Captured For The Sultan's Pleasure

Captured For The Sultan's Pleasure

By:  Joy Apens  Completed
Language: English
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Warning: Mature content! He let his hand squeeze her breast gently through the gown she wore, then he applied a little bit of force. He heard her make a whimpering sound into his mouth and he swallowed it up. He released her hands and pushed her to himself with his hand while caressing her breast. *** His unwilling slave… Fiery and innocent, Lady Roksolana was once the esteemed and privileged daughter of the sultanate king. Until she was captured by the enemy, the all powerful and devilishly charming Sultan, Sheikh Jamal Aamil. The ruthless king… Worshipped as a god by his people, sinfully hot Jamal takes ahold of Roksolana during an attack and back to his palace. Drawn to her exotic beauty, he tries to bends her to his seductive whims. Except that Roksolana refuses to suppress her bold spirit for any man, especially such an arrogant one like Jamal, who sees her as nothing but his possession, a jewel in his harem and a slave to slake his pleasure on. Bound together by desire… Soon, Roksolana finds herself succumbing to his sensual touches and in the process falls in love with him. But with another danger in the air, ememies scheming wicked plots and his favorite mistress raging with jealousy, will these two be able to find love in the midst of all the chaos? A thrilling tale of love, lust and desire.

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Watch out
Roksolana stopped in her tracks, looking at her left-hand side with a smile. She bent down to smell the forget me not flowers which bloomed happily. Their purple petals shone like the glory of the sun, and a speck of white scattered across among the purple made it look like there was pure life breathing in them. They swirled gently from left to right, and then forward and backward, like a shy bride dancing.The flower was Roksolana's favorite of all the flowers blooming around. And some of those flowers include the Lilly, the red rose, the hibiscus, the coneflowers, the daisy, and the sunflowers. There was also the milkweed which attracts butterflies and other wildlife around it. All of which any other lady wouldn't mind gazing at. All but Roksolana. Even her maids sometimes asked her why she loved the flowers so much.She remembered when she was little and her father would go to look for a new settlement for them, he would pluck a couple of forget-me-not flowers and lay t
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Roksolana dodged the sword waving itself at her. Before she could balance herself, another sword slashed her arm. She had forgotten that Asleem used two swords in fighting. When she looked at the cut he had made, she noticed it was a very light cut. It was like he hadn't wanted to hurt her more than he needed to."Told you I wouldn't go easy on you," Asleem told her.And then, it was a matter of dodging and attacking for both of them. About 20 minutes into the fight, Roksolana realized she wouldn't be able to defeat the man. Nevertheless, she wasn't willing to give in to him that easily. She saw an opening and slashed his arm. Asleem looked surprised that she was able to get a cut on him, she smiled. He threw a sword at her and she waved it away with her swords. He was in her face before she knew it and stamping her hard on her foot, she fell. She felt the cold steel of the blade on her neck and knew she had lost."You cheated," Roksolana told him."You mean I di
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They had been preparing for an attack ever since they made the sultanate their home, but not for the sudden attack when half of the men were wasted already."Ishmael, move the women and the children to the safe house we arranged. Let ten soldiers guard them. Muhammad, escort Roksolana and Abaan to the seaside where the emergency boat is located. Toyeeb, gather the men for battles. Quadri, get me my weapon." The Sultan barked out commands which everyone scurried to obey."Muhammad, take Abaan away. Make sure you guard him with your life. I'm staying here to fight with my Abu," Roksolana told the young man who looked at the Sultan for approval. The Sultan nodded his head in affirmation. Muhammad took Abaan by the arm and led him out. The men were already moving out to the battleground. Asleem rushed in the door, clothed in his battle attire. There were a few soldiers with him."You have to leave Sultan. You too, Roksolana. It's not safe here, we've already lost ha
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How dare he?
"Drag them all out," Sodeeq commanded his army. "Remember to put the men separately in the cargoes. Put the women in groups of the twenties each in separate ships also. And make sure to take away any form of weapons, down to pins from the women. And remember that stubborn woman stays in the same cabin with our Sultan." He finished barking out orders, dragging an unconscious Jamal with him.The Wadai' as they were called had come raiding this small tribe of the sultanate because one of the people from the sultanate had managed to convince Jamal that their Sultan Selim had something important that might interest the young Sultan.Thinking they were going to get treasures like gold, silver, weapons among other things, Sultan Jamal had set off to the unknown. Sodeeq had tried to warn his best friend that there was possibly nothing on the other sultanate they didn't already have on their land, but Jamal had proved stubborn. Even stubborn to the point of insisting on leading the
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Have his way with her
