I See You, Rockstar

I See You, Rockstar

By:  Lennon Leia  Completed
Language: English
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She could remember people through their smells, their voices, their accents, their everyday choices of words or through how they feel against her touch. That's exactly the meaning of socializing and making friends for someone like Meredith Kaye Santiago, a person who was suffering with prosopagnosia. To someone who couldn't remember anyone's face, dating was a no-no. She couldn't risk her heart to someone her eyes couldn't remember and her brain couldn't retain. But one night, she found herself caught up under the body of a stranger, and he's taking off her clothes. The stranger’s name was Rupert Santos, the Vulture’s vocalist and a guy with piercing on his bottom lip. She let him go all the way after he said, “Surrender your sensations”. Love hit her hard. That’s when his blurry face became clearer. And finally, she said, “I see you, Rockstar.”

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61 chapters
To Be Happy
"Why do you have to fear dating?""Because I can't recognize anyone's face," I snorted. It was the very obvious reason why I never tried dating anyone."But you decided to party tonight and have a one-night stand?" My dear best friend asked me with her most sarcastic tone.I just sneered at her before drinking the vodka in the shot glass I was holding. I shrugged my shoulders. "I've already banned myself from dating and falling in love, Bailey. Maybe I can have s*x at least once before I even die."Bailey winced at me before pulling the end of my hair."Aw!""Be careful of what you are saying. Did I really think you were smart? Didn't you even think that you could get sick by engaging in that one night stand you were planning? What if you get an STD?" Bailey Zara Cortez, my dear best friend, said. She shook her head in disapproval. She looked at me with her resting bitch face.Oh, believe me, I was not sure what her resting bitch face really looked
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Maybe I Was Looking For a Rockstar
I grinned before I stride towards the sea of party-people with blurred faces. This was exactly what the real meaning of living this life was all about- to go for it when yourself was telling you not to do it."Let's live this life, shall we?" I told myself before giving off a big smile. I tried looking straight to everyone, faking eye-contact even though I could not see their faces.Sweat. Smell of alcohol and cigarettes. Clashing bodies. Banging music. These were the things that greeted me the moment I let myself get drowned by the crowd.I let myself drown in the ocean of rejoicing and free people. I lost all the inhibitions in my body along with the loud screams I let out of my mouth. I jumped when everyone jumped because of the loud music. I danced, swaying my hips from left and right. I felt someone's hands hold my waist and I did not bother to remove them. I let myself be lost to the accompaniment of music and to the never-ending shouts and singing voices.
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Still Virgin
I caught my breath and my heart was beating fast when Rupert-guy and I finished kissing. He was the one who ended the kiss the moment the blinding lights and the banging music of the bar returned.I was looking at him intently as both of my hands were placed on his chest. The sparkling thing on his bottom lip really caught my attention. I could not take my eyes away from it as I recalled how the cold metal touched my lips in each stroke of his lips against mine. That was really sexy."Lip piercing," he whispered in my ear as both of his arms wrapped around my body.I was so holding on to his shoulders when he started swaying his body, taking me with him. We danced like the people around us. Our bodies were so close to each other. My chest was actually pressed against his and I could feel the thing in between his jeans pants as he grind his hips on my lower body.Everyone was dancing along with the hyper music of the bar. I was amazed at the man I was d
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The Playful Grin
"I'm a virgin."I saw how the emotions in his eyes turned from lust to being stunned. "So honest. I did not expect that," he said before looking at me playfully. "Are you sure you are going to give up your virginity to me?""Are you brave enough to fight and chase for my virginity," I challenged him. We both ended up laughing.I could not believe I was making fun of my virginity right now. Oh gosh. I did not know that this was how to live without thinking about what other people would say and the beliefs of the society I live in. I did not expect to feel so free by being a deviant.So, what if I lose my virginity to a man who was not my husband? As long as I was knowledgeable about safe sex- I could do this. It was not like I was doing something that could hurt other people and the rest of humanity. A woman's worth should not be defined by her being a virgin. Really, virgin or not, a woman was worthy."I'm ready to fight your purity, Meredith," he said while
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The Risk I Will Take
Rupert the Rockstar kissed my temple as his fingers played my throbbing and wet core like a guitar against the thin fabric of my underwear. My back arched with the sensation and to prevent myself from moaning, I had to suck the crook of his neck."Argh. You are really making this hard for me to stop, Meredith."Jeez. Why did my name sound so sexy when he said it? Maybe because of his naturally husky voice?I leaned my back on the motor behind me as I hugged Rupert's body closer to mine. I did not want the thing he was doing in between my thighs to get interrupted. A few people passed us by and looked at the two of us so I did everything to hide my face. I buried my face on his neck as I silently moaned because of the pleasure he was making me feel. I licked and kissed his neck but later on stopped and just enjoyed whatever pleasure he was giving me.My breathing was ragged as the savor I was feeling because of Rupert's finger intensified. I was losing my head fro
