Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate

Pregnant and Rejected by My Alpha Mate

By:  Caroline Above Story  Completed
Language: English
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Bastien marries me only for duty. I reject him and leave for good by faking my death. Yet he goes crazy looking for me. He says he loves me when we meet again. No! I don't buy it. I can't let him steal my child! ** "She's not yours!" The front door was locked and deadbolted, but it only takes Bastien and his Betas a moment to break past those defenses. As Bastien towers in the doorway, his silver eyes glowing with barely contained fury, I realize it's all over. Everything I've worked for these past three years is already lost; every tear I've shed and sacrifice I've made has all been for nothing. I come to stand in front of my ex-husband. Goddess I’d forgotten how handsome he is; how tall. It doesn’t feel right to be so near him without our bodies touching; it takes all my strength not to reach out to him. “Hello Bastien.” Whatever he was expecting, it clearly wasn’t this. His silver eyes stop their hungry head-to-toe scan of my body, settling on my face and blinking in surprise. I can see the gears turning in his head, piecing together the puzzle of my presence here and replacing shock with confusion and anger. “Is that really all you have to say to me?” I cock my head to the side. “What would you have me say?” “I thought you were dead!” He barks, making my wolf tuck her tail between her legs. Unlike my wolf, I have more than enough bad memories and regrets to withstand his ire. “Oh I’m sorry, did my funeral get in the way of your wedding plans?”

