The Alpha's Hidden Child

The Alpha's Hidden Child

By:  Sand Kastle  Completed
Language: English
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Emery Holly Halifax is the most beautiful lass across the Northern Packs. Due to her blinding beauty, she was imprisoned by the Beta’s family and forced to become their slave. However, all of that changes in one fateful night—Alpha Kairo’s birthday. Kairo Huxley Ford is feared by the entire country due to his impeccable strength. Paired with his cold demeanor, he was given the title, “The Alpha of Alphas.” On the night of his 18th birthday, he did not expect to meet the mysterious beauty, let alone find out that they are actually mates! Drunken by each other’s pheromones, Kairo and Emery share a lustful night, ignorant to the fact that Alpha Kairo already has a long-term girlfriend. Just as Emery loses hope in their relationship, she shockingly discovers that she is pregnant! Thinking that it would be best for her to share the news with Kairo, she plans an announcement party. But what if, on the night of her announcement, Kairo’s long term girlfriend declares that she is also pregnant? Forced to keep her secret, Emery runs away from Blood Shadow Pack and uncovers the astonishing secrets of her identity. A story filled with powerful enemies, malicious intents, and untold secrets. Will Alpha Kairo find out about his hidden child, or will Emery’s secret stay hidden in the dark?

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91 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Condition
Emery I’ve always wanted to escape—to run away from this hellhole that deprived me of all the things that made me happy. There’s really not much in this world that I want. I just long for a simple life, with a loving mate, and a harmonious family. I sometimes dream of somebody holding me while I sleep, whispering sweet-nothings into my ear, and treating me like I actually matter in this world.  “What the fuck are you daydreaming for, bitch? Didn’t I tell you to wash our gowns faster?” Caitlyn, the Beta’s daughter, angrily said while pulling my hair, startling me out of my daydream.  I looked down at the pink sparkly gown that I was currently washing. I wanted to rip it apart so that Caitlyn wouldn’t have anything to wear to the incoming Alpha’s bir
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Chapter 2: The Envy
Emery I hang the sparkly gowns on the rack to let them dry. Sweat dripped from my brow, so I wiped it with the hem on my shirt. I smiled as I finished all of my tasks—all of the conditions I had to fulfill in order for me to attend the party.  The incoming Alpha’s birthday celebration was tomorrow. Excitement flooded in my veins for this will be the first time that I would be going out of the house. I never really knew the exact reason why they stopped me from going outside. I never really had that many chances to go out, but it significantly lessened on my 12th birthday.  I got up early, knowing that it was my 12th birthday. Although I never really had a party, or visitors, or even birthday cake, it was still a special event when the Beta’s family would rarely give me a gift. Last year, th
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Chapter 3: The Alpha
Kairo I groaned as I sat down and watched my mother fussing around our living room, busy preparing for tomorrow's celebration. “Okay, grand piano over there. The Juliet Roses should be a little off-centered, yes. And no, no! Do not put on sage green curtains, I specifically said to bring out the cadmium green ones.” My mother hurriedly spoke while moving around our living room like a busy bee.  “Mom, I told you that I didn’t want to have a grand party for my 18th birthday. And why did you have to call out all of the Northern packs when you know I never trust strangers?” “Oh, loosen up Kai. It’s a once in a lifetime experience. It’s not everyday that my little baby is coming of age and finally becoming the next Alpha. And I called all of the Northern packs so there’s a higher chance that you can find
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Chapter 4: The Party
Emery Today was the day.  I was awoken by the sound of the birds chirping, their tweets sounding a little sweeter today. I opened the curtains and the sun filled my small room. The weather is perfect for the upcoming event. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and put my hair in a high ponytail before hurrying down the stairs. I walked to the kitchen and readied the ingredients for breakfast—eggs, bacon, bread, and tomatoes. I whipped up a quick breakfast sandwich for the Beta’s family and pocketed the hard edges of the bread to eat in the bedroom for myself. I hummed as I walked up the stairs, but quickly hid when I saw Caitlyn exiting out of her room. I really don’t want to get on her bad side on this fine day. She gets upset about the littlest matters, especially during the mornings. When the coas
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Chapter 5: The Beauty
