: English
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Melissa uses her son, Dominic, to get a revenge on a tragic experience. In order for her son to protect the love of his life, he agreed. He needs to act like an evil and betray Elie. She made Elie's family suffer, yet she's not satisfied, she wants more, she's getting worst. She even killed her parents. During the training Elie was at lost but when the tragedy happened, she promised herself to make the best out of herself, for her to be on top and for her family to have the justice they deserve. Gerlie planned to make her revenge, alone. She entered the training. A training where only children from the wealthy family's can join. A training where you need to excel or else you'll regret. An organization composed of multi-millionaires and billionaires all over the world. The F12. This organization is very mysterious for some people and it was hidden, only the 12 families were able to have the complete information and knowledge. She wants Melissa dead, like what she did to her parents, but she doesn't want Dominic to suffer and feel the pain she had left up until now. That night she decided to continue her plan only to see Dominic in front of her, begging her to stop. Gunshots filled the whole place. Would still their relationship come to an end? Would they have a happy ending?

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27 Chapters
I was walking around, doesn't know where to go when I received a message from an unknown number, at first I was hesitant to open it, but I saw something that made me tremble. “SAVE YOUR MOM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE” Is this the reason why I haven't even seen her earlier? Is it possible that something happened to her? I hope not... I’m not in the right state of mind and I also don’t know where I can find her. I'm not the one who hid her, and we don't have the same mind to think of what may happen next. Furthermore, I sat on the benches and think of the place where they could possibly bring my mom. The beeping of cars and irritating struck of streetlights doesn't help me, it made me more frustrated. I combed my hair in frustration, my mom could die sooner or later yet I don't know where she is! I was staring at the huge screen in front of me
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Chapter 1.1
I was in 4th year college when I had a crush ~~~ "Dominic ?!", I said giggling "Hmm? What's that?", He answered, still looking at his laptop, he has a lot of things to work on, never mind let him be, he's really hardworking "Did you know dean and I met yesterday", I said smiling, remembering what happened, he was surprised but eventually smiled foolishly "Are you all right?", He said in amusement while checking my neck  "You don't have a fever but why do you keep on telling those things?", He said laughing, so I hit his hand! Why do we still have our friends who are like him? So annoying, he doesn't even know how to support me "Why don't you believe me? Tsk, is what I'm saying impossible?", I raised an eyebrow, frowning. "Very--", he smiled "Impossible Elie", he shakes his head still laughing, I was just pissed b
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Chapter 1.2
Dean? I approached him and stared at him carefully, I even slapped him to find out if it was really true and not a dream, again. "Wtf", he said while rubbing his cheek "O my gosh!", I said and couldn't help but to scream They looked at me and dean with confusion registered on their faces I haven't even gotten over with what had happened last week, I mean that was unbelievable who would have thought that he would approach me right? Yes, what happened last week we're all true, but the kissing part was already my dream, I wish it's true tho I quickly sat down next to mom, our household has a twelve sitter dining table and only paintings of flowers could be seen all over it, on the side you can see a vase with white roses on it and a picture of Lola's portrait, mommy's mom Dad is in the center while on the right side is m
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Chapter 2
"Let me see", I said in between of silence, we are already here on the terrace, looking for some fresh air after we ate because when we stay inside the house we would definitely get pollution. "It's nothing", he can't look at me while speaking, wow is he embarrassed? "Whatever but why did you pick it up? You know that it has a lot of small pieces of broken glasses", I said annoyed, doesn't he know what we call 'be careful' tsh "Bugbog Berna?", He said smiling, it's really annoying, when you're already worried about him, but he doesn't even care "HA-HA you're so funny, really. How much is your talent fee?", I said with a smirk "Tsk you were just laughing because I'm your happy pill", he said while smirking "I'll go ahead.", he continued then left leaning on the railings "Oh sure?", I pretended like I don't believe him "Why, do you want me
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Chapter 3.1
