My Boss, My Master!

My Boss, My Master!

By:  MOMO  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sales lady by day, stripper at night, that is Heartcille Reina A.K.A Scarlet Heart, who is going to face a difficult decision in her life. Who is she going to choose? Her boyfriend who is currently comatosed which life is on one's last legs or her hottie boss CEO billionaire who made her life more exciting and pleasurable?

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329 Chapters
CHAPTER 1: Heartcille Reina  
CHAPTER 1: Heartcille Reina No one’s POV: Heartcille Reina, known as Heart, is a 25 years old, nerdy old fashioned woman. She is a Japanese-British woman who lives in Tokyo, Japan. Her hair is black, always on a bun or tied so high with her eyeglasses on because she has problems in her vision. Her face has freckles, she lives independently in a studio unit in an apartment complex. Her parents are already in heaven, so she is literally alone in her life.  Heart was still sleeping on her small bed, until her alarm clock rang so loudly. It startled her and it even made her fall on the floor. Heart immediately got up and sat on the floor, slowly opening her eyes. “Aish, it hurts.” She grunted as she was scratching her back. She stood up and walked towards her kitchen to cook for her breakfast but the moment she ope
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CHAPTER 2: Broken Heart
CHAPTER 2: Broken Heart No one’s POV: After doing it, Heart’s hair became so messy. So she put her hair into a bun style, put her eye glasses on and fixed herself. They got dressed and Dimitri was really happy because he finally did it with Heart. Dimitri sent Heart to her work with his car. When Heart was about to get out of the car, Dimitri grabbed her arm. Heart stopped and twisted her neck to look at her boyfriend. “What is it, darling?” She asked. Dimitri just smiled.  “Thanks again, Heart. See you later! I love you.” Dimitri said with a happy face. Heart nodded and smiled. “I trust you, thank you so much too and I love you more.” Heart replied and then got o
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CHAPTER 3: Scarlet Heart
CHAPTER 3: Scarlet Heart No one’s POV: Heart held Dimitri, closed her own eyes and screamed loudly raising her head up. “Dimitri! No! No!” She was screaming in pain and her body was vibrating with sobs. She then looked at him and held his face. Dimitri’s lips were so pale and his eyes were still opened. “Please wake up, Dimitri!” She was shouting in agony and continued to sob so hard. The ambulances and police arrived. The nurses took Dimitri, while Heart was following them. The nurses were carrying Dimitri through a stretcher and put him on the bed inside the ambulance. Heart followed and was watching them while the nurses were trying to revive him. Luckily, there was a doctor there and Dimitri’s condition became stable but Heart could not stop from worrying.  
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CHAPTER 4: Cullen Lee
CHAPTER 4: Cullen Lee Three months ago: Cullen’s POV: Ugh, I am still sleepy! I moaned and then stretched my arms as I slowly got up and sat down on my bed with my eyes closed. I then yawned and leaned backwards on the headboard. “I am still sleepy.” I murmured with my sleepy voice. I slowly opened my eyes and looked at the view in front of me. I looked around by rotating my neck and yes, I am still here in my big room wherein I can do anything I want. I am a professional online gamer. When I stopped looking around my room, I saw my photo next to my bed which was put on my side table. I stopped and stared at it, it was me when I was very young. I smirked while looking at my handsome face. “I have been so handsome since birth.” I mumbled to myself and then chuckled. When I was young my life was so carefree. I did not care about anything, my parents let me do whatever I wanted and it led me to become a professional online gamer. But now that I am 24 years old, my life has changed. My
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CHAPTER 5: Stubborn Heir, Cullen Lee
CHAPTER 5: Stubborn Heir, Cullen LeeCullen’s POV:“Excuse me? Can I ask you a question?” That voice kept on lingering on me. I slowly twisted my neck to face that someone. My eyes were still widening because it was a girl. To be honest, I don’t want to see women because they keep on stalking and chasing me. They just want my money, handsome face and fame.Who is this person? Is she not embarrassed to talk to me?! Why is she so brave to talk to me? I am the almighty Cullen Lee! I am still staring at her with my eyes widened. She then looked away and stopped poking my arm.“U-um, are you Cullen Lee?” She asked me while not looking into my eyes. I am still wearing my hoodie and I turned around from her. I just coughed and decided not to talk or move. I can’t be recognized here. I just want to be alone and be free, but why is there a fangirl or someone here?!I then heard a chuckling voice. “I am so sorry. Maybe you are so shy but I am a fan that is why I can recognize you.” She said. I
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CHAPTER 6: Love, But It Comes With A Price