Emery“Quite an entrance you had there. It’s like everyone shut their mouths all of a sudden.” I heard a male voice beside me. I turned my head towards the person and observed his appearance. He was good-looking and very.. I mean, very tall. I only reached up to his shoulders.“Umm.. Hi. I thought my entrance was normal.”“Oh, it sure was.” He said sarcastically. “How come I’ve never seen you before? The name’s Dalton, by the way.”“Emery… I’m not from here.” I lied through my teeth. “I just wanted a change of scenery and I saw the announcement of the incoming Alpha’s birthday celebration on TV, so I decided to come.”Read more
Chapter 6: The Bedroom
Kairo I heard the bustling crowd, the clinking of glasses, and the classical music from my bedroom. My headache became even worse. I did not want to interact with people who don’t give two shits about the pack. “There’s the man of the night!” I heard my door open. I glared at the culprit. “Come on man. This is your party. Come and show those people who owns this night.” Dalton said, shaking his shoulders while entering from my door.I sighed. “Why are you here, Dalton?”“Your mom’s been pestering me all night, man. I couldn't even enjoy the snack bar! Dalton, where's Kairo? Dalton find Kairo! Dalton it’s getting late, fetch Kairo.<
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Chapter 7: The Infatuation [M]
MATURE CONTENT AHEAD If you are a minor or if you are not comfortable with this type of content, please skip to Chapter 8.    Third Person’s POV In the barely-lit room, the two bathed in each other’s pheromones— the scent of strawberries and wine mingled in the air. No words came out from the both of them, only pants and moans were heard in the room. Emery gazed at Kairo’s eyes. They appeared like the clearest body of water to be found on the planet. She can see her reflection in Kairo’s clear blue eyes.  Kairo isn’t normally starstruck by the beauty of women, but the woman in front of him took his breath away. Even looking at her was enough to satiate the hunger that he was feeling in his veins. However, Kairo was not satisfied with t
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Chapter 8: The Morning
Emery I woke up with the rays of the sun hitting against my closed eyelids. My eyelashes fluttered as I smelled the familiar scent of red wine. I indulged in the aroma while reminiscing about the events that happened last night. I admit that I was a little bit intoxicated, but I still remember every touch, every whisper, and every piece of pleasure that he inflicted upon my body. I smiled to myself while reaching out to the person beside me— my mate.  However, I couldn’t feel any presence beside me, so I reached even farther on the bed but still did not feel the warm body of my mate. I finally opened my eyes and searched the room. There was no one here. I sighed in disappointment. Where did he go?  While waiting for his return, I decided to go and wash up in the bathroom to remove the body fluids from the night before. I abruptly stood up, which caused a jolt of pain to travel all the way up my body. I sat down from the pain as I felt a war
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Chapter 9: The Coronation
Kairo I sighed. Today is not my day. I moved to my walk-in closet and could still smell the strong scent of strawberries and cream. I admit that the smell comforted me, but this matter isn’t just about me. It’s about the entire well-being of the pack. I picked out the clothes that I would be wearing to the coronation as I pondered upon the events that happened yesterday. Some details were still hazy, but I remembered my wolf taking over my consciousness. That was a rare occurrence. I usually never lose my focus. Fuck, is this what having a mate feels like? I shook off my thoughts as I remembered my promise to Amelia. We have been together since the last Annual Alpha Olympiads. I was training when I saw a girl annihilating these goons with her knife skills. More than the person, I fell in love with the skills and felt a sense of security whenever she was around. She’s strong. I could feel it. And she’ll be a great leader of the pack.Moreover, the
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Chapter 10: The Embarrassment
EmeryThe coronation was over, and the after-party was in full blast. I made sure to hide away from the crowd. I was not ready to face Caitlyn and… Kairo. I leaned on the railings of the balcony and looked at the stars. However, the serenity of the night was disturbed by the growling of my stomach. I just remembered that I hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday. I sighed; I really wanted something to eat. I decided to satiate my hunger and let go of all my fears. There are many people here. They wouldn’t possibly hurt me in front of hundreds of people. I went over to the feast table and peered over the abundant array of food. I took a plate from the table and started delicately placing fruits on it. I carefully placed down the serving spoons back to their corresponding plates. I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful arrangements. I hummed quietly and happily as I plopped a strawberry in my mouth. I was happily ea
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