The Alpha's Concubine

The Alpha's Concubine

By:  A.K.Knight  Completed
Language: English
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When a she-wolf turns eighteen and hasn't found her mate, she is labeled as the forgotten wolf. A wolf they say the moon goddess had forgotten to choose their mate. I am one of them. I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me, but it wasn't until I was chosen as the alpha's concubine. I didn't want to, but I had no choice. I now had to serve his sexual desire but there was one important rule I had to follow and that was to never have feelings for him for I wasn't his Luna nor was I to fool around with any other man, until he was done with me. I thought none of those rules would be broken but I guess the moon goddess did have a plan for me, after all.

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38 chapters
Chapter One
I could feel everyone's eyes staring at me hard. My body aches badly from their non-stop gazing. It feels like they're throwing darts at me, sinking them into my flesh one by one, slowly.Their whispering is even worst. It feels like maggots tormenting my ears, slowly eating away my flesh from the inside. I couldn't take it anymore, I turned back around and hurriedly returned home, not bothering to purchase what I came for."You're home already," my mother said with a surprised look on her face.I sat beside her in the living room. My head lowered sadly."Why are you so sad and where are the goods you went to purchase?" my mother inquired me."I couldn't," I told her as I raised my head to her. "Everyone was staring and whispering about me. I couldn't take it anymore.""I'm so sorry Bella, things will be better when the moon goddess remembers to give you a mate.""I'm tired of hearing this from you mom." "I'm 24 and still I'm unlucky
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Chapter Two
Immediately, I took a step backward not wanting to be a part of any plan she as for me."We can send her away now before the alpha sees her," the Luna worker told her."This seems easier than what I have in mind," Luna Trina responded.I again swallow my spit hard as I try to visualize what the heck she had in mind."Send for the guard now to take her away before my mate return," Luna Trina ordered her worker.As her worker was about to leave the room. The door suddenly opened and there I saw the dangerous and handsome attractive alpha entering.He closed the door behind him as he did.I stare hard at him. I didn't want to stop looking at him. His attractive appearance was like drugs to my eyes. He looked like a beautiful rose, but a deadly one if you should touch it. The alpha has light brown eyes that look like they were glowing and long dark brown hair that past his strong shoulders. He is very tall and well built. His body is like
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Chapter Three
Luna Trina Bloode- Wolffinton stared at me. Within her green eyes, I could see she was not pleased with what was happening between me and her alpha mate. Her stare soon slowly went to her mate, Alpha Maximus. Alpha Maximus turned around to face her. He walked away from me and over to his Luna and gracefully lowered his lips kissing her forehead. He then left the room, leaving his Luna to scold me.The door locks behind him and I remain in the same position scared of moving."What were you and my mate doing?" Luna Trina inquired me angrily as she came over to me."Nothing your Luna," I answered her as I lower my head. "He was about to kiss me, but you came right in time," I told her the truth."Raise your head, Concubine," she demanded me pissed."Have you ever been kissed before?" Luna Trina again inquired me."No, your Luna," I answered her."Well, it's good I stopped him before he could.""I'm not going to make you sleep in h
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Chapter Four
I walked slowly over to the bed and sat down still being able to see my reflection in the mirror. I was like a beautiful red rose. A rare rose hidden within a secret garden and kept only for the eyes of the owner. I did not like it. It pains me that I had no choice but to be the alpha's concubine nor could I ever see my beloved mom again. I missed her.I could not even dress myself the way I wanted to. I felt like I wanted to end my life now, but I could never do such a thing. I love my mom very much and I do not want to hurt her giving her terrible unbearable pain discovering her only child took her life. I will have to just do my time here until the alpha is tired of me which I hope he will be very soon."You don't have to stay in your room all day," I heard Natasha tell me as she put away the clothes in the closet."You can walk around the large home just make sure you're in the room whether the alpha wants you," Natasha again informed me.Hearing what
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Chapter Five
"Iron Claw pack will forever be victorious!" Zeta Marcel shouted.The powerful leader of the fighters. He was the one who oversees all of the war with his brother."Yes!" everyone shouted."Let this evening be a time of enjoyment only!" Marcel again yelled. "Eat, drink and have as many she-wolves you want, for you all earn it!" he yelled instructing everyone.Everyone again shouted and obeyed him. They drank, ate, and talked happily while others grabbed a she-wolf beside them and took them away.Zeta Marcel went over to a third seat where his brother and Luna's throne was and sat. As he did, he suddenly spotted me within the crowd. I got up nervously and my eyes went away from his dark cold eyes and handsome face right away."I don't feel so good," I told Natasha."What is wrong?" she asked me worried.I swallow my spit hard before answering her."I need to lie down right now," I told her."Okay, let me follow you
