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Brianna Quinn's life has been lonely untill she adopts 4 kids from the streets, becomes their mom giving them a better life. Throw in a handsome billionaire who takes a liking in the mom and her kids leading to a beautiful romance that touches the heart. Find out how Brianna's relationship with her kids grow. Everyone wants a beautiful family. Find out how humanity still exists in the life we live today. And a beautiful romance between two lonely people who become proud parents of 4 if not more😊

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13 Chapters
Brie's Pov My name's Brianna Quinn, I'm 28 years old. The proud owner of B Architecture and interior designs. I started this company at the age of 20 and here I am today. It wasn't easy though but I had support from my mum and siblings. They were there for me and I couldn't be more thankful their support. My company is everything to me and I don't take shot from anyone, my employees know best not to mess with me. People think am a bitch and a sassy one at that but honestly am not. Am a lonely girl. I once had a best friend before college but I guess our friendship wasn't at all that important to her. All the people that I meet pretend to be "friends" when in reality it's just a way of gaining connection in the business world. I mean how can you pretend to be someone's friend for the sake of money and fame?. I just don't get it. Am the only one left in the office and it's late so let's call it a night. I need my bed honestly. Taking my bag and stuffing my laptop in it, I grabbed my
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Brie's PovOk kids am so happy today. You guys sit down while I get you some hot chocolates to warm you up. Then we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other ok?. They nodded smiling making my own smile widen. Five minutes later, I came back with three cups of hot choco and handed it to them. "So I'll go first. My name's Brianna Quinn and am the CEO of B Architecture and interior designs. It feels like high school where we have to introduce ourselves. I'm Damien, am 16years old and I want to be an architect in future he said. He's name is Luca and he's 2 years old will be turning 3 in two weeks, Damien said pointing at a sleeping Luca. "Awwwwn, my baby is turning three. I gushed."I'm Lisa and am 14 years old, I love fashion and I want to be a fashion designer in future. Lisa said.And she's Emma, she's six years old. Lisa said pointing to a shy Emma."I love to play dress up, Emma said cutely.Now that we've introduced each other, I'll just call my assistant to get you g
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Third Person PovWhen they were done with the purchase of the gadgets, they decided to go back home as it was getting close to Luca and Emma's nap time. The rest of the purchase would be done online. While Emma and Luca were napping, Brie, Damien and Lisa decided to purchase the remaining items . They bought TVs, stuffs. they would need to decorate each room with, a car sit, paints and much more which was going to be delivered the following day. "Mom? Lisa called, why don't we paint the rooms ourselves? itt will be more fun. " That's a great idea, that way we can spend time together". "Am in, Damien agreed. " Since we're done with our purchase, am going to look up for schools so I can enroll you guys and a daycare for Luca, Brie said."ughh" they both groaned. You guys need to go school so you can make momma proud, said a smiling Brie. It was late in the afternoon, Brie and the kids were in the sitting room. Brie was bonding with them when the door bell rang. "I'll get it " said L
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Brie's PovToday's finally Luca's birthday and am so excited, can't believe baby boy is growing up so fast. He's still sleeping so I went to the bathroom room to take my bath. I came out of the bathroom and went to my walk in closet to choosey outfit for the day. Am going to be working in the kitchen all day so I decided to go with yoga pant and sports bra I wore a big shirt over it and walked out of the closet. I make my way down stairs and was hit with the aroma of pancakes and bacon. Rushing to the kitchen only to find Damien behind the stove. I slowly went up to him trying as much as possible not to make any sound. "Whatcha doing? He jumped putting his hand on his chest. " Mom you gave me a fright"."Sorry, you were so concentrated on what you were doing so I felt it was the right thing to do" I said trying to be innocent. " morning mom,. Morning I replied. "Where's the birthday boy?. "He's still sleeping". " You didn't wake the girls up?."Lisa's getting ready and Emma is
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The sound of clicking could be heard in the background. Behind the brown mahogany desk sat a man typing furiously on the desktop.The man is Alexandro De Marco. An important and very well known businessman in the business world. The owner of De Marco incorporated. He is handsome, smart, cunning, cold, calculating and sexy as hell. He is known to be a Devil in the world, in short he is a force to reckon with. Women throw themselves at his feet and wish to be by his side and men want to be him. But he's cold demeanor would make you run for the hills.Alexandro's Pov Today has been hectic for me, I had four meetings in a row thankfully non were lunch meetings. I signed two contract deals today. Going through proposals, emails, signing document after document etc. Running a billion dollar company is no joke at all. De Marco incorporated was started by my dad after my mum left us for a much Richer man then. He worked hard while still making time out of his busy schedule to spend time w