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"Let's not meet again after this. Have sex with me, take my virginity, and then let's forget about tonight. We can move on in each other's life tomorrow," I negotiated with so much certainty. I was too defective to allow other people to love or even care for me. I always avoided the attachment so I can save the people around me from being hurt big time. Let us just say I was a burning flame and any moth who would attempt to come close would surely burn. This was also my way of living this life with lesser pain. I mean, the less people I love, the easier it is for me to get by. Maybe when the time comes that death comes to me, it would be easier to leave. I saw it to my mother already— I know what to do if my prosopagnosia or cancer fuck me up. Aside from Bailey and my parents, I never valued anyone. So, starting something like a flirtatious one-night-stand with this rockstar would not fire back at me, right? I mean, I don't want anything to happen to the two
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The Deal
"Hmnn… Oh gosh! This is… hmm." My back arched, wrapping both of my arms around Rupert’s neck. He was kneeling in front of me as he blessed my womanhood again with his fingers. His two fingers were pumping in and out of my wet and throbbing core. One of his hands gripped my left heel to keep my foot on top of the sofa. Because of my position, my legs were really spread out and my wet femininity was exposed for the Rockstar. "Fuck, do you know how warm it is inside you, Meredith?" He growled, increasing the speed of his finger. My eyes rolled back when he inserted another two fingers, making it three, and really stretching my walls wide. I bit my bottom lip as the mixture of pain and delicious sensations took over my burning body. Rupert was so good at this. He was driving me crazy. "Ohh... F-Faster... Ah ..." My hips bucked upwards to meet his three fingers that were coming in and out of me. I was sighing, moaning and groaning as his fingers got deeper— until
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The Rockstar and the Survivor
My chest was heaving deep breaths as I felt how my body burns with anticipation and need. I placed my hand on top of his and he pulled me to stand up. There was a small distance between our bodies. I forced myself to disregard the embarrassing feeling of standing in front of Rupert without a single covering but the nipple tapes on my breasts. He kissed the back of my hand before grinning at me. "I like this distance," I pointed out to the very close proximity where our toes were touching. From this distance, I could see his lips and his eyes. I like it. "Hmnn ... Really? I like it too. I could perfectly see how beautiful your naked body is." He intertwined our hands and then gave me that menacing and lustful gaze, totally overruling my remaining control. I gave in. Rupert took me to his room. Blue and silver colors also dominated his big room. There was a study table on the right most corner where a desktop computer was placed, a big closet, a doo
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After Intimacy
It was very unusual for me to wake up on someone else's bed, with a strong set of arms wrapped around my naked body, possessively. Rupert Santos, the bad rockstar, was all over me. We were sharing the same sheets and his scent was all I could smell, his snoring against my ear was all I could hear, and the heat coming from his nakedness pressed against my back was all I could feel. I gasped before slowly removing his hug from me. He was sleeping like a baby, with that gigantic bulge poking my behind. Even asleep, he was insatiable. Rupert was not even shaken from his deep sleep when the bed sagged as I woke up. I sat on my side of the bed and then looked at the sleeping man beside me. I no longer made an effort to cover my naked body. Everything that happened last night were things I didn't know I would allow someone to do to my body and I would actually like and enjoy. I was blown away by the wind. Did I just admit that I enjoyed everything Rupert made my body ex
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The Unusual Treatment
I thought Rupert would only surprise me last night but I was even more surprised when I saw him in the kitchen, already preparing breakfast. I just finished taking a shower and I thought I would still see him sleeping on the bed. But when I finished bathing, I found no one in bed sleeping. So I left the room and was immediately greeted by the fresh smell of fried rice being cooked. I followed the scent and that's when I found this guy, busy preparing our breakfast. And I was really stunned to see him in the kitchen. I blinked a few times while leaning on the kitchen door frame, watching Rupert working in the kitchen, oblivious of my presence. He was shirtless and only in his boxers while wearing an apron. From my place, I could perfectly see how his muscles on his shoulders and back contracted in every move he would make. It was pretty obvious that he was so used to working in the kitchen. There was no awkwardness on how he moved around. I, on the other hand, wa
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