A Luna's Sacrifice

A Luna's Sacrifice

By:  KamiKrimson  Ongoing
Language: English
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Amber Celeste Starling offered herself payment to her father's debt. Her sister Victoria was supposed to be payment enough, but seeing her sister's bright future, Amber simply cannot let her sister suffer. Thus, she offered herself. A 'Word of Honor', a promise that one day, one of Alpha George's daughter will be Kevin Black Eclipse's property. Another female to bear his child. But what if Cena Black, Kevin's mother said otherwise and had a beta claim her instead? Marking her as the pack's bitch. Will Amber accept her fate? And simply accept all the punishment she doesn't deserve? Or would she fight back a destiny that isn't hers to begin with.

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3 Chapters
A bond placed between two individuals is a paradox, a promise of forever that could either mend two souls into one or destroy them both. Inside the warm room, I sat on the luxurious queen sized bed, feeling the silk under my sweaty palms.A black lace veil covered my face. My mind was spinning, and the wolf inside of me let out a whimper, cowering and on the edge just like me. A beautiful black bow was tied at the end of the black veil. Since I was young my mother told me I was beautiful, a porcelain doll. A priced jewel. And any influential beta or even an Alpha would kill an entire pack just to claim me as their mate.Who would’ve thought I would end up this way. Mated to pay off a debt.My eyes were covered by a black gauze, blindfolded and was told never to take it off. It wasn’t my right, and I was ordered to stay still like a dog.My body was shaking, and my chest tightened every time I heard scratches, footsteps and whispering from the outside of the room.Just when I thought
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I stood up and picked up my clothes scattered on the foot of the bed. My body was shaking, at the point of fainting from what he had done to me. Stains and thick liquid dripped down on my inner thigh, I could only make silent gag noises as I cleaned myself from him.Disgusted, but I know that there’s no time. I was already clean and was putting on some clothes when I noticed that he was already standing close to me. "What do you want?”My voice came out weak, hoarse from screaming.He walked towards me. Upon remembering what we did I couldn’t help but feel a little shy. The mark he made on my shoulder is still stinging.Kevin smirked, then he kicked off the towel that pulled down on his ankles. "You don’t have to clean yourself, Amber. I like it that way… I can smell myself on you." He whispered to my ear before he tried to wrap his fingers around my neck and pull me in closer for a kiss. “It’s kind of turning me on.”His action made my breath hitch, catching me by surprise. “Wait — w
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I don’t belong here. I don’t belong anywhere. The mark on the back of my shoulder reminds me of the cruel joke life, destiny and the Black Eclipse pack has done to me.Kevin Jameson had really fucked me up. My feet walked faster until I broke into a run. Running as far away as I could from the cold blooded woman named Cena and the omegas in the room with her. Creating a distance until their voices become faint, until I could no longer hear anything other than the sound of my raging heartbeat. The sun started to feel like fire on my skin which did not help the headaches subside.I ran and ran, faster and faster until it was difficult for me to breathe, until my heart was pounding so hard that I could hear it thumping, willing itself to keep up with me. The houses and stores blurred into a mixture of colors as I ran, leaving everything behind, even if it were just for now.My tongue, which was already dry in the first place, became even dryer as my body began to perspire due to the afte
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