Her Human Mate

Her Human Mate

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Anita Williams is a werewolf, an Alpha to be exact. She’s the leader of Velvet Waters Pack, one of the strongest and wealthiest packs in the United States. Anita had everything she could ever want, except one thing, her mate. Unlike other werewolves when she turned eighteen she didn’t feel the pull of her mate. Now 23 years old and still mateless, Anita has decided to just give up. That is until Anita and her friends decided to go out for drinks and her wolf goes crazy. She is ecstatic when she starts to feel the mate-pull, that is until her eyes land on him. Not only is Anita’s mate human he’s also not at all like she expected. Kelly Salvatore was never popular. He wasn’t the guy that a girl walked up to and shamelessly flirted with. No, he was the man that always got stuck in the friend zone and never got the girl. He was a 25-year-old antisocial virgin so, when a beautiful girl like Anita tries to talk to him he immediately shuts her out. Anita will need to channel her patience if she wants any chance at getting Kelly to accept her. Now that she’s found him, there was no way he was leaving, he was her human mate. Once again, her name is Anita Williams and this is her life story!

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60 Chapters
Chapter One - Loneliness
Loneliness. It has been proven time and again that most human beings can’t handle being alone well. They need to be around their peers to be able to develop normally.   As werewolves, this was never supposed to be a problem for us. It was known that from the moment you are born, the moon goddess selects you a soulmate. Your mate is the one person in the world that is perfect for you. They are your other half.   My grandmother told me when I was five years old that the first time you lay your eyes on your mate, the feeling is kinda electric. It’s a moment that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. She spoke of how it’s like a piece of you has been missing but, you never noticed until then; that I’d know when it happened, for the feelings hit you like a ton of bricks.   Since then I’ve dreamed of the day I turned of age and met my mate, unfortunately my dreams were crushed on my eighteenth birthday.Read more
Chapter Two - Night Out
Before I went out with Caroline I had to do a couple of things first. I had already completed some paper work and now I was on my way to visit my parents.   After my father stepped down from his Alpha position, he and my mother moved out of the pack house. They now stayed in a cabin out in the woods, next to the lake.   I followed the stone pathway up to their door and knocked.   “Anita. What are you doing here?” my mom asked welcoming me inside.   Laura was a gorgeous woman. The pack was proud to have her as their Luna, and my father as his wife. Everyone respected her and praised about how she was a caring mother and strong woman.   My dad used to tell me that beside every strong Alpha is an even stronger Luna, and he was right. I looked up to my mother as much as my father and for good reason.   “I wanted to check up on you guys. Where’s da
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Chapter Three - Invisible?
*Kelly's POV*Invisible. It was something I always wanted to be.When you’re invisible no one could notice your flaws or the many mistakes you made. You couldn’t ever be judged for your actions. For my eighth birthday, I asked for it as a superpower. Unfortunately I received toy cars instead. I even asked Santa but, I guess he didn’t get the memo because I ended up with a bike.It wasn’t until I got into high school that my wish was granted.In a building full of nearly two thousand kids, it was easy to drift in the background and for that I was happy.People always noticed me- of course they should, I mean, I am a not only cute, but I got the brains too, you know. But still, nobody paid much attention to these details or gave me the 'popular student of the year vibes', plus I didn’t do anything to get the attention. I considered that a win win situation.My parents always wondered if something was wrong with me since I didn’t like to be touched and I never really had any friends, exc
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Chapter Four - Challenge Accepted
*Anita's POV*“Go over and talk to him. Your staring is becoming borderline creepy”, Caroline said.She was right, but I didn’t care. This was my mate, the person I have been waiting for. The other half and the one I belonged with.Ever since I was younger, I knew this would happen, but now that I’ve found him it was kind of surreal.I couldn’t fathom it was happening and truthfully I was shocked.“I will. I... I just can’t believe this” I sighed.“Me either. You finally have found your mate” she hummed.“Yeah, and he’s human” I mumbled.“Who’s cares? You need to go over and speak to him” she urged but, I didn’t move.It was like I was glued to the floor and all my confidence evacuated the building.I had never felt like this in my life. I was an Alpha, so confidence was a necessity for me, but now it was all gone.“What if he doesn’t like me? Or what if he does but finds out that I'm a werewolf and rejects me?” I mumbled nervously.“No, we are not playing the doubt game, Anita. You'r
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Chapter Five - Stuck In My Head
