His Mistress

His Mistress

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Emily is a sweet woman who many people adore because of her kind heart. She has everything she ever wanted except for one, to find a man who will love her like her father loved her mother. She wants her own love story, but what if she gets tangled up with a man who is already married one day? How will she handle it? How will she react, and what are the things she is willing to do for the man that she loves? What are the things she's ready to give up for them to be together?

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71 Chapters
01Introducing Emily WilliamsI sway my body with the music, with my hands wandering in the air onto my body. Eyes are closed and so immersed in the music. Not bothered by the people dancing on my sides."You look so good." I opened my eyes when someone suddenly pulled me close to its body.My mood immediately changed, and I faced the man who had pulled me. I might be a party girl, but I don't dance with just anyone I don't find attractive.I smile sweetly at him and look disgustedly at his hands on my waist. I held it, which made him smile, but I put it away to my body."Sorry, you're not my type," I said and went to my friends, who were busy drinking.My friend Amy immediately gave me a drink as soon as I sat beside them. One of my friends, Jessie, was kissing someone in the corner and Amy went back from using her phone. I no longer disturb them and continue drinking while looking at the people on the dance floor.We just graduated college and finally starting our work journey. I'm
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02"The Aftermath"I woke up feeling sore all over my body and alone on the hotel bed. I'm not even trying to move, but I can feel it. Also, disappointed that the man who fucked me last night left me. Well, I shouldn't even be surprised. What happened last night wouldn't mean something to him, and it shouldn't mean something to me either.Well, I hope he would want to eat breakfast together since he devoured me last night. Oops! My mistake, we both devoured each other last night.I shook my head, and this wasn't me. I don't eat breakfast with someone I hook up with. , Technically, I haven't yet, but I admit that I want to. I'm a person who gets attached easily, and I don't know if that's good.Struggling to get up, I force myself to do so because of my hunger, plus there's this hangover that they call. I'm experiencing it right now, not that it's my first time, though. This one is just the worst.I pick up my clothes on the floor, not even bothering to cover my naked body, and I'm alo
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03"Decision"I watch the people dancing on the dance floor. I usually dance if I go to a bar, but today is different. Today, I'm drinking and keep thinking about what I did.I feel guilty for sleeping with a married man, but as much as I want to stay away, I can't because I want him for myself. He's the one who's responsible for what he did because when I slept with him, I didn't know that he was married, but I also didn't confirm that with him.I wonder why men can do that, no, not just men but anyone. How can anyone cheat? What can make a person unfaithful to someone they love? Do they love their partner, or are their love shallow to make that decision easily?I want someone who will love me like my father loves my mother. He treasures her, and I can see it in their eyes that they care for each other even though years have passed.When mom told me their love story, I immediately knew I wanted a romantic love story like theirs. I want a partner who can be faithful to me but being ta
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04I sigh when I woke up and realize that Arthur is sleeping beside me. It makes me so guilty that I know he’s married but still be tempted. I just can’t resist him and it scares me but at the same time I like it because finally he’s with me.I pick up my clothes and left Arthur sleeping, just like what we always do. Yeah, no commitment just accidental fuck and it happen again and again.I went to work feeling preoccupied and hoping that Arthur wouldn’t bother me at work, I don’t want to create drama in my workplace and although I’m far from that the moment that I slept with Arthur, I still want to create a comfortable space to work, I have my goals and I want to make my parents proud.“Hey!” My eyebrow creased when a unfamiliar face approach me, he laugh when he notice my reaction. “I’m Arthur’s friend, Nathan.” He extend his arms, and I shake it.“I didn’t know he has friends.” I said.“That’s harsh.” He laugh, and I chuckle.Nathan is the opposite of Arthur, he’s funny, approachabl
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05 I love you."Hi!” He jumped when he saw me. I smile widely at his reaction. “What the hell?” He raised his eyebrows at me. “You’re going home?” I replied, not minding his angry face. “Obviously, what do you want?” He asked, annoyed. He knows who am I, good thing he remembers me, huh? “Care to give me a ride?” I held his arms like he’s mine. “No, and can you please let go of me?” that hurt me, but I didn’t let him see that. “No, I like holding you. If you clearly remember?” I smirked. “I don’t care.” He holds my hands and forces them to stop holding him. “What’s wrong?” “You are holding me is what’s wrong, so get lost while I’m being nice.” He went in on his car and left me there standing. I look at his car until it’s out of my sight. He’s rude. That’s what he is. After a steamy night, he showered me with beautiful words, and now he’s spitting shit to my face. I can’t say I hate him for that, but that pissed me off. No one ever did that to me! He’s the only one who di,d
