Dive Into Love

Dive Into Love

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Time went by and Bella thought she was finally completely over him until she realised that wasn't the case when he was standing there in front of her after two freaking years. Her heart was stuck in a turmoil of emotions. While she wanted to murder him or quietly run away still a little part of her heart wanted to see him more. This time Bella was determined not to give her heart away and not to fall for his petty tricks. But could she really do that when that very guy happened to be her boss. Ashton had decided to win her again but will he be able to mend a heart he broke while also proving his worth as a C.E.O of the company to his father. Will they DIVE INTO LOVE again?

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33 Chapters
Chapter 1 - A Rebound Date?
Bella Evans was in her room, sitting near the window and watching a movie when suddenly she heard opening the of door but she didn't budge to look at the person and kept her attention on the laptop screen only.She had always loved watching movies at weekends so she was enjoying her Saturday night with her all time favourite movie " Twilight ". She was so engrossed in it that she didn't even notice the person standing behind her until she put the cup of hot coffee at the window pane next to her.She looked at her, and could not thank enough to the woman who had always been there with her since she left Boston and settled in New York with Varonica Young. Yeah Bella wasn't living in Boston anymore and her aunt and uncle respected her decision, although she missed them a lot but can't give them frequent visits, to have a family time with them.Eric too had started speaking now, Bella wasn't able to handle her joy when for the first time after that dreadful car accident which had made him
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Chapter 2 - We Meet Again!
Both paused and Varonica went to the window to see who had come. She jumped in excitement and spoke with a teasing smile, "Go Miss Bella Evans your Prince charming has arrived."Bella gave her a disbelieving look and after making herself presentable again and re-checking her makeup Bella went downstairs. Jacob handed her flowers and opened the passenger side door of the car for Bella. Both got sat and he drove off the car towards their destination he had planned.Hope this date will come with a good change. That was all Bella could wish for while looking at the breath-taking night view of the street from the window of the car.Bella was looking outside enjoying the surroundings and weather.Fresh breeze brushing her face, twinkling stars, it was impossible to take my eyes off it. But she tore her gaze from the sight and glanced at Jacob who tapped her shoulder to get her attention." We reached," he said with a cute smile.That was when she looked outside and noticed a restaurant. It
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Chapter 3 - Changed Feelings?
His both hands rested at her waist and pulled her towards himself leaving no space between them. He wrapped his strong arms around her, embracing her in his tight hug giving her the essence of his being but actually he was taking in her warmth." I missed you." That's all he managed to say with his voice slightly cracking.Bella for a moment was startled and she was confused as to what to do, for a split second she thought of hugging him back but then old harsh memories came back rushing in her mind and she decided against it.Ashton was waiting for her to wrap her arms around him but it never happened. Instead all he felt was a slight push which made him stumble a bit but he managed to stand still. He looked at her which met with her devoid eyes.Her expressions were unreadable, her blank stare was radiating cold. "How could she change? ", was the only question that rang in his mind. After two years they were in front of each other but it still felt like they were far apart.He hugge
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Chapter 4 - One Shot Of Jealousy Please!
Ashton was helpless. He didn't know and could do anything but regret. Regret the day when he thought he would vanish from her life after he won the bet and it won't even bother him. He didn't know that while making her fall in love, he would be the one falling harder and deeper.But he remained there, standing and not moving an inch, without blinking his eyes in fear that he would and Bella would no longer be there then. He was staring at Bella keenly, just her. Rest of the surrounding was blurred until Jacob kissed her forehead." You moron keep your lips to yourself." and he closed his hands into a fist.Ashton was all ready to go in and rain punches to distort Jacob's pretty face but when he saw Bella smiling at him. Floor slipped and Ashton felt like he was falling in a never ending tunnel. The anger he had for Jacob was replaced by hurt. Lastly the song ended and Bella couldn't be any more happier. Finally she was done with this whole dancing thing.Jacob kissed Bella's forehead.
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Chapter 5 - It Hurts Too Bad!
Varonica was very happy to know that her best friend had a good time without knowing about the tornado named Ashton who had made his re-entry into Bella's life."He won't come again." was all Bella hoped for she didn't want a second encounter with Ashton at any cost.She went out of Bella's room to sleep in her room. Bella closed the door and tears started brimming in her eyes. Her silent sobs were taking a toll but she palmed her mouth, muffling her cries before they could turn worse.Her legs felt wobbly, they weren't able to hold the weight of her body, she leaned on the door and let her body slide down. She clutched her knees and took sharp breaths to steady her heart beat.I won't ever let you cry Bella.But who had known that one day Ashton would be the sole reason for every tear she shed. He promised to be the reason for her happiness but did otherwise. She knew it now but it was too late, she was broken already.You are my shining star Bella.But who knew he would be darkness
