The Secret Life of Being My Professor's Maid

The Secret Life of Being My Professor's Maid

By:  luca  Ongoing
Language: English
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Era, one of the liaison officers, is a college girl having a financial problem. When she told Sir Mik about her struggle, he immediately offered her to be a maid in return of providing her financial needs. Does Sir Mik really needs a maid?

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15 Chapters
1 - The Way He Approached Me
ERA’S POVI didn't get any sleep last night. With such a wheeze and strong cough, my father was rushed to the hospital. His pneumonia is worsening, and he is being treated as of this moment. It happened around one o'clock in the morning while I was sleeping on the sofa. It's certainly upsetting that I can't do anything."Look at Era, she's acting like a fool yet once again!"I only offered Fina a small smile. I'm afraid I won't be able to depict my face in front of them. Ugh. I'm ugly, and I'm even more so."I'm just exhausted. I want to sleep.""Have you reviewed Principles yet?" Isa's expression was determined to annoy me, and her tone was distinct from mine. Oh, my freaking god—"Wait, we have a quiz right now?"“Oh! Wow! She truly has no idea! Poor you!”I'm such a moron for forgetting that! Also, I'm not sure about the quiz. To think about it, I'm the president of our block. Crad, Fina, and Isa just laugh at me. What the actual hell? What time is it?! I'm hoping our professor is
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2 - His Weird Offer
ERA'S POV“I suffocate when there are a lot of people. I personally would like to thank the designer of your classrooms because the student's area is a bit far from the instructor's platform.”Is he venting to me?! Come on, why me?! I'm just his student, right? This is something he should say to his colleagues, not to his mere student! Isn't it frustrating?“How ‘bout you? I notice you don’t belong to your group.”I stopped eating rice. That's right. Why does he know that? That's a cruel secret for me. Why does he seem to understand how I feel?“Sir? What prompted you to invite me? You can invite your co-faculties—"“Me as well. I don’t belong to the group.”His delivery was sluggish. Playing with food and such with his disappointed eyes. I still want to ask some questions and criticize his situation but I also seem to be the reason why he is like this."I'm sorry, I even mentioned that to you," I softly uttered.“No, it’s fine. Besides we’re on the same ship so we’re calling it quits
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3 - The Desire
ERA’S POVI knocked on the door first before entering. At first, I only saw a lab coat hanging. But when I walked in, I saw Sir writing on his table. Ugh! Why do I keep running into him today?!“Miss Ponciano? Is your class finished? Let’s go—"Wow. Why is he in a hurry?“N- Not yet! I'm just looking for... Ma'am Can. She is not yet in the lab. She’s our professor for today.”“I think she is in a meeting today. I didn't tell you earlier, sorry. Just get your classmates’ signatures then you are free to go.”He handed me an attendance sheet. Perhaps he didn't intend to touch my hand but... there was still a startling jolt. Maybe the current in my body is just really strong. It's still early in the morning for this, Era.But why haven't the other people I've touched before had such a strong impact on me? Why only on him?“Just go to the parking lot. I’ll wait you there—"“Sir... are you really sure of what you are about to do? Aren’t you just going crazy or what? Because it's like punchi
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4 - New Home
ERA’S POV“D- Dad, this is Sir Mikhail. He is my professor. Is Mom here?”I let Sir in, while Dad just gaped looking at him. What's going on inside Dad's head? Hold on! Shouldn't that be the question I'm asking myself?! Why do I have my professor in our house?!I casually sat on the sofa while removing foot socks and shoes. Sir Mikhail just smiled politely as he sits across from me. And to our surprise, our dapple dachshund Tisoy hugged Sir, kissing him and gently wagging his tail. Wow. Tisoy, does he appear to be your owner?“W- What can we do for you, Sir? Did my Era do anything?”Dad handed him a glass of cold water. Mom was just leaning against the table. My parents began to exchange glances as Sir Mik drinks their offer because they were already thinking something. They're having a telepathic discussion. I exhaled a sigh. God, this is such a nuisance for me.“Is she being suspended, Sir? Or getting expelled?!”I let out a sigh as I locked my gaze on Mom. She's overreacting alread
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5 - Frustration at its Finest
ERA’S POV“So, rather than being angry with your professor, thank him instead."To be honest, that's not what I expected my parents to tell me. I just don't understand why it's like they're just giving me away like I'm a cat being strayed into a corner or being thrown in the trash. I can't imagine why they even seem to have turned their backs on me. When it is solely due to financial problems. I just can't believe it.I just sat quietly in the passenger’s seat. He was still eating a lollipop he had bought from our very own gossiper Aling Puring, listening to pop music, tapping his thigh to the beat with his hand. I try not to cry next to his presence, but my teardrops are rolling from down my cheeks. So, I just looked out the window.“I didn’t buy you, and they didn’t sell you to me. Stop contemplating things,” he comforted me, but his words were nonchalant. Will I be happy with his comfort? Because it sounded like it's out from the nostrils.We came to a halt in front of a fairly lar
