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"Is this just a game to you?" Aaron's eyes were blazing with fire. He was attempting to keep his wolf under control. I should've been terrified, but I wasn't. "You tell me..." I smacked my lips together, pretending his anger didn't bother me at all. "You're confusing me." A growl revibrated from his chest, as his hands coiled into fists. He was ready to walk away when I held my palm against his chest. His eyes delved deep into mine and I could see his desire growing.  "You can have any female you want, and yet here you are, chasing after me when you know exactly that I don't like you." My finger trailed down from his nose to his mouth, brushing his soft lips gently. "Am I a challenge you're trying to win? Because you know I am someone you can't have? Off-limits? Your Alpha's sister?" I could feel his body reacting to my touch, and it was all I ever wanted.  I wanted him to fall hard for me. In the same way that I was falling for him. ***** Book 3 of the Black Shadow Pack Series - While the story is stand-alone, I highly recommend that you read the first and second books in the series to gain a better understanding of the characters and the concept of The Claiming. Book 1 - HE'S MY ALPHA (Completed) Book 2 - THE BETA IS MINE (Completed) Book 3 - LOVING THE GAMMA (Completed) Spin-Off Book 1 - IN THE ARMS OF MY ALPHA (Completed) Spin-Off Book 2 - THROUGH THE EYES OF MY ALPHA (Ongoing)

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69 chapters
A year ago. AARON. "Oh, please Jacob, not him! Where is Beta Gavin?" Janna shrieked at her brother the moment I stepped out of my big truck. Her eyes were narrowing at her brother, and I was sure displeasure was flashing in them. "Beta Gavin is probably in bed, pleasing his mate. But if you want to disturb them, be my guest. I can drive you over to his parents’ house." I answered, annoyed, as I slipped my hands into my jeans pocket, watching as her squinting eyes shifted on me. "Aaron!" My sister Clair, also the Luna of this pack, gasped at my response, while Alpha Jake snickered before pulling her sister into a tight hug. "I could have explained it better, Janna. But the Gamma was right. So, unfortunately, you're stuck with him. " He answered in a coy manner. "Can somebody else drive me? Maybe he'll throw me off somewhere." She groaned. Janna and I didn’t have a good history. We’ve been at each other’s throats since the first day we met months ago. I thought she was a spy or an
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Chapter 1
AARON "Why me? Can't the Beta do it? I'm not in the mood to drive." I groaned in my seat before throwing my head back on the headrest of the couch at the Alpha's office. I know it was a lousy excuse and seemed disrespectful, but my Alpha knew me better. I just talked like this, but I would never defy his order. "Aaron, stop asking why. You know the answer already." Clair answered annoyingly. She was sitting comfortably on the Alpha's lap, while the Alpha just looked at me, his lips pursing. "I don't have a choice, right?" I closed my eyes. I knew the answer already. "Fine. But just so you know, I'm already starting to lose my patience with Janna. She fucking knew how to push my buttons. It's not my fault if I end up abandoning her somewhere if she continues to irritate me." "Of course, you're not going to do that. If you leave her, you'll come back to pick her up, right?" My sister, the always goody-good Clair, would always make it a point to
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Chapter 2
JANNA. In just over a month, I would be turning eighteen. If I had a choice, I would rather stay with the humans, but like what my father kept telling me, this was my fate, and I could never run away from it. My name is Janna Marie Galhart. I am a shifter. And so are my parents. But we live among humans. My father, Jason Galhart, was supposed to be next in line as the Alpha of the Black Shadow Pack after my grandfather, but he gave up his right to become the next Alpha to be with my mother, Jessica Sawyer, his fated mate. In the beginning, he tried to stay away from my mother because he already had a Chosen Mate, the future Luna of his pack, and together they had a son, my half brother, Jacob. But as much as my father wanted to reject my mother, he couldn't fight the pull of the mate bond. In the end, he left his Chosen and his son and ran away with my mother to live among humans. And because of that, my half-brother, Jacob, became the next Alpha. It was only a year ago when m
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Chapter 3
