Fated to the Lycan

Fated to the Lycan

By:  Mhina Zack  Updated just now
Language: English
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*He wants her only for her body until he fell for her soul* Ashlyn Ambrosia nothing but a weak hybrid vampire unable to feed on humans,unable to draw blood from a living soul.Unable to kill. Lucifer Saunron known for his bravery and skills with his unquenchable taste for women.

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68 chapters
Chapter one
Ashlyn's POVOutside in the cold air,through the window,I watched Lucifer engage in a battle with one of the member of his pack as the rest of the pack spectated.Since the day I've been brought in here, I've realized it was to show how strong the alpha was and how well fitted he could easily defeat his enemies.The battle did not take for long as Lucifer had his opponent thrown to the ground and paralyzed. The rest of the speculators cheered him and carried him up and chanting his nickname."Lucifer! The hell dog!" They kept chanting.I pulled away from the window and sighed. I hoped and prayed he'd forget me tonight. I hoped his victory would occupy the thoughts of his mind but I was wrong.Few minutes later,the very image of my thought strolled in casually into my room."Turn around." Lucifer commanded me in his alpha male voice and without much resistance I obeyed heading to the bed,my face away from his. Lucifer Saunron is the al
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Chapter two
°Royal mile, Edinburgh 1925° "The lycans have sent yet another message." One of the guards said to father. I was fortunate to be at his presence. Father was barely seen except he wanted to be.He had summoned me and I knew the discussion was going to be about my weakness to draw blood. A frown creased on father's face as he took the letter from his hand. He tore open the envelope and perused the letter. He tore the letter into tiny bits of pieces and looked away from the guard. "Set up a defense and a barrier to prevent the lycans from  getting into this town." He ordered with fire in his eyes."Yes my lord." The guard said and left. "But father,why don't you just give in to their demands?" I asked him with quivering lips.He turned sharp eyes at my direction. I knew interfering in the politics was a big turn off for my father but I could not help it."A vampire never bows down to anyone." He said."Would you rather allow the subjects
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Chapter three
"Oh," I exclaimed softly having a guess where this was heading. "If this is about my inability to feed on humans then," I began but mother waved it off. "This is not about that," she said rather impatiently. Sometimes I wished father never turned her. She was the perfect, gentle and understanding mother. We were very close until her dark side broke us and drifted us apart. She was no longer understanding about my weakness. She wanted me untamed. Untamed to be a cruel vampire. That is what we vampires were all about. We were something beyond the extraordinary. "Let's get to why this assemblage is for Ashlyn." Otis said getting impatient too. I knew he could not wait to get upstairs to continue his feasting and fornication with the touring ladies he had got hold of and that were in his room. Feasting and fornication. To Otis,that was life. "We have decided to get Ashlyn married." Mother dropped the bombshell keeping us out of the suspense that had grown. <
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Chapter four
"Why are you doing this to me mother?" I asked her and she immediately dismissed my help who walked away without fuss.She turned to me."What exactly do you mean Ashlyn?" She asked. She was being pretentious and I knew it."This mother. You cannot claim to be oblivious to what's happening. This forced marriage." I said to her in despair.She walked closer to me. "Eli has confessed his feelings for you Ashlyn my darling. He'd love you and care for you." She said holding my face so sweetly and unable to see my pain or rather pretending no to. "What about me mother? It takes two to tango. I do not love him and I never will." I said to her."You'd learn to. Love comes after marriage." She said. I took away her hands from my face."What happened to you mother?" I asked her with sadness in my voice. "I'm your only daughter yet you do not treat me like a prized possession. I'm your only replica and yet you throw me into the arms of a man not wo
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Chapter five
"What did you say about me Eli? What did you say?" Darius asked him in anger."Nothing Darius. I swear nothing." He said like the coward he was. His panicked voice almost made me laugh."He tried to kill me Darius,I swear he did and I promise I was good." I cried out to him.Darius dealt him a hefty blow and his face fell sideways and when he angled his head back in position,blood had formulated round his teeth and he had blood coming out from his nostrils. "It would take me nothing to drive a stake into this poor wretched heart of yours." Darius said to him."You would not dare." Eli finally said, finding his voice. He had the nerves to speak back at Darius.In flashes, Darius dealt him several blows and he fell to the ground.I held Darius. "Desist from disfiguring his face Darius. Remember the groom must look very charming for the wedding." I said to him.He stared at me with a confused look and then he understood my sarcasm. He