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6 - A Maid in Progress
ERA'S POV “Era, I don't care if you don’t want us to get closed with each other. I totally get your concern. And I know the responsibility you have is too heavy, but I think it would be best if you forget it now.” Forget? Why? Is it that easy to forget the problem? Is it easy to say to yourself: ‘Ah! Someone will carry my burden. Okay!' It’s not like that. "Because I will now be in charge of that responsibility for you." I was stunned by what I heard. I just stood by the pool, looking at him grinning like an idiot. I was just wondering why he is so nice to me and my family. What did I do to deserve such treatment from him? “What? Am I too handsome?” “Huh? You're already drunk, Sir. I will go up.” I did not look back at him to see if he was following me. No. he’s too comfortable with water. “Take a bath right away so you don't get a cold. I'll be back later,” he nonchalantly told me. I woke up at eight o'clock in the morning. I got a text on my cell phone— from Mom. ‘Get up ear
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7 - Stubbornness
ERA'S POV I didn't sleep the whole trip. How come his voice is pleasant to hear? Why is that? Why does he have all of the characteristics of a blessed person? Why are my leadership abilities skewed? "Cause I've been aiming for Heaven above, but an angel ain't what I need..." Ugh. This is f*cking aggravating. “Era, hey. Wake up.” I was overwhelmed by the pat on the back. His hand is extremely warm, I want to get drowned at his touch. Especially now as he helps me sit up from lying down. "Turn off your aircon... it's cold..." "Have this soup first before you go back to sleep again." Huh? Am I sick? W- Wait a dam minute! Why is my dress different?! "M- My clothes... where are they?" “Ah. I changed your clothes. You were drenched in sweat last night. You almost had a convulsion.” W- What did he say?! He changed what I’m wearing?! “I didn't see anything. Why? Is there any I can… see?” I couldn't stop myself from hitting him. I’m thrilled with what he has done! Why didn’t he ask
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8 - Stubbornness 2
MIKHAIL'S POV It was as if she had been thrown to the ground by a stone. She was startled. I knew I shouldn't have yelled at her, but I'm getting irritated with myself. Extremely stubborn. Her attitude has brought my blood to a boil. To relax, I simply close my eyes tightly. When it comes to this kid, my head hurts. "W- Why?" “Do as I say, okay? No buts!” This kid is making me mad. I can’t— I can’t think straight. I exhaled sharply. Damn it. Because I didn't have a class to attend afterward, I thought it would be a good idea to go to the convenience store and get her some snacks. I bought her a bottle of full-cream milk and a Monte Cristo sandwich. But the thing is, someone is talking to me and they are students like Era. Is this an ambush? "Brother, might I please have your phone number?" “Wow! He's so handsome, look!" Uhh… What am I supposed to do? I'm completely at a loss as to how to react in this situation! Is there anyone who can help me? "I'm sorry, but n- no." “Oh, m
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9 - Cold War
ERA’S POV What do you think? Do you think it's better if I just drown him right here? I was cleaning his pool while it was still dirty, so there was no evidence in it while I was working. But hold on a sec. No one is going to pay me any longer. Let's just put that out of our minds. "Era!" Argh, that's so inconvenient! What is he doing standing in my way? Era, don't pay attention to him. Let's just leave him to rot. "Drink this milk first!" he screamed. No, you keep your mouth shut! It's no longer funny— "Drink it first." I was on the verge of falling into the pool! He's appeared at my side, believe it or not, like a f*cking mushroom! "Why are you acting in this manner, Sir?! Tsk! It's just not funny any longer!" "Although you may be in pain, you should refrain from taking any medication if you are still capable of managing yourself. Warm milk and water would probably be sufficient in their place." He took my pole of pool skimmer net and replaced it with a glass of lukewarm mi
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10 - Pop-Up
ERA'S POV "One seat apart." Oh, my God! He's not my professor now, is he? One seat apart?! How is that possible? What?! Do we have a quiz for him?! Why did I forget that he is my professor this morning and that he will be the one to administer the quiz?! “Sir? Is it true that we'll be having a quiz? Hasn't the discussion come to a close yet—" “Yeah. Our discussion will resume after the quiz is done. For the time being, the quiz will consist of thirty items." I just let out a sigh. It's a shame. What is it about you that makes you act this way? Why are you putting me through this? I had a sour expression on my face throughout the entire quiz. How come he only wrote projections for the Haworth Observatory? Then figure out what kind of monosaccharide it is, because he hasn't even discussed it yet! This is f*cking annoying! "Put down your pens and stop writing. Please pass your papers forward." And then there was the idiot, who was still smiling as he examined each piece of our p
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