Blue Moon

Blue Moon

By:  Irene Davison (Esperanza)  Ongoing
Language: English
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"Prepare the guards. Tell them to open my favourite dungeon. We are going to have a guest tonight." "Pardon Alpha. The prisoner is a female here and she is also a....." Leonard Knight The strongest Alpha of the Dark Moon Pack was hell bent to finish off the last trail of rogues. Iris Lockwood, an innocent eighteen year old girl who was unaware of the entire werewolf world, arrived in her hometown after thirteen long years. People say thirteen is an unlucky number. And it eventually became so when she found the truth of her family. Can she ever escape the prison? Can a Rogue be a mate of the Great Alpha King? Or he would lose what was meant for him being blinded by his anger and Hunger of Revenge. Copyright 2020-2021 by Irene Davison (Esperanza)

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    30 chapters
    The sky was ablaze with the fire of the setting sun. Slowly the night creped in covering the surroundings of Queen Anne Hill. The pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky. She grabbed her torn clothes tightly around her body and made a run to save her life and dignity. The woods in front were dense like a thick black cloud, covered with enormous high trees. The cold breeze brushed against her skin making her wince in pain. Her bare feet pressed against dried leaves and small twigs creating a scared pattern of rustle. Ignoring everything apart she dashed inside the thicker part of the woods promising herself to not look back. Her throat clogged and her mind became fuzzy. Her body trembled to make her core weak and push her more into the verge of quitting. Yet she kept on taking long breaths to overcome her situation.    Far away inside a mansion, a man was sitting with two girls kneeling in front of him. Even though they were ple
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    Chapter 1
    United Kingdom A girl was packing her stuff while munching a granola bar. Her music system was playing the song "Bird Set Free" and she was also singing a few lines with that whenever her mouth was getting empty in between her munching. "Books... Books... Books...." Checked"Clothes.." Checked "Documents....." Checked She reminded herself and lifted her invisible collar to praise herself only. "So, are you done with your stuff?" She heard a voice behind her while looking for a few more things to pack. Her roommate barged in with a few gift bags in her hands and a warm smile. "Hailey......... Where have you been since this morning." She slapped her best friend cum roommate's arm."Bingo... I was out to buy your gifts. Come on Iris, you are leaving for your home after such a long time. I should stuff you with so many things." Hailey couldn't stop herself from throwing herself at her best friend Iris. Even though she would miss Iris after completing high school but seeing Iris g
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    Chapter 2
    The bidding adieu was more than painful with tears in everyone's eyes. Iris felt a pang of pain whereas Hailey was crying as if she was leaving for Mars. Even though by saying such words Iris tried to lighten the mood, she knew it was not easy. For the past six years, Hailey was with Iris and they became more like sisters. David had a long sullen face even though the airport kiss was long from Iris's side. "I would be back soon," Iris whispered before pulling away from him. She knew it was hard to leave the thirteen years old homes that she made in the UK. In those thirteen years, she had never left the UK. But this time she had decided to visit her hometown. Hailey waved her hand for the last time with David and leaned on his shoulder while looking at Iris's retreating figure. "I am going to miss her," Hailey mumbled. "Me too." David agreed and decided to leave the airport only when the flight would take off. Iris settled herself near the window seat. The sky was still dark as if
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    Chapter 3
    "I miss you honey but this place is not safe for you honey." Iris froze at her place when her father's voice boomed in her ears. Slowly breaking the hug she looked at her father's face and tear-filled eyes. There was fear and a lot more care in them. What she couldn't decipher was the meaning of his father's last words. Why would her hometown be not safe for her? "Why dad?" She asked, shocked. "You won't understand now. But..... Princess..... " He couldn't complete it when a sudden knock on the door interrupted them. "Did someone see you when you came here?" Her father asked, panic-stricken but Iris couldn't understand what he meant. The airport security had seen her, the cab driver, and a few more people also. She couldn't be invisible to just come straight to her house. "Dad... What do you mean by someone? There were people....." She couldn't finish her words when the knock was heard again and this time an inpatient voice too. Someone called her father by his name. "Tyler, Jer
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    Chapter 4