*Kelly's POV*“Okay what is your problem? You’ve been silent this whole time and I already apologized for what happened at the bar. Ven dropped by and we reconnected” Rose said smirking as I continued getting dressed.“Although that was pretty messed up for you to ditch me for your ex, I forgive you, but that isn’t the problem”, I muttered pulling a button up shirt out of my closet.“Then what’s the problem?” she asked.“Well I met a girl at the bar on Friday, or actually she was more of a woman. Her name was Anita”, I replied as I fastened the buttons.“Well, did you and Anita have sex?” she questioned, sitting up on my bed and looking at me coyly.“No dummy, we didn’t have sex", I said, eyeing her. "But, our meeting was kind of unusual. I've never encountered someone like her before. She was very bold, and confident” I explained.“Well the girls you usually deal with are sluts, that's why”, Rose said, frowning.“No, they are not. They are very nice girls. It’s just that Anita seemed
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Chapter Six - First Date
“First rule is you never change in front of a human, Brayden!Everyone knows that! We can’t allow humans to discover our existence. It’s too great of a risk and now we have people to worry about. What explanation do you have for that!?!” I snapped staring at the young wolf.“He was kissing his mate and I couldn’t control myself” he argued.“That’s no excuse. You put this whole pack in danger!” I yelled.This was a serious problem because the last thing we need is hunters.Especially since rogues have been noticed near the borders. It was my job to keep everyone safe and I wasn’t going to fail.“You don’t understand because you don’t have a mate, and may never have one!!” he yelled staring at me.My wolf pushed forward at this sign of disrespect, causing me to growl.“Know your place. I am your Alpha and you will respect me” I hissed showing my canines.He tried to stay bold but eventually he dropped his head as a sign of submission.“Sorry Alpha” he mumured.“You will be running midni
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Chapter Seven - Feelings
This date was horrible. I had been looking forward to meeting up with Kelly and learning a little more about him.Though I could have just ran a simple background check at the pack house, but I also wanted to spend time with him.Unfortunately I’ve been here twenty minutes and the only thing I learned was that Rose liked my mate and couldn’t keep her hands to herself.She was constantly touching him and he didn’t seem to mind.I was two minutes away from jumping over this table and ripping her throat out with my teeth but, I had to tame myself no matter how difficult.I usually had amazing control over emotions but, the mate bond had a way of messing with a wolf’s rationality.All your feelings are heightened when it comes to your mate; Jealously, anger and possessiveness all rise to maximum lengths which is why it’s critical to keep your self control.That’s also the reason I won’t allow Brayden to see his mate.He needed to calm down before he did something he’d regret.“Anita, are
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Chapter Eight - Down Goes My Mate
*Kelly's POV*“Stop ignoring me Kelly! I said I was sorry already a million times” Rose whined while following me around my apartment as I got ready for work.Ever since that stunt she pulled two days ago on my lunch date with Anita, I haven’t been talking to her. Though that was kind of hard, since she had a key to my apartment.“Rose you need to leave. I have work to attend to” I blasted, putting on my blazer.“I’m not going until you say you forgive me. I’m sorry for ruining your date with that woman” she grumbled.“Hey! That woman has a name!" I yelled. "Her name is Anita and I don’t forgive you. Once again, you were sticking your nose in a place it doesn’t belong. My love life is mine and I don’t need you or my mother messing around in it” I told her.“What love life? You haven’t dated anyone in months!” she sighed.“And that’s my business, not yours. Instead of worrying about me, go and get yourself a boyfriend. That way you can bother him and not me” I frowned, placing my lapto
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Chapter Nine - Fighting For Air
*Anita's POV*“Please shut that damn thing off. It’s annoying the hell out of me” I groaned as the heart machine continued.“Sorry Alpha but, we need to keep it on” Leila said going over the clip board she had in her hand.After the rogue attack, Henry and David brought me to the pack hospital. I was badly injured and the wolfsbane wasn’t allowing me to heal.But, that wasn’t my only problem. I hated going to the doctor, always have, ever since I was little and learned what shots were.“Are all these really neccessary?” I mumbled as I tried to sit up, but was hit with a harsh pain in my side.“Yes. Until Charlie comes back from his supply run, you’ll have to stay in this bed." Leila chastised. "The wolfsbane was a strong dose, which is why you feel so weak. It’s going to take you a while to recover, even though you're an Alpha” she explained.“Can someone at least bring me the papers from my office so I can continue working?” I questioned.“Ignore her Leila. My daughter is always rest
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Chapter Ten - Time To Make My Move
*Anita's POV*“Let me get this straight, there is a bounty out on my head?” I asked, looking from my father to Henry.“Yes. The hunters want to wipe out our pack and they’re using rogues to try and do it." My dad started. "Plus, other werewolves are trying to take over this land and that means putting you down”, he explained.“This is crazy. I have people trying to murder me from all sides?” I groaned.“We need to keep you are safe, and that means you can’t leave the pack grounds from now. We have to crank up security too” Henry spoke.“I can’t stay here” I told them.“Anita this is no joke. Twice they’ve tried to kill you in one day. Who’s to say next time they won't actually succeed? Then what?” my dad argued.“I can’t stay here because my mate is out there!" I shouted. "He lives in town and how am I supposed to build up our mate bond when I’m on lockdown?!” I countered furiously.“Your mate, is he human?” Henry asked.“Yes, and we have a date tonight which I cannot cancel on. There
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