The she wolf and the wolf hunter

The she wolf and the wolf hunter

By:  Chi Chi 2003  Ongoing
Language: English
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Love, desires and betrayal. A female wolf(Luna) by name Emilia, realizes that her mate is her supposed enemy, Lucas the wolf hunter. By the time she realizes her love for him, it is already too late. A witch has charmed her way through, to the heart of the wolf hunter. Now she has to make him Fall in love with her again, like he used to, because she has a limited time to mate with him, in order to defeat their greatest enemy. On the other hand, their enemy is around the corner, waiting for the perfect time to strike. Read this unique killer story to find out if Emilia has a chance with the wolf hunter or if the witch has successfully managed to have him to herself.

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161 Chapters
1. Her prey..
 Century years agoSomewhere in bed burg, Germany, Lucas, a young wolf hunter, could be seen chasing after a white wolf through the woods. He had never missed his target when it involved wolf hunting, but it seemed as though he was not going to be lucky this time around.He fired so many shots on the white wolf, but the wolf was very skillful that it dodged all of his bullets. The wolf kept on running while continued to chase after it and fire his bullets. He checked his gun and found out it was remaining only a bullet, he then fired out the bullet in a final attempt.“Boom,” the bullet pulled out of the gun. It seemed as though his bullet had caught the wolf by the leg because the wolf slowly reduced its pace, went behind a tree and hid.Lucas carefully focused on the movement of the wolf. He walked closer to the tree where the wolf had hidden, holding his dagger in an alerting manner, in case the wolf suddenly a
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2. Introduction..
 As the last sentinel and the only surviving saviour of her race, Emilia Grey took it upon herself to revenge on the humans for what they had done to her family, the wolf persons. She had lived in the woods for long, spying on Lucas.Many times she had gotten the chance to kill him but she did not. She had a different plan altogether. Her plan was to use him to conquer the earth, she planned to use him to get to all her enemies. Before her parents were brutally murdered, they thought her all about her powers and how she could use them. As the last sentinel, she was bestowed with wisdom and that wisdom was what she going to use to trap Lucas.    Having Lucas chase her through the woods, was one of he
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3. Her body his weakness
“I need to use the restroom, where can I find it?” Emilia asked, directing her question to Lucas. “Take your left, you will find the restroom at the corner of the passage,” he replied to her. Emilia nodded and walked away, into the direction he had given. She lied about wanting to use the restroom, her plan was to use that opportunity to find out any hints on the murderers of her parents.She started checking the building, as she searched through it, she looked around in an alerting manner, so she could avoid being suspected. “Dam,” her body collided with that of an average looking man. “I'm sorry,” she apologized rushing. “It's okay,” the man replied.She was about to leave when her eyes suddenly came in contact with the man's eyes, then something magical happened. Emilia's ocean blue eyes turned bloody red At that moment, yes, this was the sign she was supposed to get when she came in cont
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4. Taunting him with her nakedness
  Lucas knew he had to take his eyes away from her naked and tempting figure, he was supposed to be asking her questions but with this beautiful woman in front of him, he could not find his tongue. He wanted to say something but he was short of words. "Emilia," he called out her name in a hoarse voice, finally he managed to say something. Emilia knew she could not let him ask her any questions, she decided to do something that would leave him speechless.The action she took next made Lucas nearly lose his breathing, it made his blood hammer and his chest beat faster. She rushed to him and gave him a very tight hug. She knew fully well that she was completely naked and this man in front of her wa
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5. Existence of the vampires
Emilia finally got the chance to kill Donald. How it happened no other person could really tell, but she had successfully killed him. After she had killed him, she ate every single part of his body so that no clue could be found whatsoever and the source of his death couldn't be traced. Donald didn't show up at work for four consecutive days, which made all the staff of W. E. G worried. Some of them tried reaching his line but to no avail. No one had any clue about his whereabouts and as humans, they all concluded that he had been murdered. Not as if they were wrong, though. Lucas and some group members started looking up on Donald's case… One of the days, Lucas was at home, with his laptop still searching for Donald's case, when Emilia approached him. “I can help you with Donald's case, that is if you don't mind,” she cunningly planned to deceive him once again.“How?” Lucas asked in curiosity. She w
