My Heartless Alpha (When The Light Meets Darkness.)

My Heartless Alpha (When The Light Meets Darkness.)

By:  Nkulie M  Ongoing
Language: English
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Elena's Story continues where she has to cope with not having Jonathan and facing a new threat whilst Jonathan is stuck on the other side struggling to find his way back. Cole is wounded but not dead, he is coming for revenge by awakening another powerful force to go against Elena. He is not giving up without a fight, old and new enemies come for Elena and her powers. We will get to see how Elena's love brings back the one thing she wanted the most but not without paying a heavy price.

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14 chapters
The End Is The Beginning
Cole's POV  I have been bested but not defeated. I don't know what kind of spell that girl did on me but all I know is that I am not healing like I was supposed to. It has been weeks and my wounds are still open, the witches have tried to help me but they too haven't been lucky in finding out what is wrong with me. I have been here lying in this bed for weeks but that doesn't mean that I didn't have plans, oh I have plans, big big plans for our Elena, I am not done with her, not by a long short. I heard footsteps coming from the hallway, from the sound of the steps, I knew that it Agatha approaching me. After the battle with Elena, I only have but a handful of creature's around me, after most of them died, the others began to leave. You see I rule with an iron fist, my Covenant was led by fear, fear that I would kill each and every one of them without giving it a second thought, but when Elena beat me, my own men no longer feare
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When Time Stands Still
Elena's POV "Elena... It's time." Kathryn said to me. I look at her dressed in all black like she was getting ready for a funeral, I don't think I can handle all of this right now. I refuse to believe that Jonathan is not coming back, I mean I would have felt it, I would know if he was really gone. We are mates, I wish for a minute that they could just listen to me and understand where I am coming from. Jonathan is the love of my life, we had only but just begun our lives together, it can't be over. Not now. "I'm not coming..." I said and went back to the Grimoire that I was reading. It has been very hard living without Jonathan, I don't even think that I could ever move from my bed, not until what I want and what I want is my husband.  "Elena we spoke about this, this has to be done. " Kathryn said looking at the coffin where my husband's lifeless body was lying. I have been keeping him in there because I believe t
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Lost In Love
Jonathan's POV  I basically died or rather I am half dead, well that's as far as my mother's explanation goes. I still remember it like it was yesterday, how confused I was at the end of my life as I know it and now I am stuck in between worlds and can't find my way out. My mother has told me that I have to go back soon, before the red moon hits my world, she said that if that night passes me by then I will be stuck here forever. I will be like all the people that were stuck here, they can't move on and they can't go back.  I can only imagine how my mother feels, she has been here for over a decade. She still won't tell me what really happened to her, the fact that she is here means that she is caught in between worlds, a month here feels like a year, I can't imagine how she feels when she has been here for so long, the worst part of being in this place is being able to peek in and look back at the people we left behind. Ev
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Darker Times
Kathryn's POV  My relationship with Tabitha is going great and I have never been more happier with anything in my life like I am right now, even then we can't even celebrate our love for one another. It has been hard to try and be happy when everyone is just sad and gloomy, especially Elena. Jonathan's passing was hard for everyone but no one feels it more than Elena. I can't even begin the pain in her heart knowing that she has lost her mate. That's the thing with werewolves, you only get one mate, that one person especially made to love you, your true life partner, there's no second chance love here. No one should have to go through that kind of pain, especially at her age, she's too young for such. I have only but truly loved one person in this life. You should believe it when someone says that there is a thin line between love and hate because they are right, that person knows exactly what they are talking about. I didn't kn
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The Lines
Mason's POV  I never imagined a world without Jonathan, this whole month has been one helluva rollercoaster ride. I am quite certain that we are all over Elena's behaviour towards everyone as of late, I know I am sick of it. She lost Jonathan, never, not once did she consider how we felt about this whole thing, I swear she acts like she is the only one who lost him. Jonathan was not just my Alpha or my friend, he was my brother, just as much as she is my sister. I also get that everyone is trying their best to get Jonathan back home which is why I have had to put up with her attitude. I have never known Elena to be this weak and broke down woman, the Elena I know is strong and is not easily defeated. Kathryn told me about this Grimoire that we are going to get. I had to do some research on it, according to my Nana, she said that there was a witch who was a traveler, she said that she created a spell that would bring her back eve
