Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake

Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake

By:  Lisa Salman   Completed
Language: English
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Blurb: Abigail Mason wanted a husband to take revenge on her ex-boyfriend and her step sister. With the help of her friend she was supposed to meet a model at a diner, who was broke but could be an ideal husband candidate. Flash news? He was . However, when she reached there she proposed to the wrong guy who was smoking hot and married him the same day. Who was that ruthless and cold guy? Why was he helping her? Why did his eyes twinkle whenever he looked at her? Was he playing some kind of game? Was he developing feelings for her? Or he just wanted to taste her? Join this roller-coaster ride of love, treachery, friendship with Abigail Mason and Hunter Levisay and discover how love can change one as a person.

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Being betrayed by her ex-boyfriend and her step sister, Abigail Mason is so angry that she just wants to take revenge on them. She wouldn’t like to be mocked by them and pretends to live better after the breakup. When she has dinner with her friends, she is introduced to a model. She wants to let him feign to be her husband, while she mistakes another strange man for the model. Who is the man on earth? Why is he willing to help her? Will they know about each other? Read Oops! I Married A CEO By Mistake for answer!  Welcome to Goodnovel world of fiction. If you like this novel, or you are an idealist hoping to explore a perfect world, and also want to become an original novel author online to increase income, you can join our family to read or create various types of books, such as romance novel, epic reading, werewolf novel, fantasy novel, history novel and so on. If you are a reader, high quality novels can be selected here. If you are an author, you can obtain more inspiration from others to create more brilliant works, what's more, your works on our platform will catch more attention and win more adimiration from readers.

