The Succubus' Temptation

The Succubus' Temptation

By:  Ghoulish_little_goblin   Ongoing
Language: English
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Upon turning 18, Charlotte discovers that she is a succubus and soon after she is plagued by dreams that leave her with an insatiable hunger. Following an incident involving a nun, she is sentenced to be executed by a mysterious hunter named Ender, who along with his brother Samael, decides to help Charlotte uncover her past and accept her future as a succubus. On the run from enemies within the convent and a rogue werewolf pack while desperately trying to unravel the secrets of her past, Charlotte is caught between her past and present and a future filled with uncertainty.

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18 Chapters
The Convent
Charlotte woke with a gasp, her heart beating erratically in her chest and her breaths ragged and shallow. She was covered in a cold sweat and she was shaking all over. This was the fifth time this week and every time the dreams were more intense than the last. She lay in the darkness of her room, thinking about her dreams and wondering what was causing them. Each time she woke the dreams seemed to fade, leaving behind only fragments of images that left her weak and aching with an indescribable need deep inside her.  She turned onto her side and closed her eyes and eventually she fell asleep. The next day Charlotte was busy with her chores in the convent, leaving her with no time to think about her dreams. In the evening as she was leaving the chapel, Sister Ann, caught up to her outside. "Charlotte, are you ok?", she asked, studying her with concern in her eyes. "Of course, Sister Ann, I'm fine", Charlotte replied. "You seem
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The Hunger
The next day, Charlotte is in the kitchen helping to prepare lunch when the delivery truck arrives, bringing their supplies from town. "Charlotte, can you get that please?", calls Sister Margaret, as she continues kneading dough. Wiping her hands on her apron, Charlotte goes to the kitchen door and stands there watching, Edward, the delivery boy, unloading the crates. Coming towards the door with a crate in his hands, Edward sees her, his face lighting up with a smile. "Hi Charlotte, how's it going?""Not too bad. Let me give you a hand with those", she replies, going to take the crate from him.As Edward hands her the crate, their fingers brush against each other and a sudden jolt of electricity runs through her fingers and up her arms. Charlotte stumbles back away from him almost falling backwards but quickly regains her balance.  Edward reaches out to try and steady her but she flinches away from him, afraid of touching hi
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The Dream
Charlotte glances shyly at the nun and looks away, unable to meet her gaze. She swallows hard as her hands fidget nervously in her lap. "It's ok Charlotte, I'm here to help. There's no need to be afraid, trust me", Lucille's voice is soft and encouraging, as she tries to put Charlotte at ease. Looking down at her hands clenched together in her lap and taking a deep breath, in a low voice Charlotte recounts her dreams. "I see myself, in my dreams, doing things with someone else.......I can feel.....I'm being touched......all places I've never been touched. Their hands.......and mouth....are touching me.....everywhere.......and it good......I........don't want it to stop. But worse than that, I..........I want much more", Charlotte whispers these last words as her head remains bowed, unable to look up at the nun."What places are they touching? You have to be specific", Lucille prods, her eyes darkeni
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The Hunter
Charlotte brought Lucille to orgasm five times that night and into the early hours of the morning, she was insatiable. She used both her fingers and mouth while the final time she straddled one of Lucille's legs between her thighs and rubbing her moist and swollen clit against hers, brought them both to an earth-shattering climax. Each time she sucked the red mist from between her thighs and each time Lucille became weaker, as though her very life force was being sucked from her body. But Charlotte was rejuvenated and filled with a raw power that roared through her veins, heightening her senses and sating the hunger. Early that morning, just before the sun began to ascend the horizon, Charlotte dressed and quietly left the nun's room unaware of the figure hidden in the shadows in the corridor outside. She hurried down the halls, until she reached her room, opening the door she went inside and collapsed onto her bed before falling into a deep and dreamless sleep. Read more
The Journey
 She kissed Ender deeply and passionately, exploring his mouth with her tongue as she pushed her hands under his coat and stroked his chest through his shirt. She could feel his hard muscles through his shirt and she leaned closer, pressing her breasts against him as a strong current surged through her body and transferred to him. Reaching down to his trousers, she stroked his cock through the fabric, groaning as she felt its size. As soon as she woke, she had smelt his masculine scent and her body had responded, her arousal so strong she could barely stand being in the confined cell with him. His scent was different from Edward's, richer and more masculine, reeking of raw, savage lust. The more she talked to him, the more her body craved him, the moisture leaking from between her thighs. Grabbing her wrists, Ender pushed her away from him, sending her stumbling back against the bars of the cell as he wiped his mouth with the back of his sleeve. His ey
