Realm of the Chosen: A Reverse Harem Romance

Realm of the Chosen: A Reverse Harem Romance

By:  Bella Moondragon  Ongoing
Language: English
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Why choose just one when she can have them all? Cassius is strong and bold... Jate is passionate and loyal... Reeve is mysterious and brave... And then there’s Eliason, whom she’s loved for as long as she can remember. How can Kit possibly select just one? Princess Katrinetta will be queen of Yewforia one day. At the age of 21, she will embark upon her Choosing, a time when Representatives from every realm will travel to Castle Wrenbrook to prove to the princess they are worthy of her love. But as Kit gets to know the men, she realizes it will be impossible for her to only choose one of them to rule Yewforia with her. Katrinetta's mother, Queen Rona, is anything but kind. It seems she wants to control the princess, including who she keeps and who she sends home. However, the further into her Choosing Katrinetta proceeds, the more obvious it becomes it isn't just her Choosing the queen wishes to control. Along with the men she's grown to love, Katrinetta devises a plan that will not only let her keep all of the men she's chosen but gain the throne as well. Will she successfully take the crown and claim all seven of the men she wishes to be with? This is a reverse harem romance full of steamy bedroom scenes and for mature audiences only.

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239 chapters
Chapter 1
The west garden in the spring was Princess Katrinetta’s absolute favorite place to occupy her free time. Between her lessons and the hours she spent at court, those precious moments were few and far between. On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she had found a few moments to scurry away. It had been difficult, particularly since her mother and the rest of the council members found it suitable to constantly school her on the upcoming ceremony. She couldn’t even bear to think of the name. Every time she did, a fluttering would stir inside of her stomach, like the beating of a thousand butterflies’ wings. It didn’t matter that her cousins and the other women who had already gone through similar proceedings assured her that ripple didn’t originate in her stomach but slightly lower in her abdomen. They said it wasn’t fear that made her insides stir; it was longing, but Princess Katrinetta knew her own anxiety when it reared its ugly head. The closer
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Chapter 2
A smile did creep in then as she thought about the Exploration. Kit couldn’t help herself, and she imagined her blue eyes were sparkling, though she couldn’t see them reflected in the deep pools of green that looked back at her. So far, her mother must not have considered that during the Exploration she was free to be with whatever man she chose. If Rona had, then Eli would’ve likely been sent away long ago, along with several other more fetching members of Kit’s guard, the ones her mother often chastised her about. “Try not to stare,” she’d say in her harsh voice. None of the others mattered as much as this one, though, and Kit was fairly certain her mother had deduced that fact.“Do you think…?” Kit stopped herself, still too unsure to even prompt the question. How could she ask him, her friend since childhood, if he thought it would ruin their friendship if she sought him out during her Exploration?&ldquo
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Chapter 3
The informal throne room near her mother’s chambers was not nearly as imposing as the one used for formal occasions. In the grander room, the queen would greet visiting dignitaries and noblewomen or meet with commoners who had managed to gain an audience with her. A few times each year, Queen Rona would hold court there and decide whether or not prisoners should continue to stay in the dungeons--catacombs and labyrinths of cells beneath the castle--or actually be released. Most of them would have already spent more time in the unsanitary, disease ridden prison than anyone cared to measure by the time the queen saw them.Kit preferred to meet with her mother in the smaller chamber because it usually meant a more select audience. Though she was certain members of the Royal Council would be present, she didn’t know for sure if it would be all of them or just those closest to the queen by blood or loyalty.She still wore the same pink gown she’d had on ea
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Chapter 4
Kit stared at her mother, her mouth agape, for almost as long as it had taken Rona to speak in the first place. It wasn’t until Zora cleared her throat that Kit was able to look away. Trying to determine what sort of problem it might be, and what sort of remedy they might provide, made her even nervous. She’d already been anxious at the idea that the elderly physician would be performing her Proem in less than two days. Now, that didn’t seem to be the case.Zora’s tone was more empathetic. “It seems the physician’s age prevents him from performing the ceremony, child.” She tipped her head to the side and gave Kit a moment to ponder how that could be. “As you may remember, he had difficulties at the last Proem Ceremony, that of your cousin, Isla.”Of course, Isla had told her how she’d felt next to nothing during the ceremony and how it had been during her Exploration that the true discomfort she’d been e
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Chapter 5