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Chapter Six
"Ha!" I screamed running off the bed. I huddled against the wall of the room scared and stood still like I was frozen staring at him appalled. Marcel Wolffinton's eyes darker than the night and so powerful that I felt like it was pulling me inside like a black hole to a place no one knows of, sat on the bed like a god who knows there was no one above him. He sat so confidently. His hair was as dark as his eyes, darker than the night without the company of the moon. It was the darkest I've seen anything that it terrifies me. He didn't seem like a normal wolf. If there was ever a moon God. I'd say it was him who sat before me. "You've laid comfortable within my bed without my permission but refuse to reveal your face," his thunderous voice said to me as he slowly got off the bed. The bed slowly rises with his weight and his long beautiful silky hair dances against his shiny armour. "No," I said quickly, and I shook my head. "No, you still refuse
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Chapter Seven
"Another unwelcomed guest," Marcel Wolffinton said with his rough voice as Luna Trina entered the room and gently pushed the door behind her.She stared at him suspiciously and soon at me, who was opposite her, at her right. I bowed my head. She raised her hand instructing me to raise my head and turned to face the powerful Zeta warrior."I'm sorry, I should have told you about her," Luna Trina's beautiful voice apologized to Marcel. Her voice sounded as sweet as honey.I lowered my head sadly knowing what Luna Trina was going to tell him. Tears slowly filled my eyes. I blink away my tears not wanting to cry. I hated what the Luna wanted Marcel to do to me. I didn't know him, nor did he know me. What she wanted to do was wrong. I wish she could cancel her evil plan and just send me home."Tell me what?" Marcel questioned her.Luna Trina quickly walked over to him gracefully and stood very close to him. Her green eyes stare into his dark eyes as she
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Chapter Eight
Marcel Wolffinton was closed to the bed. I could feel his powerful present next to me. At that moment I felt like my heart stopped. My teeth moved from my bottom lip and my hands sunk within the sheet at each side grabbing it and holding it tightly. I held it so tightly that my hand began to feel like there were burning as Marcel sat at my right side allowing the bed to sink. My eyes shivered and I couldn't help to open them and turn to my right to look at him even though I was told not to. The moment my ocean eyes went to one of his strong hands, his left hand that was so muscular that it was bursting out with veins. My head turned away from him right away and my eye again closed worried as hell about what was going to happen between us both. I thought continuing to close my eyes would help me in getting through this awful plan by the Luna; no, it wasn't helping. I couldn't remain to keep my eyes close any longer. My eyes opened and I took another look at the mighty warrior beside
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Chapter Nine
Marcel slowly pulled down my long red dress carrying it very slowly to my feet. He made paused at my hips."You have very curvy hips," he said with a deep husky voice at my right ear as he stopped nibbling at my ear. I could smell his fresh breath hitting against the side of my face and his air rushing from his nose heated with desire.My eyes squeezed tightly I needed this to be down with. I needed my worries to go away.I felt Marcel go over me. My hips were too wide it was difficult for him to take off the dress."Lift your lower body," his powerful voice commanded me.I obeyed him and my body tremble even more that he could feel the quaking of my body against his strong large hands, stripping me naked. My butt lowered back to the bed as he successfully pulled the dress down to my feet taking it off. I heard him throw my dress onto the floor along with my scarf. I was now within my bra and underwear. My hand went around my breast concealing them
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Chapter Ten
Not once did my bright ocean eyes left his attractive naked body as he came to me laying on his bed. As he did, he pulled some of the sheets I laid naked under. The soft furry sheet slowly pulled along my skin; I inhale slowly. It felt like I was being touched by his hands again. He laid beside me, turning towards me on his left side. One of his legs brushed against mine. My body froze under the sheet instantly and I exhale softly remaining to stare into his eyes. Marcel returned every one of my stares. I was so afraid to move my body away from his. Our non-stop gaze soon breaks, and my eyes went straight to the wall of his room before us. I could feel his air rushing from his nose touching my left cheek. I felt nervous, even more recollecting what we had just done in my room.Somewhat it soon felt like hours I've laid within the same position afraid of moving. My back hurt from staying in the same position for too long, that every part of me soon felt sore. I was tempted to
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