AARON They just fucking don't look good together. My anger was rising, but I blamed it on her. She was fucking wasting my time here when we should have been driving back to the territory. I wanted to take her away from her boyfriend, but my bladder was already bursting. So instead, I headed off to the restroom. As soon as I was done, I wanted to go to her immediately, but there were two females who blocked my way and started flirting with me. If this was another time, I would have given in since I was a free man now, but my desire to take Janna away from her boyfriend was stronger than my urges right now. But she was nowhere around the bar when I came back. Fuck! Why did I take so long in the restroom? Instead of speaking politely with those females, I should have shoved them away. I could hear my heart thudding loudly despite the booming music and restless crowd. I panicked upon not finding her. If I lost her and Michael took
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Chapter 4
JANNAI felt my cheeks starting to burn at his words. Did I really moan his name? I won't deny I was thinking of him, because who would I think of when he was the one beside me? And he was gorgeous and all, and yes, he was the one beside me. I have a valid reason, right?But I swear I did my best not to open my mouth, so how could it be possible that he heard me?I held my breath as I sank into my seat, wishing for the car to swallow me whole. There was no way I would admit to him that I was thinking of him.We drove in silence until we reached my home, and I left him immediately after I told him he
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Chapter 5
AARON Jason already knew we were home last night. I sent him a mindlink and told him Janna was drunk and I was already tired. He didn't ask more and just told me to make sure the front door was securely locked before he cut off the mindlink. And this was turning out to be more bizarre. Breakfast was almost done, so it meant they were awake for a long time before they woke us up. Weren't they supposed to be alarmed that their daughter was tangled up with a man on their sofa the whole night? I didn't have time to think more about this since I followed after Janna as she rushed upstairs. My eyes lingered on her round ass as she half ran and half walked along the stairs in those short satin shorts.  "Eyes off my ass, Gamma!" She snapped at me without looking back. "Then stop swinging it in my face!" I snapped back at her. She stopped and turned around so suddenly that I almost slammed my head on her stomach. My brows furrowed
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Chapter 6
JANNAI went down to the dining room and found Clair, Beta Gavin, and Alia in their seats already. Clair said that Jacob was still on the phone with another Alpha and told her that we could start dinner without him. I didn't see Aaron, but I was too shy to ask where he was, not wanting to leave the impression that I wanted to see him.I sat beside Clair. I knew this was Aaron's place, but every time I visited for two days every month, Clair would let me sit here. I was placing food on my plate when Aaron's voice reached my ears. I turned slowly to see him frowning, leaning his shoulder on the pillar of the dining room e
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Chapter 7
AARONThe dinner went nicely despite the annoying start. Janna was in a chirpier mood after I lied to her brother for her. I don't know why I did that. I never lied to the Alpha and I don´t know if it would cost me something big later.But I don't think this was something I couldn´t handle.Michael might be able to get away from Jason and Jacob's wrath, but I won´t let him get away with it easily. I would come back for him, whether Janna agrees or not.After dinner, I just dropped by for a few minutes at the Alpha´s office to discuss my agenda for the week before heading back to my room. As soon as I was done with my shower, I dried off my body and slipped my sweatpants on. I was ready to retire for the night because it was a fucking long day already. And my body was aching for my own bed.But then it turned out to be impossible because I found Jenny sitting at the end of my bed when I came out of the bathroom. I forgot to change my lock code."Jenny. What are you doing here?" I aske
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Chapter 8
JANNA I didn´t know what happened, but when I saw Jenny behind him, all the braveness I felt just melted away. I knew I was pissed off at him, but the pain that crossed my chest was undeniably something else. This was all wrong. I was starting to get attracted to Aaron but he was in a relationship. I slammed the door closed and dove onto my bed, burying my face in the mattress while trying my best to stop the tears from falling down. I should stop while I´m still able to. But how would I do that?Read more
Chapter 9
JANNA I made my way to the training ground five minutes before six in the morning. Jacob wanted me to start training today, so I woke up early and slipped on my sports bra and my high-waisted running pants, and I pulled my black straight hair into a high ponytail. The training ground was buzzing with warriors, and I saw Clair and Alia at the other end, preparing for their own training. Jacob told me he would assign someone to help me out because I was just starting with the basics and couldn´t join Clair and Alia yet, since they have more advanced training now.

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