Alphas Broken Mate

Alphas Broken Mate

By:  Salani  Completed
Language: English
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** English is not my first language, and I know there is some grammar not being right. But I try my best.** Note to readers. ** this book/novel, contains sexual as well as abusive episodes.** Lina is a 17-year-old orphan living in a foster home, her life is what she think like living in hell. until she one day at school meet the new guy Alex. for some reason he calms her, make her feel things she thought she never had. Alex is 18 and the future Alpha from the Moon Stone Pack. he has been gone for 3 years for training and to learn. Alex is ready for his mate but hasn't found her yet. until he sees the quiet strange girl no one talks to. what will their story be? will he repair his broken mate? is she just a human? if not what exactly is she.

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66 chapters
Chapter One
Lina POV. I am sleeping, laying on my stomach, but even in my sleep I hear my door go up, I lay still, and I say nothing, I know if I do it will be worse. I can feel the extra weight in my bed, and then I feel his hands. One is coming between my legs, the other one comes around and grabs my throat. I feel his breath in my ear as he whispers. “Good girl, now remember, not one word or I will make it hurt.” And with these words he enters me, pushes himself inside me, and it hurts like hell.   My name is Lina I am seventeen and an orphan, when I was three years old, I was found somewhere near a forest and delivered to the social services. No one ever came looking for me, so they thought either my parents were dead, or they just left me. I am currently living in a foster home with 3 other kids all boys where one of them is the foster parents’ biological son. He is the one that comes into my room at night and has his way with me and making my life a li
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Chapter Two
POV. Alex I am standing in the hall of the school together with Logan and Mike, we have been gone for the past 3 years, training to get ready to take over our rightful places in the pack when the time comes. “So, you didn’t find your mate in the pack when we got home,” Mike asks. I look at him and shake my head, “No, I took a walk around the pack, and nothing caught my senses.” Logan and Mike both smile Sadly. They both know I have been searching and hoping to find my mate since I shifted. A wolf’s mate is the most precious thing we can find, it’s the half we need to be 100% complete. As an alpha, I shifted when I was fifteen, where any wolfs with a lower rank, first shift when they turn eighteen. Logan and Mike both found their mates, and even it stings, I am happy for them.   “I heard a rumor that you are going to choose the old gammas daughter Vicky as your chosen mate and make her your Luna” I laugh at them. “Oh yes, that is what the rumor sa
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Chapter Three
Lina POV. I am sitting in class waiting for it to start, when I suddenly smell that new scent, I noticed this morning. Forest and chocolate, I want to look around to find out where it comes from, but I keep my head down so people will just leave me alone. Then the smell comes closer, and I notice two guys sitting down on the empty tables in front of me and the one next to me. The smell is so strong now and for some reason, it calms my body. “Hello, I am Alex,” the voice next to me says and it almost feels like his voice is caressing me softly. I keep my head down even it is so hard, and answer. “Hello” I don’t want to be rude. “The bonehead in front of you is Logan” I hear the guy in front of me chuckle a little and I feel a small smile on my lips. “what’s your name” the guy Alex asks. Still not wanting to be rude I say. “Lina.” then the professor enters and starts talking about a project that must be made in groups. I shrug for myself
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Chapter Four
Alex POV. I cannot wait to get to school today. I want to see my beautiful mate. But she is nowhere to be seen. I wonder if she is okay. “No, she isn’t okay,” Hunter says in my head “Do not say something like that Hunter,” I growl at him. “You felt that pain yesterday, Alex, I know you did. Because I did. Our mate was in pain and a lot of it.” That makes me furious. And I keep looking around for her. As I head to class. It’s already 2nd period and still no sign of her. But I know she must be in the next class. And there I see her when I enter. I feel relieved and go to sit at the table next to her. “Hey Lina,” I say, feeling calm now I can see her and smell her. But then she lifts her head and looks at me and I let out a threatening growl. She looks down again and whimpers. As Logan enters the classroom. I get down on my knees next to her. “Lina, Sweetie, I am sorry, I did not mean t
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Chapter Five
Alex POV.   I run over to Lina. My beautiful mate oh Goddess no let her be okay. “Lina, baby girl, please wake up beautiful.” She doesn’t answer. But I feel her breath normally. I pull off my hoodie and put it on her. While I am mind linking Logan, Mike, and their mates. “Guys I need help; a group of guys was assaulting Lina she is badly hurt. Her clothes ripped and she passed out.” I hear growls and feel their sympathy through the link. When Emma says. “Alex brings her to the school nurse. She is a wolf from our pack.” I silently thank the Goddess for that Emma has a dream of becoming a doctor. So, she checked these things. “Emma you are a savior, thank you.” I lift Lina in bridal style and hurry towards the school nurse. “We will be right there Alpha; Emma will bring some clean clothes for her,” Logan says and the link closes.   I reach the nurse’s office and she g
