Sealed with his touch

Sealed with his touch

By:  Black Mayana  Ongoing
Language: English
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A love forbidden by rectitude..... Ajuri Daniels had a normal, peaceful life. A top student. Head girl of the Royal Academy. A loving grandmother. Wonderful friends. But things went south on the night of her sixteenth year old birthday, when she decided to take a break from her mundane life and live like harry for just one night. The plan was simple; go out with Lola, have some fun and call it a day. Fate, however, had a different plan for her and was hellbent on executing it. Ajuri ended up capturing the attention of Ben Ezeagu, the hot bad boy who turned out to be not only the Principal's nephew but also someone associated with a tragedy that scarred her family. And worse of all, she falls in love with him.

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Copyright © 2022 by Black MayanaAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means – for example, electronic, photocopy, recording–without the prior written permission of the publisher. The only exception is brief quotations in brief reviews. All characters and places in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead or places is purely coincidental. Playlist Hey stranger — Reekado Banks Peace — Mannywellz, Tems Many ways — Bnxn, WizKid Malibu — Preye Soweto — Victony Attention — Omah Lay, Justin Bieber Know you — Ladipoe, Simi Like it — AmaaraeSare — Ayra starrGood love — Tay Iwar, Tamera Tales by moonlight — Tiwa Savage, AmaaraeBet you were waiting — Dinachi Suited — Shekhinah Avoid things — Tems Mona Lisa — LojayAlive — Dami Oniru   playlist available on Spotify;
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Although August 28th (my birthday) has always been a remarkable part of every year for me, considering how it was the only day every year I got praised with fond words and showered with thoughtful gifts for something that didn’t require any blood, sweat and tear-filled efforts from me, something as mundane as complying to the force that thrutched me out of my mother’s womb, I had a strong feeling this particular one was going to be the most remarkable of them all. I turned sixteen today and I had an impending mission in mind. A mission to live.And no, I wasn’t sick or dead, just in case you’re wondering. Ajuri Daniels was very much healthy and alive, but she wasn’t living. People who know me well would understand what I’m saying better but permit me to explain for the sake of those who don’t.You know those set of students who act like they’d been teachers in their past lives; who were usually the teachers’ pets, fully inextricable from the front seat in the class like they had a b
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Bewitching. A sight for sore eyes. An enchanting view. The Shayo club turned out to be everything the cool kids (aka truants) painted it to be. While my eyes wandered over the beautiful décor etched into this place, I pleaded with myself to forgive myself for ever thinking they were overhyping the description. This place had indisputably weaved its way to the number one spot on my list of the most beautiful places I’ve ever stepped foot in my entire life. The place was packed for a Monday night. People were everywhere; in the VIP booths, the bar lounge and even on the dance floor, but because of how well the room was sectioned off, the place didn’t look overcrowded. The architect and interior designer just basically used this place to show off their expertise. Everything here was crude perfection at its finest; the frippery, lighting effects and even down to the resonant sound of Rema’s voice blasting through the speakers. I felt like Alice in Wonderland as I sauntered into the mi
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“What?” I managed to push the word past my lips in my stunned state. “This club is boring”. His shoulders hitched up on a delicate shrug. “How on earth am I supposed to entertain you?” “Well, you have a brain, think”. I shrugged off the mockery I picked up in that statement only because I was the reason behind this unfortunate situation. If only I had carried on walking as my brain ordered, I would have been somewhere with Lola right now, having fun. He stared at me intently like he did earlier in the club as I searched my mind for anything I could do. An idea finally clicked into my mind just as Wizkid and Drake’s Come closer came through the speakers. I did the only thing I could think of right then. I danced. As surprising as this might sound, I loved dancing. It was my favourite way to exercise and ease stress, which was why I wasn’t embarrassed that I was dancing in front of him. That and the fact that he was a stranger. I was never going to see him after today so I had not
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