Jamal woke up feeling a hot searing pain rising from his left arm and right stomach. His whole body felt like something heavy had been placed on it. He opened his eyes to find someone resting on him. Who had dared to do that, despite knowing that he hated being touched? "Get up this instance, if you still want to live." He commanded the person.When Jamal didn't get any response from the person holding him tightly, he rolled the person to the floor roughly. He was surprised to find a knife firmly holding itself in his arm, he yanked it out and threw it across the floor. That was when his eyes fell on the person he had handled roughly.Looking at Roksolana on the floor, the fresh injury on his arm, and the knife on the floor, Jamal was able to connect the whole picture. She had attempted to end his life again. Jamal realized that something must have happened to make her fall unconscious and fail in her new mission.Grunting, he got up and got medicines and bandag
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Looking for something?
It was almost nighttime when Jamal spotted a moving figure along the rail of the ship while he was discussing with his shipmaster. He didn't give it much thought until he noticed the dark pony hair shaking itself as the figure moved. He would recognize that hair anywhere. Knowing that Roksolana had somehow cut herself loose and was trying to escape made Jamal angry. He handed over the piece of paper in his hand to the man beside him and ran as fast as he could over to the woman who was responsible for his pains.Roksolana moved as stealthily as she could. She had woken up to an empty room and was bonded. She had deemed herself lucky when she saw her knife with a bloodstain on it a few feet away from her. With little effort, she had cut herself free, pocketed the knife, and dashed out from the room. She had been disappointed to find herself on a moving ship, which she knew nothing about the location it was headed to.As she moved quietly along the rails, she prayed no one w
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Not interested
"Sultan."Jamal turned to find Sodeeq standing behind him, spotting a black eye and looking worried. Jamal realized that Roksolana must have gifted his best friend with the look. He tried to contain his laughter, but couldn't. The woman was a fierce tiger. His woman was a fighter."I'm not sure what is funny, but your lady had refused to eat even a bite since three days ago," Sodeeq explained.Jamal rushed out of the bed, straight out of the room. If she hadn't had any food for three days, she would be trying to kill herself. Was that how much she hated him? He flung the door open as soon as he got to her side. What he saw made his heart sink. Roksolana was lying on the floor, looking vulnerable.Roksolana felt weak after starving herself for three days. Her heart continued to mourn the death of her family and tribesmen after she couldn't summon tears anymore. She missed the meadows at her home. She missed seeing little children run around. She missed seeing wome
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A slap and a hiss
Roksolana watched at the fading figure of the man's body and sighed. Understanding that from the little time she had been with the man, he would make true his threat if she wasn't out by his allocated time or if she injured the maids. It's not like she would do that anyway. She wasn't about to let out her anger on innocent women who might be victims of their circumstances just as she was. She undressed and got into the bathing pot. She was surprised to find the water warm and relaxing.She didn't fail to notice that the maids were afraid of coming near her, judging by the distance they were from her. She decided to relieve their fear."I won't hurt you. I just said that out of anger."The two women moved to her immediately and began to help her. They shared companionship in silence for a few minutes, until one of the women broke the silence."You are lucky to get the attention of the Sultan." She told Roksolana."What Sultan?" Roksolana asked."She mean
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In the presence of the sultan
Roksolana felt bored being left alone all by herself for two days. Ever since the incident between her and the general had happened, he had stayed clear of her. His assistant, Sodeeq had suddenly gone missing from her presence too. Even Ayeshat hadn't come around to check up on her. As a matter of fact, no one had bothered to ask her if she was hungry or wanted to eat. They hadn't even brought a plate of food for her to even think about rejecting. She was so famished right now, she wouldn't mind eating even a human.Roksolana felt uneasy about it all. It felt like this was a calm before a storm. She didn't know why, but she felt like Jamal was up to something. What it was she didn't know, but she knew it had to be bad. Judging by her experience of him, she knew he must have given the order for no one to come near her or even act as if she existed.Was he still angry at her about the incident? After walking away from him and calming down, Roksolana had realized that she had
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You can't kill them
Jamal simply looked at her, before choosing to ignore her again. Roksolana was surprised by his actions. He had done it twice in thirty minutes and it was getting on her nerves. What was with him and the treatment he was giving her? Jamal readjusted his clothing at the sleeve, pretending that he hadn't heard what Roksolana said. He was boiling with anger. He had arrived at his sultanate only to find the shore empty, devoid of any security. His brain had immediately told him that they could have easily been besieged if it was an army from another sultanate that found that weakness against them. Turning to the second in command, he spoke. "Why was the shoreline not guided?"The man trembled as he answered, "I left people here for security. I didn't realize that they slacked off, Sultan.""You didn't realize?" Jamal barked in anger. The other man fell to his knee immediately.Roksolana became afraid of the man she was looking at. This was no longer the man sh
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