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Chapter Six
Lina POV. “You are going home with me. I will get you your own room. But I will also know that you are safe.” I hear the words coming from his mouth, though I am not sure I heard right, and then it hits me what he said. Take me home with him. I cannot do that. I am not 18 yet, if he does, he will get in trouble. “But you can’t, I mean, I am not eighteen I am not of age yet, my foster parents decide how my life is going to be until I am.” I whisper in a low tone and look down, not knowing if he heard me.   It’s not that I want to stay at my foster home, because I really don’t. I just don’t want him to get in trouble. He has been nothing but sweet to me. Mate or not, he has only shown concern for me when I was obviously hurting, and he saved me. I would hate myself for causing problems for him. My mind is going on overdrive, and I don’t notice that Alex has come closer before he with 2 fingers under my chin lift my head, so I look into his beautifu
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Chapter Seven
Lina POV. I hurried up to my room, found my 2 big travel bags, and started to fill them with my clothes and the few books and stuff I had that was mine. I was getting out of this house, away from Ken and my foster parents. I did not have a lot, as a foster kid, we learn to not have more belongings than we can carry. Walking down the stairs it is deadly silent down there. For a moment I got worried, maybe Alex had changed his mind, and left without me. When I entered the kitchen, I let out a breath, I didn’t even know I was holding in. Alex was still here; he didn’t leave me. He heard me stand up and came to me, caressing my cheek.   “You okay Beautiful?” I nodded my head, feeling all relieved. He looks me in the eyes, and I can see he know why. “I would never leave you.” He whispers I’m in my ear. And I relax. “Okay, let’s go Beautiful, time to go home.” He says giving my foster parents a nod. I look at them before saying “Bye.” T
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Chapter Eight
Lina POV. Alex leaves the room closing the door, leaving me to look at my new room. It’s hard to believe, that it looks like my life, is finally turning into something good the bedroom walls are painted in soft cream with dark curtains, a huge king-size bed in dark wood is standing in the middle of the room, against the long wall. There is a small desk, TV, and a little cozy spot with a soft couch setup. I open the first door Alex pointed to and see a big walk-in closet. I stand looking in shock, thinking I never will get to use such a big closet. I close the door again and go open the door there must be a bathroom. I can’t help but gasp, this is the most amazing bathroom I have ever seen. It has a big shower filling the whole wall in on side om the room. At the other end is the biggest bathtub I have ever seen. An in middle the bathroom counter and the room is so peaceful. Mary has stocked it with all kinds of soap, shampoo, conditioner towels, and everything that should be
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Chapter Nine
Lina POV.   We are sitting in McDonald’s, Alex got me a burger with fries and a soda. We are all just sitting talking, the guys about someone they call routes, Alex told me it is wolves that are not living with a pack. That most of them are dangerous and crazy beasts. Emma and Emily want us to go shopping soon. But I tell them I don’t have any money. I was never allowed to have any, but sure I can go with them if they want me to. I like the sisters, they are sweet, and they don’t care about me being an orphan. Emma and Emily got here before the boys like a month before, and had noticed me in school, but seen how everyone always was nasty to me. They tried getting people to just leave me alone. Said I was not hurting anyone. And I guess the wolves mostly listened. I am grateful they tried.   “You have not been at the mall, have you?” Emily asks. “Not really no, “That sucks, we would really love it if you came with us.”
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Chapter Ten
Lina POV. When Alex leaves my room, I lay down and hide under the blanket. Never have I felt like I did when he kissed me, it was like I couldn’t get enough of the taste of his lips, and tongue. And I love the sparks that always come when he touches my skin. My body was all warm and I felt myself get wet for him. Something I have never been before. With that, I fall asleep.   **dream** Ken is coming into my room, I look at the watch it says 02:27 AM, I wonder why he is here so late. I don’t like him much. He always looks at me, as if I am a piece of meat. I tried telling my foster parents, but they told me to stop being a liar. When he sits down on my bed and traces a hand up at my leg. I try to push him away, but he grabs my hand with the other one. “Stop being difficult sweetheart.” He says in a deep lustful voice that scares me. “Leave me alone Ken. Just go away please.” I whisper. “Mmm, I love it when you beg, but stop
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