Destined To A Mafia Capo

Destined To A Mafia Capo

By:  Olivia Razaiarivelo  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ashley Conrad, lived a very ordinary but her father, who owed a huge amount of money a dangerous mafia Capo, Rafael Herrera, decided to exchange her against his life and his freedom. Ignoring of the deal between his father and Rafael, Ashley gets closer and closer to Rafael and even falls in love with him. But will she still be in love with him when she discovers that she was only a deal for him. But is it really sure that she was only a deal for this mafia capo with a sulphurous and trouble past ?

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16 chapters
Chapter 1
Somewhere in a dreadful basement… A few months ago I was living a very mundane life: I was in my last year of college, I had an awesome best friend Kamila Griffith and the only things I was concerned about were if I was going to pay my rent on time, have I finished my economics homework ? But now all these problems seem so insignificant to me it's true right now I'm tied in the basement of a building I don't know where watching the love of my life being slaughtered by dozens of armed men without being able to do anything to help him and all because of me. If only I weren't so stubborn and didn't always do what I wanted, maybe we wouldn't be there. But wait ! Our story began six months ago, when I was still just an ordinary student with completely ordinary problems. "A
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Chapter 2
Ashley is having breakfast when the door of her apartment opened abruptly. "Good morning girl", Kamila shouted. "Oh Gosh Kami !", Ashley said, shocked. "I almost had a heart attack. Please next time you want to come at my place, just remember to knock on the door like everyone else", Ashley then said. "Yes but you know I'm not like everyone.Oh ! And here is your mail, I watched them a little and there are especially letters with red brands on. You're welcome", Kamila replied. "No ! No ! What have you done ?", shouted Ashley. "Oh! Come on ! I didn't even open them", said Kamila. "No, that's not that. It's just that I said to my landlord that I lost the key of my mailbox to avoid my bills", replied Ashley. "And...", said Kamila. "And now since you took my mail I have to pay them now when I only get my salary within 2 weeks", Ashley told her as she is about to cry. "Ah ! Now I see. Ash, you know I'll always be there or you, huh ? If you want to, I can help you to pay them and yo
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Chapter 3
The next morning"Kami ! Kami ! I have to tell you something that happened to me last night so come here right now", said Ashley, very excited, when she phoned her friend Kamila."What the h*ll Ash ? It's six in the morning. Why are you calling me so early ?", Kamila said with a sleepy voice."Oh come on Kami ! I have to tell you something very very weird so come to place right now", Ashley told her."But can't you just tell it to me on the phone ?", Kamila asked still with a sleepy voice."You wouldn't believe me if I tell it to you on the phone", Ashley answered."Fine ! Fine ! I'm on my way", Kamila said, tiredly.Kamila lives in a luxurious apartment not far from Ashley's appartment and it's also very close to campus.A few minutes laterKamila knocks at Ashley's door"Finally you're here. Come in", Ashley said, while pulling Kamila to enter inside her appartment."So now you better tell hat is that thi
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Chapter 4
"Here is your black coffee and your croissant Sir", Ashley said and Rafael is still staring at her which made tremble and spilled a little hot coffee on her hand."Ouch", Ashley said.Rafael took immediately the coffee form Ashley's hand and said :"Are you  ok ?""Yeah, I'm fine. It happens to me almost all the time", Ashley said and then looked at her hand.But then Rafael noticed that her hand was a little bit red."Are you sure you are ok ?", Rafael asked."Yes, Sir. I'm fine don't worry", Ashley replied and then hide her hand."Then let me see your hand if you are really alright", Rafael asked."I'm alright Sir you don't need to worry for me", Ashley answered him but suddenly Rafael takes her hand which was burned by the hot coffee and then he blew on it.Ashley was like frozen at that moment while looking at Rafael who is blowing on her hand. "It's not serious but you'll have to put ice on it", Raf
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Chapter 5