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200 Chapters
#Chapter 1 Nightmare never ends
Selene's POV It’s dark. I cannot see Garrick's free hand, but I hear the clinking of his belt buckle. He’s my father. He whips the leather implement from his trousers and throws it away, snapping the end against my bare belly in the process. A hoarse yelp escapes my lips. “No…! what are you doing? You’re drunk! Get out!” His claws dig into the papery flesh of my neck, and a strident zip fills the air as he unfastens his pants. A bolt of panic breaks through my consciousness as he began trying to wrench my legs apart. The thunderstorm roars over Garrick's heavy breathing, the perfect soundtrack to my agony. Tears stream from my eyes as I kick and thrash against him. But nothing frees me from his hold. Since my mother died eight years ago, my insane father has held me prisoner, poisoning me with wolfsbane every day. I keep waiting to die, going to bed each night feeling so certain I won’t live to see the sun rise in the morning. But my wolf Luna died first. She’s gone. I lost h
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#Chapter 2 Meeting Bastien
Selene's POV I run until I cannot run any longer, finding myself at the edge of one of Elysiums's countless nature parks. The forest spreads out before me, and though I cannot imagine any refuge here, at least I know there won't be any people. I dart into the dense woodland, the rough ground slicing into my feet as I trample over rocks, fallen branches, and foliage. I can't hear the wolves behind me anymore, but still I do not stop. I trek as deep into the forest as I can, until it's impossible to imagine I'm even in a city at all. The darkness is complete here, and comforting after the overwhelming assault of lights and sounds in the city. I climb into the branches of a large fir tree, scraping just about every inch of my body in the process. I curl up against the rough trunk. I know I need to be making plans and sorting out next steps, but my exhaustion looms tall. I try to keep my eyes open, but I'm fighting a losing battle. A moment later I succumb, and the world goes black. __
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#Chapter 3 Marry Bastien
Selene's POV I clamber to my feet, leaning on the wall and ignoring the pain shooting up my legs. He holds out one arm to block his companions from entering, and I take the opportunity to dart past him into the main part of the suite. Gabriel Durand, the very image of Bastien were he a few decades older, steps forward. "Hello Selene." Without thinking I slink behind Bastien, using his large body to hide myself from view. I cannot explain it. I do not want any of them to be in this room with me, and Bastien is the one who brought me here against my will in the first place – he's the last person I should seek for protection. He reaches back, circling his arm around my body and catching me up before I can contemplate fleeing. "Come here, you." Bastien deposits me back into the plush bedding, taking a seat by my side so that his large form remains as a barrier between me and the strangers. "We need to talk." --- Third person’s Pov Bastien watches Selene closely as his father explain
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#Chapter 4 Three-year Marriage Contract
Selena’s Pov If someone had told me as a child that Bastien Durand would one day be my husband, I would have burst with happiness. Now I don't know what to think. The future terrifies me, but of all the possibilities, Bastien frightens me least. I lower my eyes from Gabriel's in submission, "Okay." ------- Third person’s pov “You killed Garrick?!" Bastien’s father is shooting him death glares, pacing his office like a tiger in a cage. “On neutral territory." Bastien counters, "it was well within my rights, and we'll both sleep better knowing he's out of the picture for good." “That is beside the point." Gabriel hisses. "The rule of law exists for a reason. Trials serve as examples for the pack, evidence that we take violations seriously, that we care about justice." Bastien crosses his arms over his chest, "He deserved everything he got." “Being a leader doesn't mean you get to do whatever you want with impunity." Gabriel barks. “And if it had been mom?" Bastien knows it's a
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#Chapter 5 Pregnancy and Rejection
Selene's POV "Three years should give you enough time to adjust to freedom, and your status as an Alpha's spouse will guarantee you lifelong protection even if we don't stay together. You would be free to choose another mate." Bastien confirms. In that moment a flip switches inside me, and the riot of emotions threatening to surge forward shuts off, leaving me feeling blissfully numb. "If that's what you want." I hear myself say. “I think it's for the best." Bastien sounds very far away, and I turn back to the mirror, staring at the stranger again. The light is gone from her eyes now, and I wonder how it ever appeared in the first place. My future is clear now. The ray of hope I've slowly cultivated over the last few weeks is beginning to flicker; if I can't win over Bastien before our contract ends, I will lose my new lifeline. Three Years Later The steady woosh woosh of an ultrasound machine fills the small exam room. A faint thumping noise joins the alien sounds of the
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#Chapter 6 Bastien is Drunk
10 Days Until the Rejection Ceremony Selene’s POV The spinning blades of the ceiling fan whirl over my head, their swift revolutions mesmerize my senses, distracting me from all the unwelcome thoughts in my head. Today is my three year anniversary, but instead of champagne and gifts, I lay alone in my bed My husband is going to reject me in ten days, and I can’t even be angry with him. ____________________ I’m still lying there when my phone rings. Bastien’s name flashes across the screen, and I pause a moment before answering. There’s no reason to broadcast my desperation. “Hello?” I do not hear my husband’s voice on the other end of the line. Instead a woman’s high, tinkling laugh filters through the receiver. “Oh Bastien you’re too much!” I don’t recognize the voice, “Hello?” I try again, the call sounds very muffled. A pocket-dial perhaps? “Bella, would you behave for once?” I know that voice – only too well. “Only if you make me.” I can practically hear her eyelashes ba
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#Chapter 7 Lust
Selene’s POV A stab of pain pierces my heart. The man has no idea what I would give for one last night with him. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s in any state to make good on the offer. “I meant your bed.” I finally answer, “But I’ll tell you what: If you can get yourself up and into the house, I’ll invite you to do whatever you want with me, wherever you want.” Before I realize what’s happening I’m upside down, with Bastien’s shoulder digging into my stomach. He carts me into the house like a sack of potatoes, navigating to his bedroom and tossing me onto the bed. I yelp with surprise, then shiver with anticipation as a very large, very aroused wolf bears down on me. I stare up at Bastien with wide eyes, my heart racing in my chest, so loud I’m sure he can hear it. Flames dance up my cheeks, and I know I must be bright red. Lust, excitement and fear war for control of my body, swirling around each other in an intoxicating tempest. Bastien lowers himself to the bed, leaning over m
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#Chapter 8 Meeting Arabella
Selene’s POV Arabella Winters is everything I am not: Tall, blonde and voluptuous, with an innate confidence that allows her to flourish in pack society. I sit across from her at a small table, a pair of cappuccinos sitting untouched between us. Big brown doe-eyes look me up and down, her face never revealing her thoughts. When she finally speaks, her voice is high and reedy. “Listen, I know things are really complicated with you and Bastien right now, and I just felt…” She pauses to search for the right words, “I saw how upset you looked last night and I just want to assure you that nothing happened between Bastien and me.” “Oh?” “You have my word.” Arabella vows, “Nothing happened and nothing will until your separation is official.” I can’t keep the surprise from my face. Arabella winces, “I’m sorry I thought the information was public.” I bring my coffee to my lips, intending to buy time with a few sips. I barely taste it before I remember that pregnant women aren’t supposed
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#Chapter 9 I Faint
Selene’s POV “I’m not,” I insist. I’m bobbing through the air, the door drawing closer and closer. Abruptly I realize Bastien intends to remove me from the bathroom, “No, stay here!” I exclaim. Bastien’s palm presses to my forehead and cheeks, “You have a fever.” He says it as if it’s my fault. “And if you’re so ill that you cannot leave the bathroom, then you need to go to the emergency room.” Panic blooms in my chest. I can’t go to the hospital. I can’t see a doctor. They’ll find out I’m pregnant. They’ll tell him. “No.” I object loudly. “I’m fine.” “You aren’t,” he corrects me in a warning tone. “And you know how I feel about lies, little wolf.” For once I don’t give a damn about his scolding. “I won’t go, you can’t make me!” I cry, desperately trying to wriggle out of his arms. It’s no use, Bastien is too strong for me. I can fight all day long but we both know I won’t get anywhere. “Let me go!” I order angrily. A warning rumble vibrates in Bastien’s chest. He abruptly settle
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#Chapter 10 She pushed me!
Selene’s POV Bastien has gone to find us some food when I see a doctor approach the nurse’s station outside my room. I rise from bed as quickly as I can, hurrying out of my room and pulling my IV behind me. “Excuse me, are you my physician?” The man turns to face me, looking mildly surprised. “Mrs. Durand, you really shouldn’t be out of bed.” “Please, I feel fine, and I need to speak with you alone.” I beseech him. Bright blue eyes survey me thoughtfully. “As you wish,” he gestures toward the corridor, moving us away from the main desk. “Is everything alright?” He asks. “I don’t know.” I admit nervously. “My husband said I hit my head and was dehydrated, but I know you must have run tests and things.” I trip over my words, “That is to say – I mean, I wanted to ask you…” Sensing the direction of my thoughts, he raises a pacifying hand. “Do not worry, your baby is in perfect health.” A weight I didn't realize existed lifts from my shoulders. “Thank you,” I breathe, “But that’s onl
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