"How's your shopping with Dominic, baby?", Mom smiled when I entered the kitchen, she was baking a cake as usual. When she's here at home all she does was to bake anything she thinks of "It's okay, I already bought my dress for tomorrow", I answered weakly "Good to hear that you might get wild again if you can't find or didn't like your clothes just like what happened before we didn't even attend 'because you cried so hard I don't know, but you're like a baby who was robbed of a lollipop, anyway did something happen? Where's Dom?”, she said with a wide smile, usually when Dom and I go out instead of going straight on his home he is still hanging out at our home, so that explains why my mom is feeling strange "He's with Nicole!", I didn't intend to say it louder but it does so the other maids who were busy looked at me stunned and the other maids who were passing by stopped walking and turned to where I was, while m
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Chapter 3.2
It was two pm when I finished my hair and make-up to, and I'm sure my parents are already there downstairs, it was still early, so I opened my phone first and read some novel My phone suddenly rang 1 new message from Mr. Crush Maybe I'll read it later, I went first to my life-size mirror next to my bed to see if what did I look *knock *knock "Come in" *footsteps "Ma'am, your parents told me to knock you here because you will already leave", said by one of our housemates, if I'm not mistaken, she's Manang Tess's child, Alexa and her have the same age and grade, my parents are the one who pays for her school, there's no need for her to help here, but Manang Tess said that this is the only way for them to be able to pay for her daughter's education, so every weekend or if she's free then she just come here. I retouched m
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Chapter 3.3
 "Ma'am Gerlie", I looked behind me as someone spoke, I was still holding my arm which was bitten by a mosquito "Ah, yes?", I asked Manang Daisy, the chief manager or caretaker of the house with a smile. "You're supposed to come in and eat", she replied while smiling back, huh? What about dean? Will I not wait for him? "Uhm, I'm still waiting for someone hehe", I said with a forced smile "This is how you'll do, just go inside, and I'll just wait for whomever you're waiting for. I'll tell you right away when he arrives", will I accept Manang's offer? Ehh, maybe dean will be displeased if I don't wait for him Manang convinced me a lot of times before I agreed, I'm also hungry huhu if I'm at home at this time we're already finish eating, and I'm just doing my social media, or maybe I'm already asleep I immediately entered the house and as soon as I
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Chapter 3.4
 "What did you just say? You're too serious" "Guys we'll go upstairs, we can't bond with you right now because Alexa's trainor was already upstairs, she needs to practice, and I need to be there also, if you want something just call Manang Daisy or you can see me in the practice room, it's in the third floor ", Yuniza's long line interrupted I haven't even noticed what Dom had said "Maybe we will be okay, no need to bother", Dom said smiling, he's smiling like a happy kid because he's at his crush's house "Okay you can use the entertainment room if you want to", she replied then gave us her genuine smile before grabbing Alexa's hand and directly went upstairs "Woi, what did you say, huh?", I asked him, I couldn't hear it properly when he was saying it a few moments ago, I was deaf sometimes, well figuratively "Nothing, are you done?" "Obviously y
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Chapter 4.1
"Stay away from him, his past will ruin you", he said meaningfully before I left which repeated several times in my mind, what is he referring to? We're here, at home, to be exact I'm here on my bedroom and is now ready to sleep, lately I didn't survive with the teasing of mom and dad, they told me to answer him already, I'm supposed to be the one to woo, I really don't understand my parents, are they already selling me? Why would they push me to Dom if I don't want to? Maybe they like him? Oh my, Dom is the third party and will break up our family? Wahhh cannot be! *THE NEXT MORNING* "Hello, Alex are you busy?", I called Alex as soon as I woke up I wanted to do something and I shouldn't ask Nicole about it, instead I asked her sister out, that will be the very wrong move I'll make if ever, nah ah, ah "Not really but I have a practice now with my partner and the trainor of course for our talent and e
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Chapter 4.2
Eunice is already back while holding her order which was pancakes, chocolate cake, and coffee for the two of us and also for Alexa, but she had a juice instead of coffee. "So what's up?", Yuniza is really the one who cannot wait of what I'm going to say "So—” "That's so difficult, you know just answer him it'll be easier!", She suggested, have I already said anything? "Because I'm confused—” "Don't be confused, just find out who you like the most and the one that who's on top and most importantly choose who you really want, follow your heart", Alexa said passionately when I haven't actually said anything yet, but her advice were already connected to my problem "Stupid", Nicole said and punched Alexa "Ouch! Stop hitting me, Nicole!", her sister pouted at her, did they forget that I'm with them? 
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