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The Envelope
The next morning Charlotte is taken to the dining room for breakfast and finds herself alone with Samael. He eyes her hungrily across the table as she tries to concentrate on her food. "Sweet Charlotte, you really are a feast for my eyes", Samael says in that seductive voice of his. It feels like he's caressing her body with every syllable and she shivers involuntarily. She finishes her food but still hungry, she looks at the food still on the table and wonders if she should help herself. "Please help yourself, I find a woman with a healthy appetite deliciously attractive", Samael smiles as if reading her mind. Not wanting to waste the opportunity and unable to ignore her complaining stomach, Charlotte quickly helps herself to another serving. Samael watches her eat and a sly smile forms on his lips, his blue eyes glinting with desire. Just then, Ender strolls in wearing nothing but a black pair of pants, his chest bare and his silver hair tous
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The Ring
Charlotte looks down at the ring on her finger and then back up at Ender, her eyes wide with confusion. "What is it?", Ender asks, his eyes studying her. "'s......gone", she answers. "What's gone?""The hunger", she whispers, "I can't feel it anymore""So you don't wanna fuck me anymore?", he grins at her.Charlotte shoots him an irritated glare, looking back at the ring before she slides it off her finger and immediately the hunger returns, more intense than before. She gasps and doubles over, her hands on her stomach as Ender grabs her shoulders to stop her falling to the floor and picking her up in his arms, he carries her across the room and lays her down on his bed. Sitting beside her on the bed, Ender picks up her hand and slides the ring back on before looking at her. "There are easier ways to get in my bed, you know", he smirks.Charlotte blushes and turns her face away, hoping that h
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The Feast
Ender picks up each of Charlotte's legs and places them on each side of the bath tub, spreading her thighs under water as he slips another finger inside her. His other hand continues to massage her breasts and tease her nipples while he moves his hand under water to stroke her swollen clit. The sounds from her mouth are getting louder and she grinds her clit against his finger as she feels her orgasm building. Ender rubs her clit faster adding a bit more pressure as he feels her hips lift up from the tub and her body rock against him as she cums.Breathing heavily, her face covered in sweat, Charlotte leans against him and closes her eyes as he gently lowers her legs into the tub. He puts his arms around her, holding her against him until he hears her heart beating normally again. Some time later, Charlotte is lying in Ender's bed, wearing a silk robe that he put on her, a small smile plays on her lips as she remembers how gentle he was with her. She can't help t
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The Morning After
Ender is woken from sleep by something warm and soft against his thighs, slowly opening his eyes, he looks down to see Charlotte between his legs. She smiles provocatively at him as she straddles him and rubs her vulva against his cock which quickly becomes erect. He can feel her juices coating his erection as she rocks herself to and fro, stroking her inner lips and clit against his cock. Holding her hips, Ender pushes her down his shaft and lifts her up before placing his cock at her entrance and pulling her onto him as he thrusts up into her. Charlotte cries out, the intense pleasure of his cock plunging deep inside her and completely filling her up hastening her orgasm. Placing her hands on his chest, she rocks her hips against him as she rubs her clit against the base of his cock while he teases her nipples. As Ender continues thrusting deep inside her, Charlotte throws her head back, closing her eyes as she bucks and shudders with the intensity of her orgasm while
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My Brother's Keeper
Alone in the dining room, Charlotte was just finishing dinner when the door opened and Samael walked in, glass of scotch in one hand. He was dressed immaculately as usual, in black suit and crisp, white shirt, unbuttoned at the collar and he moved through the room with fluid grace like a wild cat hunting its prey. His blue eyes glittered dangerously as he kept his gaze on her while walking to take a seat beside her. "Good evening sweet Charlotte", his voice was smooth like silk, caressing her in places that only a lover would. "Good evening Samael", she replied, her appetite fleeing with his appearance. His eyes watched her with an intensity that made her squirm in her seat and her heart rate increase. As if aware of her discomfort, his lips curved upwards in a smile that was both predatory and inviting. Although his eyes were the same blue as Ender, the spark within was entirely different and while his brother was classically beautiful for a m
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