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Chapter 6 - Let's Begin Again
Sun had shown, screaming the start of the day. Most of the people in the city were out of their houses, going at their works and children going to school. There was hustle bustle all around like a normal day.Pretty normal right?Nah! There was Bella who was still in her bed covered with bedsheet and snoring heavily. Varonica was calling her from downstairs while preparing breakfast but after getting frustrated of calling out her name for like thousands times, she went up stairs.Varonica turned the knob and the door opened smoothly without any creaking sound. She palmed her face at the sight. Bella's room was in a complete mess.Popcorns were all over her bed while the half eaten pizza was lying on the floor and Bella was on her bed, wrapped in the sheets and in deep sleep.Splash!!Varonica emptied the whole jag of water on Bella and put the now empty jug back at the bed side table. Bella's eyes widened and she hurriedly sat on the bed in indian style with her eyes wide open and nos
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Chapter 7 - Freaking Coincidence!
That familiar musk perfume filled her nostrils. And Bella's heart beats raced rapidly, she felt the hot breaths at the nap of her neck and the shiver ran through her spine, giving her goosebumps. She didn't need to turn around to know who the person was as she knew there had always been this one person who had such an effect on her body and that familiar fragrance but still she was hoping for herself to be wrong. " Hello Miss Evans." but her hopes came crashing down when she heard the voice. It was him. It was Ashton Blair. Bella exhaled a heavy breath and turned with a poker face, all blank and didn't even flinch a bit. She held her head up to meet his eyes with full confidence while her fists clenched and teeth gritted. She was facing him now and when he looked in her eyes, there was something different in them which he wasn't able to interpret and that feared him. For the first time he wasn't able to catch on what was going through her mind. " Hello Miss Evans." he said again
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Chapter 8 - Hopes
Soon the delivery boy came with Ashton's order and was shocked by the huge tip Ashton gave him. Thanking him he vanished while Ashton closed the door and headed upstairs in his room to have his dinner with a happy face, after a long time.Bella was standing at the door step. Everytime she raised her hand to turn the knob but withdrew it in the mid way. She closed her eyes and inhaled a deep breath, gathering strength she opened the door.Opening the door, Bella peeped inside to check if the way to my room was clear or not but to her dismay luck wasn't on his side the first thing her eyes caught was a familiar thin figure." what are you doing Bell?" Varonica looked at her suspiciously." What... What am I doing??? I am doing nothing.. Yeah nothing. Why are you asking me this?? Do you think I am upto something?? Oh come on Varonica how could you think about me like this. You are doubting me.. Like seriously. Our 6 years of friendship and you are still doubting me. " Bella pointed at he
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Chapter 9 - A Walk To Past
Ashton and Peter both had a talk on call about the meeting and their plans for tomorrow. After sometime they talk about absolutely nothing but crap and lastly declined the call. Ashton laid back holding pillow close to himself and his thoughts went back to that time, replaying the memory of his first encounter with Bella. He started to think back about how his friends were around Varonica and that look of terror on her face that was the first time when Ashton had met Bella. -----Varonica backed away, Tina was ready to punch or kick her butt and Ashton would have enjoyed the show too but he stopped her cause he didn't want her to have all the fun alone he wanted it too. So rest of Ashton's friends had surrounded Varonica and waited for Ashton. " I am sorry. It happened by mistake." Varonica half smiled in fear as Ashton kept coming closer. " Tch Tch don't be sorry it's okay." her back hit the table and she stumbled. " Stop what you are guys doing. Stop bullying her. " a sweet whis
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Chapter 10 - I Am Screwed!
After Bella had the talk with her subconscious, her body got relaxed a bit as a burden was relieved and besides tiredness took a toll on her as her eyes started dropping. She yawned and hugged pillow more tightly, cold breeze tickled her face and she stared at the roses intently until she fell asleep. Both were in sleep with an enchanting smile on their faces due to overwhelming feelings. They were amused how they fell in love with each other despite their not so pleasant first encounter but this is what love is. It was morning but Bella didn't seem to wake up until the alarm rang merciless, shutting it off she woke up with a pout feeling sleepy but still dragged herself to the washroom and had a shower. Bella hastily came out of the washroom, the cold water awakening her completely. She had wrapped a towel around her dampened body. She plugged the hair dry and dried her hair and lastly got changed into a red tank top and black jeans. Before going out of her room her eyes involunta
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