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Chapter six
"What is the meaning of this Darius? In my presence?" Father said trying not to sound angry but he was. He was raging in fury and I was well pleased."Forgive my manners father but it is what it is." He said with a rude curtsey. Classic Darius. "What is this insubordination Darius? And in the presence of my subjects?!" Father said and clearly this time,he showed his anger. He felt downgraded by Darius actions. Darius bowed. "Pardon my manners again father,but I must interfere in this matter. The marriage shall not hold." He said,his eyes holding father's in that same steadfast tendency as his. Darius turned to the gathering. "I'm about to reveal the truth about this man here and the fake love he pretends to have for my sister." He said and I saw Joshua rolling out the kinetograph. He was in this too? I wondered. Despite making it look like he did not give a damn about me getting married to Eli. Perhaps Darius forced him to do so. Mother walked up to Darius. "W
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Chapter seven
I scrambled on my knees towards Darius. "Please do not let them take me away. Please I beg you." I pleaded,tears spilling from my eyes as I wept at his feet.He did not move an inch and when I looked up at him,his eyes were red and I saw defeat in them. He could not save me this time.I was dragged off his feet by one of the lycans. His large paws encircling my waist as he placed me over his hairy shoulder like a lamb for sacrifice.I looked at my family and I felt a detest in my heart for them especially my father. Hatred for him was spreading in my heart like wildfire. Darius looked away from me unable to meet my gaze. He had saved me from the hands of Eli,but now he could not save me from the hands of this barbaric monster. No one could. I cried realizing my fate.••Cardonald, GlasgowA tear finally slipped from my eyes as the rain drumming on the roof finally subsided. My tears did not drop for the fact that I was separated
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Chapter eight
Ashlyn's POV I was shocked when he held me so closed to himself and say those words but the moment he threw me aside,I knew he was just playing with my mind. The brute was making a mockery of me. I watched him walk away from me as I took in deep breaths. Someday I hoped to make him beg,beg at my feet for the ill treatments he was making me face.But I knew that someday was far from me. What could an unwitting vampire like me do?Shaking the thoughts of Lucifer out of my head,I walked out of the house daring the freedom he did not let me have.For the first time since I was brought in here,I observed the environment I was in. Beautiful trees surrounded the house.A stony pavement that ran out in lines leading to different parts of the forest.One of the lines led to the stable and I followed it. I've had thrills for horses for a very long time but I was never allowed on one. As a princess of the Clutch,one must not
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Chapter nine
Lucifer's POV The over protective part of me had taken control when I sensed her falling from the horse the minute I walked into the stable.I hated that part of me but I could not control it. It was something I had no power over. And now she has angered me. Brutalized my ego. Few days ago,she had fear in her eyes for me and now that I have known her,taken her pride as a woman,she was no longer terrified of my darkness. How dare she? Punishment she deserved and punishment she would get. Pulling her by the hair out of the stables,she whimpered."Let go of me." She ordered. How dare she order me?!That frustrated me the more. I said not a word to her till we were back into the house and into her room. I pushed her unceremoniously on the bed and she gasped and began to vent."Stay away from me you vulgar barbarian." Her shrew tongue lashed out.Steel was threatening to surface and tear her into pieces but I held him in as I
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Chapter ten
Ashlyn's POV  And just as usual,he was gone right after he was done with me. I curled up on the bed finally free from all the tools he had used on me.I was sore,stretched and ached. I did not know when I started to cry.Just like I had thought,his punishment was more cruel than before. Would I ever be able to survive in the hands of this man?Would I ever get freed from the hands of this devil?There was not a chance of that happening. I was his captive. His sex slave. His mistress. His whore. Whatever names one can think of,that was all I was to this devil Lucifer. My body wracked in sobs and I tried to control them. I did not know why I cried. Was it of the sexual intercourse or for the fact that I was the mate of a beast yet I was treated like a whore. Being a slave was better than the life I was living I was sure. Despite the punishment,my body had betrayed me by responding t
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