A Love Like No Other: Ryo and Oliver's Journey(Book 1)

A Love Like No Other: Ryo and Oliver's Journey(Book 1)

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Language: English
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Ryo is a cute fun loving girl that is hopelessly and completely in love with the school's IT guy. She spends hours dreaming of what it would be like to date and fall in love with Oliver. In her mind they are the perfect match, there is nothing that can stop them from being together. But in the real world they can't be together. They lead two very different lives. They are as different as night and day Ryo is content with loving Oliver from a distance. She has made peace with the fact that they will never be. But when she and Oliver are forced to work together on a school project everything changes. Will she be able to keep her love for him a secret. Will she be able to keep her feelings to herself.

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28 chapters
Chapter 1 - The wrong Boy?
My name is Ryo, I’m 16 years old and I’m in high school.I love music; I spend more time listening to music than I do anything else. I like school but I wouldn’t bat an eye if I couldn’t go anymore.I have one friend; I’ve known her since first grade. We have a lot of fun together and we love swapping playlists. It helps us discover new music and we get to see who has the best musical taste (It’s me of ‘course.)I wish the information I gave you made any contribution to this conversation but it doesn’t. I said all of that to get to one point.I’m in love; I am completely and utterly in love with a boy.I don’t know what makes him tick; I don’t know what type of music he likes. I don’t know what he does in his spare time. But I do know I’m in love with him.I shouldn’t be in love with him but I am.I know nothing good will come from me fant
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Chapter 2 - Collaborate
English class after lunch  “Okay class, please settle down. We have a lot to do today.” Miss Una says when we walk into the class. Mark walks in last giving me a mournful look; I ignore him and look at Miss Una. He can’t guilt trip me into going on a date with him I don’t like him like that.Kelly and I sit next to each other one desk from the door. I love sitting here because I can get out of class easily as soon as class is over.“Okay, this is your midterm assignment.” She says and the class groans in disapproval. “It contributes 60% to your overall year mark. So it’s very important that you take this seriously.” She says ignoring the cries of despair from everyone.She hands me two sheets of the assignment outline and then she moves to Kelly giving her the rest of the papers to pass around. “Please take one and pass the rest.” She says sto
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Chapter 3 - Aligned
“Okay, how are we going to do this?” Kelly says looking at Jameson, Oliver and I. “I know you have poetry sessions every Wednesday at 4 pm and you have to work Sundays. How do your schedules look?” she asks looking at the boys. I’ve been dreading this moment since I found out Kelly and I are partnering with Oliver and his friend. I still can’t believe my luck. How is it possible that I was grouped with the one guy I would rather die than spend time with. Every time he looks at me I feel like he can see all the secret thoughts I’ve had of him.I feel like I’ve been caught.Kelly told me we had to meet up in Miss Una’s class after school so we can figure everything out. I was tempted to fake a headache so I wouldn’t have to do this. The proximity to Oliver is giving me a headache. I’m tense, anxious and hyper sensitive to everything. I don’t know how I’m going to survive this.
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Chapter 4 - The meet up
 “Would you like to order while you wait for your friends?” Macy the resident waitress at Jodie’s asks smiling tat me sweetly. I’m the first one here so of ‘course, I should have known the others meant 7:30 when they said 7 pm. I didn’t expect Kelly to keep me waiting considering my predicament with Oliver. I thought she’d be here early to help me face him. but now she left me in the cold to face my demons alone. I cross my fingers hoping she shows up next instead of others. I hate my need to be on time, I should have come later on.“Yes. I’ll have lemonade please.” I say deciding to have a drink while I wait. I don’t know how long they are going to make me wait anyway. I might as well have a cooling drink while I wait anxiously.“Okay sweetheart, I’ll bring you that refreshing glass of lemonade ASAP.” She says smiling like she does every time I come in here. M
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Chapter 5 - Too personal, Too early
“I have a question.” Jameson says for the 100th time tonight. I give Kelly the side eye because she rolls her eyes every time he says that. She’s had enough of his endless questions for one day. She pokes her tongue out at me and she looks at Jameson visibly annoyed.  Its day one of us working together and I’m already over the Kelly and Jameson dynamic. They argue about everything, the one always thinks the other is wrong. I want to tell them to zip it but I don’t want them to turn on me. They’ve turned on Oliver a few times over the past hour. He’s also over their bickering and he wants silence but it doesn’t seem like we’re going to get the peace we desperately need until we go home. “I have a question for you before you ask yours.” She says looking at me weird because I just kicked her under the table. Why won’t she let the man be? He likes asking questions and she can ignore him and not answer them if she feels they are unnecessary. “Do yo