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177 Chapters
1- Last Minute Bride
“Shit! I am late!”  With a speeding heartbeat, she pushed open the door and looked around while chewing a piece of gum. The place was secluded as expected but the person she was looking for did not seem to be there.She panicked and glanced at her wristwatch. It was already quarter past ten in the morning and the man was nowhere in sight.Was she late? Did he already leave? Talking to herself she went to the bathroom and closed herself in a stall.Sitting on the toilet seat she took out her phone and checked the message again, sent by her friend, Molly:‘Abigail. Meet this man at Sasha’s Diner tomorrow morning at ten. Don’t be late. He is a struggling model. Needs a place to stay. Don’t get carried away by his looks, honey. He is gay. ;-) He is ready to marry you. Go for it, honey. All the best.’This man was the last hope for Abigail. Her silly friend did not even share his picture
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2- Not straight!
She got back after the interview and started cleaning her apartment to make it presentable. The gorgeous Henry was expected to reach anytime soon.She was in love with the movie star, Henry Cavil. Too bad that this one was gay.Flashback starts:One month back she was about to get married to the love of her life, her childhood sweetheart, Kyle. All was good until just one day before their wedding, she reached the apartment which was supposed to be theirs, unannounced only to find that it was not locked.She entered thinking of surprising Kyle when she heard moaning and whimpering from the bedroom. The moment she opened the door, she found Kyle and Chloe in the bed. Without clothes!The worst thing was when they realized they were caught, they were not even sorry. Chloe was her younger step-sister.  Her mother Geena married Abigail’s father when she was six and Chloe was four.After her father’s death, she and Chloe w
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3-Appoint her.
The next morning she got ready and left the apartment for her interview. She woke up earlier and made pancakes for him. I hope I get this job. Because now I have got the responsibility of Henry too. She thought to herself while popping a chewing gum in her mouth. When she reached there, she felt disappointment surging through her. They wanted someone to get the wood furniture made for their upcoming coffee shops. Female candidates were required for the position. This was the perfect job for her. She had been designing and making furniture with her father from a very young age. She knew some trustworthy carpenters who could materialize the best designs for her. But the reason for her displeasure was, all the girls seated in the waiting area were well dressed than her. They were beautiful and were discussing the CEO of the Levisay Company. “I wish I can get this job. I have heard their CEO is single and smoking hot!” She heard one girl.
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4- Sugar
She knocked on her apartment door. It was opened in an instant by Henry. “Were you standing there waiting for me, Henry? Ha-ha.” She lunged at him tying her arms around his neck making him stiff. He leaned forward, sniffing her mouth a little, and then his eyes went wide, “Are you drunk?” But instead of replying she kept laughing, her head leaned on his chest, “Yeah. Just wanted to enjoy myself.” Her speech was slurred. Wrapping his arm around her waist he helped her to the bedroom. Making her sit on the bed, he kneeled on the floor to take her sandals off. “They have taken away everything, Henry.” She told him in a whisper, her <
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5- He is not Henry.
She entered the elevators of the splendid building of Levisay international. The first fifteen floors were used for hotel purposes and then the sixteenth to twentieth floor served as office space.As soon as the elevator doors opened on the twentieth floor, a lady was waiting for her outside with a pleasant smile.“Abigail Mason?” She moved towards Abigail for a handshake as soon as Abigail nodded. She just could not wait to share the news with Molly.Throughout the night she kept dreaming about her accommodation, or the food she could put on her table, the clothes she could shop and wear.That same pencil skirt had become trash. The suit she was wearing today was arranged by Henry. He insisted her to wear it for today and she could pay him later after getting the job.The aloof man who did not seem to know how to smile or laugh or even carry conversation proved to be so considerate.“Here. This way.” The woman’
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Author's note:
  Hello readers! Hope you all are doing fine.I know you people must be waiting for the further chapters of this book.My apologies but you will get regular updates from 1st Februaury. I Promise! Till then you can read my other work, Alpha Ezequiel's Fated Mate which is a complete book excusively available on Goodnovel.Guess what? Its twenty chapters are free. So yeah! Go ... give it a chance... and then decide. ANDDDD Please if you like my work don't forget to comment and give me those beautiful diamonds. Because we writers do need your support alot. Love ya all! xoxo Lisa
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6- Get Out!
He nuzzled his nose in her neck making her giggle.“Stop doing that.” She laughed again enjoying his touch against her skin.“Oh yeah? Didn’t you like that last night?” He kept on doing his business. But now she had pushed him a little away.“I told you to work on those ownership papers. What happened to that?” Chloe raised her eyebrow questioningly putting on her gown.Kyle rubbed his head with one hand. He was not much taller than five-eight, his left arm covered in tattoos. “Kyle. I am asking you something.” Chloe did not want to let it go.“Geez, Chloe. Stop. Ok? I am trying.” The expressions on his face were enough to tell her that he did not like the topic but she was Chloe and she had set her mind to get it done with.“Seriously Kyle? You are trying? What if your Ex comes up with a lawsuit against us?” She wanted to get it done with.She had what
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7- Mama and Chloe
She was coming out of the building when someone held her by her elbow.“What are you doing here? Have some shame Abigail and never show your face. Ever!” Chloe was furious like anything. She was the one who got the job at Levisay International. How come Abigail even thought to set her foot there?“Don’t you dare touch me!” Abigail kept her cool while freeing her arm from her grip, “You don’t own the building, now. Do you?” She shrugged and turned to leave when she heard Chloe’s evil laughter.“I would.” Abigail stopped when she heard Chloe’s absurd remark.“Excuse me?” Abigail frowned a little.“I said. I would.” Chloe stood in front of her with her chin up, shoulders square.“One day not only this building but also this Levisay group might belong to me because…” She brought her face closer to Abigail, “The CEO of the comp
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8- New Chapter Of Life
“I am Abigail Mason, your head manager for the program. This is just an introductory meeting so that we can get acquainted with each other. We all are here to work together as a team. Whatever you are working at, I would love to hear about it tomorrow at noon. Right here in this meeting room.”She smiled looking at their faces, “You have a problem? Come to me right away. I am sure we will sort it out.” Around twenty-five women were seated in the conference room listening to her intently. It was the first official meeting for the empowerment program.Abigail was sitting on the head seat of the meeting table. Ethan was there on her left.All the program participants were there except one. A single chair on her right was empty and she knew who it belonged to. Abigail had to start the meeting without waiting for that person because she did not want to give her team the impression that she was not punctual.During the last week, she had
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9- CEO Is Back!
“Oh my God! Is this your apartment?” Molly was surveying her place which had spacious rooms having branded furniture.     “Like it?” Abigail smiled. Molly had at last returned from her home trip and the first thing she did was to pay a visit to her friend as promised. She had red hair with a pixy cut which made her personality even more impressive.“Are you kidding me? I am in love with it!” Molly rolled her eyes making her friend giggle. “But are you sharing this space with someone?”“Sharing? No. This is assigned to me.”“Are you sure? Because the structure…” Molly sounded confused.“What? What is it?” Abigail frowned. Something was bothering her friend.“No. Nothing. I am happy for you.” Molly shook her head smiling and went forward to hug her friend but unexpectedly was pushed away.“Molly! Tell me.&rdq
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