CHAPTER 6: Love, But It Comes With A PriceCullen’s POV:This scenario reminded me of something that I don’t want to remember anymore. It was when my dad died in front of me. “Cullen! Cullen!” Charlotte was calling my name non stop but I can’t even move my body. She then grabbed my arms and made me face her. “Cullen! Are you okay? You are so pale!” She was panicking. My eyes widened and my body continued to tremble. I put my head down and did not look at her. “I am sorry, I can’t be with you tonight. I will call you later or tomorrow.” I uttered with my low tone of voice. She slowly removed her hands from my arms and I then walked out of the scene to return to my car. I did a U-Turn and left the area.[End of Cullen’s POV.]Charlotte just followed Cullen with her gaze. ‘He must not be feeling well.’ Charlotte thought. She then grabbed her phone and called the 911 emergency hotline. After a few minutes, The ambulances and police arrived. The police took the one who hit Dimitri. Cullen
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CHAPTER 7: The First Encounter
CHAPTER 7: The First EncounterNo one’s POV:After the dinner, Cullen decided to bring Charlotte to a luxurious hotel owned by Lee corporation. When they arrived in the room, it was so big and that was Charlotte's first time to enter such a hotel room. She was so stunned, standing near the door step which was automatically locked. Cullen was just standing next to her and staring at her stunned facial reaction. He then smirked at her. “Charlotte..” Cullen mumbled.Charlotte then looked at Cullen and her eyes widened when Cullen kissed her lips roughly while his eyes were closed. Charlotte’s eyes were still open and she could not follow Cullen. She was too stunned to move or respond. Cullen then stopped kissing her and removed his lips as he pulled away a little bit. “Charlotte, this is my first time, how about you?” Cullen asked her. Charlotte just nodded at him while looking into his eyes. Cullen then carried Charlotte bridal style and brought her into the bed, he went on her top and
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CHAPTER 8: That Familiar Voice
CHAPTER 8: That Familiar VoiceNo one’s POV:Heart did not notice that Dimitri’s finger moved. Dimitri was still unconscious while Heart was crying. She then stood up and looked at Dimitri’s face. “I miss you so much, Dimitri Kim, please wake up soon.” She said and wiped her tears away. Heart turned around from Dimitri and left.When she returned to her apartment unit, she went straight in her kitchen and opened the fridge. She took out all of the alcoholic beverages and put everything on the table in the living room, facing the television. She sat on the sofa and started drinking all night. She was watching the television as she turned on the television with the remote control next to her.From the television, Lee Department Store appeared. She just sighed while drinking. “So, I am seeing my company right now while I am breaking down huh. I really messed up earlier.” Heart murmured to herself and continued drinking. ‘What if the guy earlier did not arrive? Maybe that did not happen?’
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CHAPTER 9: The Rich And The Poor
Chapter 9: The Rich And The Poor No one’s POV: The next day, Cullen and Charlotte checked out from the hotel and he sent her home with his sports car. He went straight home after sending her home. When Cullen reached the living room, his mom was there, standing near the stairs. She was staring at him. “Cullen, I scheduled some meetings for you this afternoon. You better attend! Please don’t be a disgrace in our family!” Mrs. Lee scolded Cullen as she was so frustrated about Cullen not being serious in becoming the CEO. Every maid was bowing at Cullen when he arrived but the moment Mrs. Lee shouted, they left the scene to give them privacy. Cullen’s mood shifted into a bad one. “I don’t want to be a fucking CEO of that shitty company! I don’t want anything from Lee’s corporation, all I want is to become happy!” Cullen shouted and then walked away. He passed through his mom by running upstairs and went to his room. Mrs. Lee turned around to follow Cullen by her glares. ‘No, I won’t le
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CHAPTER 10: The CEONo one’s POV:Charlotte then smiled and bowed her head. She then looked at Mrs. Lee. “I am Charlotte Takeda, Cullen’s girlfriend. Nice to meet you, Mrs. Lee.” She introduced herself. Mrs. Lee offered her hand. “It is nice to meet you. But, I have a request for you, my future daughter in law.” Mrs. Lee said. They shook hands and then after that their orders came in by the waiter who was putting those on their table.Charlotte nodded twice. “Sure, what is it, madam?” She asked. “I will let you marry my son, but as a future wife, you must convince him to be the CEO of Lee Department Store, if you will not be able to do that, I will not let him marry you, okay?” Mrs. Lee proposed and smiled at her. Charlotte was too stunned to speak. ‘Is this even true? She will let me marry her son!? But I understand that I must have those skills to handle Cullen.’ Charlotte thought and realized. She then looked at Mrs. Lee. “I will do that, Madam Lee. Thank you so much. This is my dr
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