Alpha's Unloved Luna

Alpha's Unloved Luna

By:  Midnight Shines  Ongoing
Language: English
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BOOK ON HIATUS! Book 1 of the Rejected Series. "Why did you save me then?" I sobbed. "You should have let me die instead." I screamed in a strained voice. I couldn't believe I was going through this again. Why is everyone so hell bent on hurting me? Did I offend the Moon Goddess that she is punishing me this way? "I wouldn't have bothered wasting my time if it wasn't for the safety of my pack." He replied. His voice was crisp, void of any emotions. "T—- To save your pack?" I stuttered, not able to comprehend what he meant. "I lost my mate before. Losing another would have made me weak. I can’t afford to put my pack in danger." He replied as his cold eyes continued staring at me. "Don't expect anything. You could be nothing to me. I will never love you." His words echoed in my head as he walked away from me. —------------ Miracle was ranked the weakest werewolf in her pack. She was blessed with powers, but it turned out to be a curse. The only hope she had was her mate. Can Miracle fight against all odds and win the love of her mate? Or will she forever remain unloved? Follow me at mnightshines on IG! All rights reserved! © Midnight Shines Books, 2021.

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28 Chapters
Chapter 1 - The Unloved Daughter
MiracleThe feel of my skin getting burned jolted me awake. I whimpered as I felt the silver cuffs burn my wrists and ankles. I weakly looked around to see my sister Malia looking down at me with a smile on her face. The familiar feeling of fear took over me when I saw the sickly sweet smile on her lips.“Please Malia, not today. I don’t feel good.” I cried, begging my sister to leave me alone.“What are you pretending for, Miracle?” She asked, rolling her eyes at me.“You know we can’t miss the full moon after your birthday. In fact, this one is special because you’re turning 18 on a full moon night.” She exclaimed, clapping her hands in excitement.I didn’t even realize it was a full moon today. I especially didn’t expect to wake up like this on my 18th birthday. I was hoping for a peaceful day, and probably to find my mate.“Please, just let it go thi
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Chapter 2 - Her Birthday
MiracleToday is like any normal day. I had thought my 18th birthday would be different. I was a fool to even think today would be any different. It has been years, and the only reason they remembered my birthday was because they had to make Malia stronger by stealing away my powers as soon as I turned 18.“What the fuck are you doing?” I heard Malia’s angry voice from the kitchen door.“I am cleaning the dishes,” I replied weakly. I could barely move my limbs after the ritual yesterday. I felt dizzy because I haven’t eaten in two days.“What about my breakfast?” She questioned. I turned to look at her, confused.“I served breakfast alre—-” I started, only to get interrupted by her angry voice.“You served me sandwiches. Do you not know how much I hate them?” She had a crazed look in her eyes. I knew she was angry, but I was afraid of how she was l
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Chapter 3 - Visiting The Silver Crescent Pack
ChristopherLife has been unfair to me. It has separated me from everyone who was dear to me. I lost my parents, my brother, and my mate. It seems like I am cursed. I looked at the picture in my hand. My beautiful mate wrapped in my arms, smiling at me, looking as gorgeous as ever. It was supposed to be the beginning of our new life together, but it turned out to be a nightmare instead.No matter how hard I tried, I could never forget that day. The day I lost almost every one of my family. I closed my eyes as a tear slipped past my eyes. My heart contracted painfully in my chest. It has been years, but the memory is still fresh in my head.“Chris, we have to—-” My sister Brenna barged into my room, stopping mid-sentence when she noticed the picture in my hand.“Don’t you knock?” I asked in an annoyed tone.“Why do I have to knock?” She asked, shrugging her shoulders as she walked furt
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Chapter 4 - The Mating Ball
MiracleIt was time for the mating ball; I tried to keep myself calm and not think much about it. I grabbed the blush pink dress my mother had brought me for the mating ball. It was rare for me to get new clothes, and it surprised me she got me one. Then I found out that there were Alphas from neighboring packs visiting, and I realized it was just to keep face in front of the guests.I sighed as I got a hold of the makeup Malia had given me to cover up my bruises. I didn’t even know much about using it, but I knew I had to make sure my bruises and wounds are hidden if I wanted to have some peace this evening. I got to work applying the makeup on my face and neck. I did pretty well in hiding them. The only bruises I wasn’t able to hide were the nasty burn in my hands.‘You should let everyone see your bruises. It will at least save us from here.’ Mia said, I could feel her anger and hate towards our family.‘Y
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Chapter 5 - Betrayed And Heartbroken