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06Arthur?“Blooming as ever, Miss Emily.” Miss Rina, my workmate, said.I smiled at them and put my bag on my table. My dad just called for me in his office. I have to go there first, knowing his schedule, he'll be busy later.I felt someone standing next to me while waiting for the elevator to open. I was shocked when I saw that Arthur was standing tall. I raised an eyebrow at him, but he just looked straight ahead. I just looked away and ignored it; although his presence is intimidating, this is nothing since I'm used to an intimidating aura.When the elevator door opened, I entered first before him. I immediately hit the right button on the right floor and quietly stood on the side. I can see his broad back, but I try not to look at it so much because I'll know he'll notice.I was surprised when the elevator finally closed, and he started kissing me. My eyes widened, but soon I was drowning in his deep kisses. I feel like my dress will tear because of his touch. Although the dress
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07 AgreementI’m better off without him. That’s what I keep repeating in my head. After what happen last night I want to make him feel like he’s not worth of my time even though I hate the fact that he backed out last minute.“Your Dad called and he wants you ASAP in the conference room.” Miss Rina said. I sigh and put my things on my table.I don’t know why dad keeps calling me when I’m working. He knows I’m busy but he keeps on doing it again and again and I seriously need to talk to him in that matter.“Dad! Good morning.” My eyes widen when I saw some of the board members and Arthur. I cough and smile to them as I sit beside dad. Well, that’s embarrassing.I pouted and notice that someone on dad’s side is looking at me and smirking. I raised my brows to him but he only smile being friendly with me. I look away and focus on the meeting instead, but caught Arthur looking at me. Huh! Now he’s looking at me after what happen last night?The meeting ended with me so lost why am I nee
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08 It begins Now TW: Sex (R18) Days had passed and I still don’t know what I’m doing. Arthur and I haven’t seen each other because the next day when the agreement happen he didn’t show up at work and I had to ask Nathan where he is. He then said. “You didn’t know? He flew out of the country last minute to avoid you.” That made me want to smack him. “Joke, he’s there because of a conference. He’ll be back in a week.” And that is today, he’ll come home today and I don’t know what I would do or how would I react. I just know that we have many things to tackle about this agreement because when we made this deal it wasn’t clear because my emotions were pouring and I wasn’t thinking straight. Today is lunch break and I was thinking of heading to my OB for a check up and to get some pills. This would be an essential because I don’t want to get pregnant in a young age especially if the father is married to someone else. That would be fucked up and my parents are surely gonna kill me. “H
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09 Almost The days has been light after making the agreement with Arthur. I know I cried and almost regret in agreeing with that but I’m happy and I’m enjoying my time with him although I know it wouldn’t last long. We’ve been following our rules and to stay professional at work and he hasn’t been visiting me in my department and I also don’t ask him question that relates with the past because I hate it when he lost his mood and it’s too much to handle when he gets angry, and I don’t want that to happen. My co-workers has been curious what is my relationship with Arthur but I would answer them that we know each other through my father and he’s the best employee and his department so my father is really proud of him. I also haven’t seen Nathan in a while after what happen in Arthur’s condo but I don’t know what to do if I’ll see him after what happen so this is better. “Dad?” “Hey.” He hugged me and nodded to the employees that greeted him. “Why are you here?” I asked. “I want
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10Abroad I ran as fast as I could when I saw what time it was. I pouted when I saw Nathan and Arthur so early in the airport, looking irritated at me as I walked toward them.Arthur didn’t say anything as I arrived, but Nathan gave me a deadly loo; II rolled my eyes at him and stood next to Arthur. He didn’t even look at me nor greet me. I pouted; he’s partly why I’m late today; maybe that’s why he didn’t scold me as he should.I look at Arthur as we walk towards our plane; I suddenly want to hold his arms, but I stop myself; he might be irritated even though I badly want to do it.We took a business class seat, and I’m seated beside Arthur. Nathan gave us a warning look because he’s just in the corner, but I gave him a teasing look that made him roll his eyes; he’s sassy for a guy; I can’t help but chuckle.“What are you laughing at?” Arthur asked.“Nathan is funny,” I said that made him look at me dangerously.“What?’ I nervously asked.“Don’t say that.” He said.We were silent th
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