    Iris came upstairs to find her old childhood room. It was the same as when she had left. There was nothing much that had changed except the window. The curtain was changed and she could tell it was his father's Choice. The room had the same familiar smell and old warmth which she missed a lot. Placing her bag inside the room she climbed on the bed to lie down. Looking at the ceiling she could see those old neon stars she had plastered long back. At the night hour, they were her constant companion. She made a whole new sky to watch before falling asleep. Hours passed and her father kept his conversation in a real low voice. Iris couldn't eavesdrop and she chose to be ignorant on the matter. Leaning close to the cupboard she opened it to get some glimpses of her old memories. Only she knew how much she had missed that place. It was never easy growing up in other countries but she chose that. After a certain time, she decided to take a long warm shower to relax her muscles. In the mean
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    Chapter 5
    Iris covered herself completely with the duvet as soon as his father left the room. If she followed what her father just said, that meant someone had entered her room. But how would she ever be able to make someone understand? There was no proof that a man was there in her room. Even if he was, why couldn't she shout or move her body in the first place? That meant it was only a dream. "The city is not safe for you." Her father had been saying the same thing since she had come. There was always a concern in his voice. The fear started to take over as this was the first time she had such a terrible nightmare. David was the last person she had contacted before going back to sleep. Without wasting a single moment she took the cell phone from the nightstand and opened the message inbox. "I am coming back to the UK by tomorrow's flight." Typing a single message she hit the send button and waited for his reply. Within a few seconds, the reply came from David's side. "Is everything fine?
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    Chapter 6
    "No matter what, you would run away from here and won't look back at me. He is here."    Iris didn't understand a single word of his father, that was said to her. She didn't understand why her father would suggest running away when she could simply drive back to the airport. There was no such reason to ponder over a single matter like that. It was utterly the driver's fault who had eventually blocked their path. She watched her father taking the car backward as those two men who came down from the car started walking towards them.    That was the first time she noticed their features. Both of them were tall and muscular enough to tackle any sort of fight. They looked similar yet a little different. One of them ran his fingers through his thick brown hair while walking with a playful smirk. He looked a bit older than the other one.    Before Iris could say something to her father, she noticed he had already
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    Chapter 7
    "Say goodbye to your dad."    Iris's blood froze as she clutched Leonard's hand more tightly with fear. Fear of losing her loved ones, her only family.   "No... No... You said you won't hurt him... No" She started screaming hard while trying to remove his grasp from her body.   "Shhh..... You shout too much. Your dad is going back to his actual place. Your sweet home. Don't worry." The moment his words got finished grabbing her senses, she could see her father being held by three men. He knelt on the ground but his eyes were fixed on her.    "Leave her, Leonard. She means no harm. Let her go." His father screamed for one last time when Leonard passed him an ugly smirk.   "Your daughter has exchanged her life to save you. Don't you think you should be proud? At least you should be happy seeing her accepting our rules."    Iris unde
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    Chapter 8
    Struggle.    All she could do was struggle while lying on the car's surface being tied up like an animal. There was no hope left for her as the man in front squeezed out every single element of it. Her big doe-like eyes filled with tears could only plead at that moment. The journey was short-lived since she gained her consciousness back. After a certain minute, the car came to a halt. She understood the destination had arrived.    The door was opened by another man who bowed his head to show gratitude to Leonard. Placing his foot on the ground he fixed his suit. Iris was wondering for how long she was unconscious. As Alex and Leonard, both were back in their new expensive suit and none of them held any further features of a wolf.    "We have got a guest here. Hope she will like our treatment."   Leonard was the first person to speak while looking in front of the bunch of men standing t
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    Chapter 9
    "Seth put the collar around her neck and bring the chain to me. I want my pet to crawl."   Iris's eyes snapped open when her brain registered those words. She looked at the man's face who was sitting on a leather chair making it look like a king's appearance. His face held no sign of emotions. All she could see and feel was fear and pain right at that moment. His clenched jaw, extremely glowing golden orbs were passing nothing but chills down her spine. She could no longer take it and when her eyes shifted at her right hearing footsteps. She found a man coming towards her with a black collar that had small rings around to attach any sort of extension.    "No... No... You can't...." She started scooting back fearing the material Seth was holding in his hand. She could feel her body shaking in utmost tremor. Before she could move back more, a harsh pull at her arms made her stop.    "Sit still if you don't want t
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