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6. Werewolf-witch hybrid
"I am sorry Lucas but the usage of my stone is limited," Emilia lied to him. "Ohh ok, I guess I have to inform the W. E. G. group about this, then they can investigate further about it," he spoke out. Emilia knew that if he told others about it, they would wonder how he managed to know about it all. "Lucas if you inform them about it, it could cause problems for you," she said to him. "How?" Lucas asked, feeling a bit confused. "You will have to give out my identity, once you reveal the source of Donald's death to tell them." "I won't," he said. "This man was really dumb," Emilia thought to herself. "What will you tell them, when they ask you how you found out that Donald had died?" Lucas didn't think about this. "You are right indeed," he finally declared. x x x x x Next night.. "Emilia! Emilia!" She heard her name being called in her sleep. She opened her eyes at once and stood up from
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7. Sabrina's son
"So tell us what you have found out about Donald's disappearance," Lucas said to the head detective of W.E.G. "I couldn't find anything that could lead us in his whereabouts," Michael, the detective replied. Lucas moved away from his chair and began to pace around the room, wondering if he should tell them about the information which Sarah had given him. "Hey Lucas!" Damian, the second to the youngest wolf hunter in the group, shouted. Lucas stopped moving when he heard the shout, then he turned to Damian, "why did you have to scream my name when we both are in the same room?" Lucas asked in an annoyed tone. Matt, another wolf hunter answered his question. "We have been asking you a question but it seemed as though your thoughts had gone far off," Matt answered. Lucas quickly understood what Matt meant. They were calling his name but he did not answer and that was the reason why Damian had to shout his name. "I am sorry guys, I just have too much on my mind concerning Donald's
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8. Lucas to die
Emilia sat on her bed, she was thinking about what Sabrina had told her the other day. She knew that she had to kill Lucas, else it might be too late. Besides, she had visited the Wolf Eradication Group's Company again but she did not get any clue about the killers of her parents. She felt that maybe the reason she could not detect them was because she needed to kill Lucas and so she decided that she was going to kill him. She decided to prepare Lucas's meal that evening in order to mix something in the food that was going to kill him. When Lucas came back home, he perceived a nice aroma. He smiled when he walked in and saw Emilia setting the dishes on the table. "Seems like you prepared dinner today," he said to her. She smiled at him, "yes I did, come and have your seat, I will serve you tonight." Lucas noticed the exceptional happiness on her face, it was quite unusual of her but he was glad still. After Emilia finished serving him, she turned to go to her room. "Hey Sarah,
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9. The demon in Lucas
While she was making her spell, Lucas was busy chasing after her alpha husband. The alpha would have challenged him but young Lucas was shooting bullets at him. The alpha carefully dodged all of his shots. The alpha ran so fast, that Lucas missed him.   "Sabrina!" Eric called out to her. He had already turned back to his human form and was a bit surprised to see his woman sitting on the floor in a strange way.   Sabrina saw him and wondered how he managed to find her.   "What are you doing over here?" He asked her. He looked at her in a suspicious way.   Sabrina cleared her throat, using that as a way to pass out time, so she could think of a lie to tell. "I only came here to have a quiet time," she lied.  
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10. The kiss
You do not want to see me angry.” He warned her. “What!” Emilia exclaimed, she didn’t dare to voice out tht exclamation though wasn’ angry at this point. What other way could he express his anger, this was why too much, she thought to herself. “Ouch,” she let out, when his grip on her hand, became too painful. She looked up at him and the color of his eyes really frightened her, he was really going to kill her. Emilia couldn’t endure it any longer, she quickly raised on her tiptoes and kissed him at once.She did not plan to kiss him for long but it seemed as though destiny had something else in store for them. From what was supposed to be a simple kiss, it turned to a wild kiss, both parties expressing their anger and desire through it. They were still kissing, when Lucas carried her into his arm in a bridal style and laid her on the chair. He climed on top of her, both of them still kissing, it seemed as though Lucas wanted to carry their sensation to another level because
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