The celebration for Katrinetta’s eighteenth birthday was the most elaborate affair she’d ever witnessed. Despite her mother’s inability to otherwise show any sort of fondness for her daughter, she had seen that every last detail of both the dinner and the ball that followed were of the utmost regality in both luxury and lavishness.The dinner had consisted of sixteen courses, including Kit’s favorite, a roasted lamb chop that was the head chef’s specialty, though Kit could hardly take more than a few bites by the time the eighth course was served. Likewise, her favorite chocolate mousse had nearly gone untasted. By the time the dancing began, she was quite certain her elegant blue gown, adorned with thousands of sapphires in various sizes, would burst at the seams, and she was considering ducking away for a few moments so that one of her ladies could loosen her corset.That wouldn’t do, however, so she tried to take more shallow brea
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Chapter 6
Kit seemed to be enjoying herself. Whether or not that made him happy, Eli wasn’t sure, but he supposed it was better than watching her spend the entire night standing in a corner, shaking like a leaf, or cowering from her mother. The queen, on the other hand, had a heavy eye, and too often it bore down on him, despite the fact that he hadn’t so much as approached the princess the entire duration of the dinner or the ball.He had to admit, it was difficult for him to pull his eyes away from her, though. Part of it was because it was his duty to keep her safe, but mostly it was because she was so exquisite. Kit had always been lovely, delicate like a flower or the wings of a butterfly. Her porcelain skin was smooth as satin, and her dark hair and lashes shined in even the dimmest light. Her sparkling blue eyes had a way of making a person feel completely at ease, be it a friend or a stranger, and when they fell on him, he felt like the most important person in the
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Chapter 7
Despite the warning glare from the queen, who turned her head fully in their direction now, Eli began to lead the princess around the dance floor. The smile on Kit’s face made it all worth it, even if he would get quite the tongue lashing from the queen later—or perhaps an actual lashing. She had threatened as much before.“This is much more like it,” Kit said next to his ear as he held her close. “None of those other gentlemen have any idea how to dance.”“None of them?” he asked, breathing in the warm scent of honey and lavender, an aroma he’d come to associate with Kit long ago.“Not a single one.” She looked up into his eyes, and he caught a twinkle there. For a moment, she looked more at ease than she had been in as long as he could remember, certainly since before the announcement of her Proem. But then, as if thoughts of the ceremony also filled her mind, the spark that was there faded, and
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Chapter 8
Kit leaned back against the cold stone wall that protected her from a drop off of over a hundred feet. The barrier reached past her waist, so he was certain she was safe, but he moved toward her anyway, just to be sure, and also because he simply couldn’t stay away from her any longer.“Even after the Proem is over,” Kit began, her eyes downcast, as if she were simply thinking aloud, “I’ll begin my Exploration. And I’m not sure… that is to say, it might be difficult to proposition a man, to invite him to pleasure me. Especially one I do not know.”“I should think it would be easier with the ones you do not know.” He knew his own words did him a disservice, but at the same time, he couldn’t imagine being with her and not getting to keep her. He felt that he’d rather never know what it was like to lay with her than to do so and then quietly slip away as she fell into the embrace of dozens of other m
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Chapter 9
Kit sat on the low stool in front of the mirror in her chambers as her ladies worked on her hair. Already dressed in the simple white gown she would wear for her Proem Ceremony in less than an hour, she tried not to look at her own reflection or look down at what she was wearing as it served as a reminder of where she would be headed next, and she would just as soon be going anywhere else.Her ladies had both assured her there was nothing to fear and even thought the council’s idea of having one of her guards perform the ceremony rather than the feeble physician was a good one. “He will likely be more capable,” Isla had offered in her meek voice.“He will likely be more fulfilling,” Avinia had joked, and both of her cousins had giggled, though Kit had not. She had reminded them that this was a medical procedure, not a pleasuring, and they both assured her that they were aware; they were only teasing.But there was nothing humorous a
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Chapter 10
The queen stepped forward so that she was standing at the end of the aisle. Kit continued to make her way in that direction. Avinia and Isla were nudging her forward, the guards staying out in the hallway.Once she somehow managed to reach the front of the room and found herself standing next to her mother, the queen began to say a few words, reminding those in assembly of how important this ceremony was and what it meant to their realm that the heir to the throne would be embarking on a journey to find her mate, which would in turn allow her to create an heir. Kit heard very little of it, however, as she stood with her face frozen in a half-smile, half-grimace she could not control and thought about the table behind her.“For the goddesses and our realm, I call upon you now, Katrinetta Ronatta, Princess of All the Lands East of the Galacial Mountains and Princess of the Provinces South of the Compazional Sea, to fulfill your duty as the heiress to the throne. No
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