Several days went after the meeting Ashley and Rafael's meeting. "What I should do with that now", Ashley said to herself while holding  Rafael's card with his number on it. "Should I call him ? No, of course not it's not. If I call him now, what could I tell him, huh :" Hi Rafael, it's the girl that you burned her hand at the coffee the other day". Pathetic Ash, very pathetic. And if I don't call him, I won't see him again as he doen't even have my phone number", Ashley said to herself. "Ash, are you ready ? You better be ready because you are the only one that we are waiting for", Kamila shouted while looking for Ashley everywhere in her appartment. "Yeah ! Yeah ! I'm ready", Ashley replied. "Oh ! What are you wearing ? No way you are going there dressed like that", Kamila said. "What's wrong with my clothes ?", Ashley asked while looking at herself. "Ashley, sweetie, we're going to a nightclub and that dress isn't short
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Chapter 6
On my way to exit from the nightclub, I passed in front of the V.I.P corner and then someone just grabbed me by the waist just behind me and then said : "wanna dance with me baby ?". This man was stinking alcohol which was just disgusting. "No, thank you", I replied to him while trying to free myself but then he pulled me closer and tight me very hard against him and said : "I think you didn't understand very well what I just said. I want you to dance with me and I don't accept a no as answer". "And I said that I don't want to dance with you so now let go of me", I told him and then I still tried to free myself but I have just hit him with my elbow.  "Ouch !! You punctured me an eye. You'll pay for that b*tch", the man said angrily but then I felt that he loosened his grip on me so I took the opportunity to free myself and then I ran as fast as I can but it's wasn't easy as the nightclub was crowded.  And when I turned around just one second
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Chapter 7
Meanwhile as Rafael and Lorenzo were talking in Rafael's office at the nightclub , Carlos took Ashley to a private room as Rafael ordered him to .    " So you are Carlos , right ? " , Ashley asked Carlos to break the deafening silence as it's been a while now that she was there with him and he didn't still say anything . " Yes , that's my name " , Carlos simply replied . " I'm Ashley , nice to meet you Carlos . You work for Rafael , aren't you ? " , Ashley asked again . " Yes , I'm his right hand " , Carlos said coldly . "  What do you do for him exactly ? " , Ashley asked curiously . " As a right hand , Rafael gives me his full confidence and I give him my total loyalty . Thus , he gives me the most delicate and important tasks. And it's up to me too to take care of his businesses when he isn't there or when he is busy with something or someone else " , Carlos explained to Ashley . " Ah !! I see now . Yo
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Chapter 8
" I'm okay Rafael.  I just need my clothes and my phone. My friends are certainly worried about me. That's all and then I'll leave " , Ashley said . " I'll bring you new clothes and your phone too but I won't let you go anywhere " , Rafael told her . " Excuse-me ?! ", Ashley replied to him, surprised. " Maybe you didn't hear me very well, I' ve just said that I' ll leave , it wasn't a question but a statement ", Ashley then replied to him confidently. Then Rafael started getting closer to Ashley but she stepped back as he approached her that she almost fell. Luckily, Rafael caught her and delicate her right hand on back for Camera from falling and Ashley felt from a shot of the thrills browse all his body then his heart started beating faster and stronger than s
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Chapter 9
   A week is now past after attack at nightclub, for me it was a pretty difficult week because every night I still had horrible nightmares on what happened in addition every time I walk in The street, I have a very strange feeling, as if someone followed me wherever I went and still as if I was watching more closely. There is always this black car who always waits in front of my apartment every day and that I also find in front of the university and to be honest it's very frustrating.          I walked quietly in the street to go home after classes when I noticed that this man dressed in black was already behind me a few minutes before I left the university." I need to know if that guy is really following me or not. So, I'm going to stop at this grocery store. I will pretend to buy something
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Chapter 10
" Now let me go ", Ashley said. " Are you sure that's what you want ? ", Rafael asked with a seductive voice. " ?! ", she replied, confused. " Do you really want me to let you go ? ", he asked again. " Yeah... I mean yeah I want you to let me go ", Ashley stuttered. " Alright then. I have something to take care of and then I'll get you home ", Rafael said, moving away from Ashley. " Ok, no problem ", she told him and then they left the room. Rafael returned to the conference room and Ashley went in the kitchen in hope to find the lady who let her go the other day. " May I he
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