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Chapter 6 - Something in common
It took Kelly and Jameson about half an hour to pack up their stuff and leave the restaurant. I tried to leave without them but Kelly wouldn’t let me. She gave me the; if we came together, we leave together speech. It took all my will power not to remind her that she actually arrived late. I didn’t want to be that girl who reminds everyone of their mistakes.Kelly’s mom came to pick her up a while ago. They offered to take me home but I declined. I thought the buses here were constant. I didn’t think the schedule was all weird. I’ve never taken a bus home from here.   I’m so annoyed that it took them so long to finish. They made me miss my bus. I stand outside Jodie’s looking at the bus stop. I could go and wait for the bus there but it’s so cold out now.  I look back into the restaurant and sigh. I guess I’ll buy a tea and sip on that while I wait.I might as well do the rest of my school wor
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Chapter 7 - Guns blazing
“Where’s this dude I have to get to poetry.” I say looking at my watch. Oliver texted the group this morning, letting us know he wrote the first draft of the assignment. He wants to give Kelly and I copies so we can review it. So he asked to meet with is here ten minutes ago.“He said he’s running late. He said something about a project for IT or Engineering class. I don’t know.” Kelly says absent mindedly. She says rummaging through her bag looking for something.“Why didn’t he email the damn thing?” I ask confused. Why do we have to sit here waiting for him?“He said he printed the copies.” Kelly says taking out a lunch box I’ve never seen before. It’s not the one she usually uses for lunch.“What? Who prints paper anymore? I don’t even own a printer.” I say and Kelly shrugs looking at me. I can tell she’s not here for my endless question. She&rsq
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Chapter 8 - Reach out
  My phone vibrates once next to me; I open my eyes and look outside my window. It’s late evening already; I got home from poetry class and fell asleep on my bed. I was so tired I switched off as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was so tired. I pick my phone up and sit up fast as soon as I realize who sent me the text.   Hey, Ryo It’s me Oliver I’m sorry about what happened with Marlene today I’m going to make sure it doesn’t happen again I’m going to talk to her She needs to stop with this.   Patient O    I reread the text and my heart pumps blood faster in my body. I feel light headed, I don’t know if it’s because of how I sat up or if it’s because Oliver texted me privately. Do you know how many times I’ve stared at his number in the group chat wishing I could text
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Chapter 9 - A different perspective
“The two of you have private chats now. That’s something.” Kelly says when I show her my conversation with Oliver. I roll on my stomach ad watch her read through the conversation. I’m curious to know what she thinks of it. “We don’t, he just wanted to apologize for the way things went down with Marlene.”I say and she gives me the, I don’t believe you look. I reach for the phone but she swats it away before my hand gets to it. I want my phone back if she’s going to be all judgy.   “If that was the case then why is this thread so long? All he had to say is I’m sorry that would have been it.” She says scrolling though the texts. She holds the phone to a height I can’t reach but I can see the screen “Wait this says you guys texted on Wednesday, why am I finding about this on Saturday?” she says looking at me with so much disappointment. The truth is I was still digesting everything that happened, everything feels so new with Oliver. I want to take a moment t
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Chapter 10 - Patient O
 “Hello ladies.” Jameson screams when we get into his car. I cover my eyes to block out the sound instead of closing my ears. He screamed so loud I got confused as to which part of my body is which. I thought I was covering my ears instead of my eyes.“Do you have to be so loud?” Kelly asks her voice filled with rage and murder. I open my eyes to find Jameson looking back at me, smiling. Kelly is sitting in the front passenger seat staring at him.They haven’t been in the same place for more than 10 seconds and they are already beefing. This is how they act around each other all the time. Kelly is always ready to ring his neck, while Jameson acts like nothing is wrong. I think they enjoy this dynamic.“I was trying to express my joy at seeing the two of you today. We spent so much time together over the course of the last week. It felt weird to wake up and get through my morning without seeing you
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