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A Glimmer Of Hope
Elena's POV  Hope... That is the only thing that has been keeping me alive these days, that and a lot of pain and anger. I was angry about a lot of things but most of all at myself. I felt like a failure, like I had failed my village by not being able to keep their Alpha alive, I had hope in that someday, I would find a way to bring him back, now that I know that there is actually a way to do that, I have new found hope, one that is filled with light, with joy and happiness.  I don't even know why Jonathan and I haven't imprinted yet because we are a perfect for each other. It has been an emotional month. I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder. I don't remember missing someone as much as I do now. I am laying in bed and I am supposed to be sleeping, I tried to sleep but only ended up waking a few hours later. I don't know but I have been feeling this energy around me ever since I went to the willow tree. It
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Hear Me Calling
Edward's POV I don't know what Elena did to me but this spell is nothing like the one they did on me centuries ago, back then I was asleep, I could occasionally hear voices from afar but that didn't come often. Being in that casket was not easy but I knew that it was good cause. I knew that I had to stay their until the right person found me. This time it's different. I might be asleep on the outside but I can assure you that I can still very much hear and feel everything around me, including the voices I heard. I don't know if I was losing my mind but I was defined sure that I was hearing voices. This place also different because I couldn't hear the waterfalls from the wolf waters. No this place was different. I fought very hard to open my eyes but my eyelids would not move. I then remembered that I had magic in me, magic I didn't know how to use. I don't know if it has been days or weeks but I was finally able to channel my dark magic and
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Not According To The Plan
Elena's POV  "It can't be done, the room is impenetrable, we can't over it, we can't under it, it can't be done." Mason said to me. We were going over the plan to find a way to make it to the vault, I suppose it makes sense why they would secure it like this, the church would never allow anyone to have power over them That is why we have to his ourselves from the world, they hate on what they don't understand, they call us blasphemous and evil because they don't really understand us. I supposed that is the reason the concrated their grounds, so that the likes of us cannot come in. Again I understand why they would do that but one thing for sure is that I am not leaving here without that Grimoire, I am going to get it one way or the other. I have never felt Jonathan's presence as much as I do now, it's unprecedented. I swear it feels like I see him everywhere, like he is with me all the way. It is for that reason that I can't giv
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Scary Parts Of The Darkness
Kathryn's POV  I guess it's safe to say that every powerful witch has heard the prophecy about a white witch, one that will bring hope and salvation to the witches who's magic has gone weaker over the test of time, I won't lie, ever since Elena got her magic back, our magic has grown stronger. That is good but it can also be very dangerous. I know realised that maybe Elena is not the white witch we thought she was. I don't know Elena to be this heartless. I mean who sets fire to a church? That is so wrong in every sense of the word. I know that we are here so that we can bring Jonathan back but I wonder if he will come back to the same he left behind. I was not going to entertain the fact that Elena doesn't see anything wrong with her plan because I get mad everytime I think about it. This is not the way, she would hurt anyone to get what she wants, I am starting to see change in her, a change that scares me, at this point I reg
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When Time Stands Still
Agatha's POV Growing up being raised by withes in Rome of all places was not a walk in thepark. This whole city is full church devoted people. This is very hard so someone like me, a witch born of witches, especially one with a higher power. A lot of people want to be send off at a church, that means that there's countless spirits going in and out of the church all the time. Higher magic is not like any other magic, we have a direct contact with spirits. Something very hard to live with when you are living so close to the church. That means that I can feel every soul that has been to the church, everyone that has ever been here, all the dead devotees and those on the dark side. You would think that it gets better with time but only gets worse. I have always wondered why they chose this place, I mean why would witches want to live in a holy city? It makes no sense at all. We have all but lived for one thing, one message left by my great Nana,
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