MiracleAs soon as I entered the garden, I bumped into a wall. I was confused because I didn’t remember the garden having a wall before. It was an open space. I looked up to find a pair of cold blue eyes staring at me. This man that I bumped into had a pair of mesmerizing eyes that pulled me in their depths.He had a powerful aura surrounding him. I think he might be one of the guest alphas. The thought made my eyes widen in fear. I immediately took a step back, scared I would do something to offend our guests. He looked at me with what looked like confusion in his eyes?“I am sorry Alpha, I wasn’t looking where I was going,” I murmured, bowing my head in respect.“It’s alright, just be careful next time. It’s not good to be clumsy, you can hurt yourself.” He replied in his deep, crisp voice, making a shiver run down my spine. Did he really have to be so rude? I did say I was sorry, right? I thought, mentall
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Chapter 6 - Who Is The Alpha's Mate?
Miracle I woke up in a dark room. I blinked my eyes a couple of times to adjust to the darkness. I looked around to find myself in the room they gave me to sleep in the packhouse. I feel confused trying to recall what happened, and why I feel like a truck ran over my body. I mean, I know I was beaten and bruised, but at the moment, I felt worse than I have. I tried to get up in a sitting position on the bed, but I couldn’t move. I hissed in pain but will myself to move. Groaning, I sit up on the bed and as soon as I did the lights turned on making me close my eyes at the sudden brightness. “You finally decided to wake up?” I heard my father’s angry voice and my head in his direction in fear. “I—” I start, but stop short of words. I don’t know what to say. I didn’t even know what I did to get into trouble this time. I looked up to see both my parents glaring down at me. I try to recall what happened, but I can’t seem to remember anything. The o
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Chapter 7 - Something Fishy
Christopher We arrived at the Silver Crescent Pack, but for some reason, my wolf has been restless. I don’t know what it is, but I feel there is something terribly wrong. I tried to ignore it and focus on attending the Mating Ball. I don’t want to poke in their business unless they are doing something terrible. The Alpha welcomed us, who seem very nervous in my presence. I know, I have a strong aura and I try to suppress it as much as I can, but did he have to make it so obvious? He is an Alpha, and he lets others see his emotions. It is not a good sign for an Alpha. They immediately took us to the guest house. They had tried their best to make it comfortable for all their visitors, so I commend them for it. After a shower, I changed and made my way out to find my Beta waiting for me at the door. “Alpha, do you also feel it?” He asked, looking around. “Do you feel something?” I asked, not bothering to answer his question. “I feel somet
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Chapter 8 - Unwanted Mate
Miracle “NO!” I screamed, my heart still aching from the agonising pain of rejection. I know he didn’t use the words to reject me, but for some reason, it feels like he is rejecting me. “Why can’t you recognise me as your mate?” I asked, looking at him with tear-filled eyes. “I can smell my mate’s scent, and I know it’s not you,” he said, looking at me with his hate-filled eyes. I felt something break inside of me. “Please,” I pleaded pathetically, looking at him with hopeful eyes, “I swear I am your mate. She is not,” I added as tears rolled down my cheeks. “I am sure Malia has tricked you. She can’t be your mate, please, please trust me.” I begged for my mate to listen to me. “Why are you so hell bent on proving that I am trying to steal your mate?” Malia asked. For the first time, she looked pitiful, and I knew it was all an act. She was desperately trying to prove in front of everyone that I was trying to frame her. “How can you ev
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Chapter 9 - Punished
Miracle I feel empty inside. I am completely broken. There is nothing left of me anymore. I knew I wouldn't come out of this alive. I know the punishment of trying to hurt a fellow pack mate. No one believed me before, then why would they believe me now? I won’t try to prove myself innocent anymore. There is nothing for me to live for. However, there is one thing that I know I want to do before I leave this world, and that was to prove I wasn’t lying about Jake being my mate. My thoughts were interrupted when I heard Mia whimper in my head. ‘I am sorry, Mia,’ I whispered. ‘I know you don’t deserve this, but you are stuck with a useless human like me. I hope the Goddess gives you a second life, and you get a partner you deserve.’ I continued. I was heartbroken because I couldn’t save her, no matter how much I tried. She was suffering with me, and will probably die with me too. ‘None of this is your fault, Miracle,’ she replied in a low whisper. ‘Don’t
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Chapter 10 - Mate?
Christopher Last night was uneventful. My wolf has been restless from the moment we arrived in this pack. I wanted nothing more than to return home, but I had business to take care of. If someone was using magic, it is dangerous not only for this pack but for the entire werewolf species. Toby was out to gather information. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came back. I spent the morning training to keep myself occupied. It was after lunch when I returned to the guest house to find Toby anxiously pacing in my room. I frowned at the look of worry on his face. I walked in, closing the door behind me. He stood straight the moment he saw me enter. I sat on the couch, motioning for him to sit beside me. “Alpha, I have all the information you needed, and you will not like what I found out.” He said as soon as he sat on the chair beside me. I was about to ask him to spill it already, but the knock on the door stopped me. “Come in,” I called out. So
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