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Brie's PovDamien, Lisa come down we leave in 5 minutes. I shouted from the kitchen. Today is the day of our picnic and I am so excited. we got everything ready already and I was doing a last minute check in case we were forgetting something."I'll race you to the door!" I heard Lisa running to the door with Damien hot on het tail."I won, so bro you owe me 50 bucks" she said smirking. "No I don't! "Oh yes you do big boy" she said again rolling her eyes at him. "Now hand it over" he brought out his wallet handing her the 50 bucks while muttering profanities."Ouch woman, what was that for?" he said where I hit him." No swearing in front of your younger siblings. I said. " Fine " he grumbled. Help me get everything in the car. Lisa, put Luca's shoes on for him and settle him in his car seat. "ok, lukky come let's put your shoes on, she called . Once everything was set in the car, I locked the door, got into the driver's seat and we made our way out of the garage. We got there in no
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"These are some of the pictures of the mansions you asked for" the real estate agent said handing Alex a folder that contains the picture if the houses. He decided to buy a mansion here in New York City since that headquarters of his company is based in New York. He went through a few pictures of the houses but one house in particular caught his attention. "This one. I like it""Great choice sir. This particular mansion is the biggest and the most expensive"."How is the mansion?". "Can I see it now"?. He asked. "yes sir". "Ok, Laura, please come to my office now"."Sir? You need something?""Reschedule my meetings for this morning to the afternoon. I have to step out for a few hours."Alex instructed his PA."Yes sir will do" She said leaving his office. The drive to the mansion was short being that the neighborhood was not far from the city and his company. it was a 20minutes drive. Once in the neighborhood Alex noticed it was quiet, he liked it. He really is not a fan of a roud
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Chapter Eight
BRIE'S POVFRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!Finally it going to be another weekend!!!. It's been hella hectic. As much as I love my job, it's very exhausting. Am extremely exhausted added to the fact that I had the most annoying and difficult client today. I can't wait to get home and cuddle with my babies. "Am home!". I yelled when I was inside the house. "Damien? Lisa? Emm...... The fit of giggles and laughter coming from the kitchen caught my attention. I slowly made my way to the kitchen almost made have a heart attack. The scene was hilarious, am not mad that my kitchen looked like a gabage bin. Am glad that after a long and exhausting day at work I get to see this. The stress I felt earlier all vanished into thin air. Damien had flour all over him, his shirt and face were covered in flour and egg , Lisa wasn't any difference. Emma had flour on her face and her cute pink short and tank top were covered in flour but not much Luca well however was not different. They are yet to notice my pres
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Chapter Nine
BRIEI walked into my company's building. I was greeted by some of my employees, I responded by giving them either a kind smile or small nod. I made my way to my private elevator to my floor which was the 30th floor. I got out of the elevator and made my way to my office. "Good morning ma'am," Joana greeted."Morning Jo, how many times do I have to tell you to call me by my name?" I said putting my hands on my hip and fake glared at her. "Sorry ma... I mean Brie". "Now that more like it". "What's my schedule for the day?." I asked as we got to my office. "You have a meeting at 10:00am with the CEO of De Marco Incorporation, you're meeting with the heads of all the departments in the company at 2:00 pm and after that you're free for the rest of the day". "The CEO of De Marco Incorporation?. As in Alexandro De Marco"?."Yes". My heart thundered in my chest, I don't know why the mere mention of his name is making me feel different emotions."What is the meeting about?"."He bought a
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Chapter Ten
BRIEI went downstairs after my shower. I went straight to the kitchen and found the kids sitted behind the counter. "What are we making?". I asked while dancing around."My favorite!!!. Emma shouted excitedly. "Yes my love, your favorite. Which is?.""Chicken pasta ". "Chicken pasta coming right up your majesty ". I said bowing slightly Dame and I got started with the chicken pasta and soon we settled into a comfortable silence until I broke it. " I have a date". "Really? with who? is he handsome?". Lisa asked all at once out of excitement. While Emma was smiling waiting for me to continue,Luca was just watching and Dame has an expressionless face. "Who is he mom?". Is he a good guy? What's his name?. he asked his expression still not readable."Ok calm down guys, his someone we all know and are comfortable with and his handsome too". I said answering Liz's question."it's Alex, Mike's best friend "."Really?" Liz and Emma asked together."yes, his the one. Apparently, he came
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