Fate's Line For Alpha Heartless

Fate's Line For Alpha Heartless

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Theo Earl Andreas is an Alpha mafia; the leader of the Black Lotus organization and has great power in the underground business world in the Uthaman Empire. He is known as the heartless Alpha and is notorious for his way of torturing his enemies. What happens when this heartless Alpha meets a Mate who is his line of fate on the auction stage? Theo wanted to claim as well as mark Damelza even considering it a gift from the Moon Goddess. But he knew he wasn't good enough for her because he was the killer of his omega brother and the cause of her trauma. He also had no intention of staying away from her, even though his Omega refused him to do the mating bond. So, what should Theo do to keep Damelza by his side? Can he make the best decision when his enemies target his Omega, which turns out not to be as innocent as he thought? A journey of fate filled with bloody tragedies, revenge, grief, regret, and hope for a second chance.

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29 Chapters
Chapter 1 Red Full Moon
POV DamelzaThe sunshine in the summer was warm on my face. I slowly opened my eyes that still felt sore with very slow movements. Within a few seconds trying to adjust my still blurry vision. My lips winced for a moment as the joints of my body shifted from their place, resulting in a sense of pain in my body. My bright-green eyes looked over every corner of the dark building with a small window to the right of the wall.“I'm in a dungeon?” I mumbled as I realized that the place where I was currently sitting was an iron frame like a prison for criminal prisoners. However, the difference is that I am not a villain.“This is your food, lowly Omega!” shouted the sinister-faced man in all-brown clothes. He pushed the food tray using a wooden stick through the lower crack of the prison iron.“I'm not hungry,” I said to the man I believed was a Beta. My Omega instinct instantly shrank in fear as that Beta pressed against me using his pheromone that felt disgusting in my nose.“Eat now or y
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Chapter 2 Mate
POV Theo The limousine car drove at high speed across the streets in the downtown area of the Pack Wind region. Along the way I saw many luxurious skyscrapers with brightly highlighted lights. I leaned my back on the back of the car seat while looking at the cityscape that I rarely saw. My dark life is only about fighting arms with enemies, drinking wine, dealing with drug trafficking, killing, fighting for territory with other dark organizations, and so on. Yes… I was Theo Earl Andreas; Alpha mafia, the ruler of the underground business in the Kingdom of Uthaman. I don't know how long I have been in the profession of a mafia and don't think about leaving the world that has given me great power. The Kingdom of Uthaman contains four powerful Packs; Pack Wind is located in the northern region, Pack Water is located in the eastern region, Pack Earth is located in the south, and Pack Fire is located in the western region. I don't live in those four Packs. Instead, I live freely, wherev
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Chapter 3 Mine
POV TheoThe Alpha wolf on my body screamed happily while punching the air. I thought that a lifetime would not have a Mate because my life was too dirty. However, the Moon Goddess still gave me an overflow of love by bringing me together with my soulmate.My beautiful Omega looked surprised when she saw the Mate mark on my neck. Her pretty face looked incredulous that her life's destiny was to be with me. Then my hand opened the long white cloth covering her head so that her beautiful body was clearly visible in my eyes.“Ha… Ha… see, Damelza. The Mate mark on our necks is the same. You are mine, baby!” I screamed in excitement when I saw mate's mark that was the same as mine, and it was blood-red. Really, Damelza is very attractive in my eyes.I could feel my Omega's breath gasping as my hands tightened the embrace on her body. Damelza put her hands around my chest trying to make a distance, but it was in vain. Such a close distance made her two white cheeks heat up and blush. It wa
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Chapter 4 To The Bone
POV Damelza My heart was even more overwhelmed with anxiety as the car I was riding in stopped in front of a luxurious mansion located in the middle of the forest. The passenger door was opened wide by Theo's bodyguard so that the night breeze made me chill. “Thank you,” I said to him, which was reciprocated with a nod of the head. I tightened the black coat draped over my body even more. It's not clear to me why this fabric of his coat feels warm, I stroked it unconsciously. My bare feet walked over the marble floor that connected the gateway to the garden. My green eyes looked across the entire surrounding area, which was pitch black and surrounded by wilderness. The atmosphere was quiet, only the sound of night beasts could talk to each other with their flock. My lips gaped in amazement at the sight of the statue of the black wolf that appeared to be standing stoutly with a black lotus flower under its feet. The black wolf statue is located in the center of a large courtyard, su
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Chapter 5 Hot Morning
POV TheoThis is the first time in my life that I have woken up in a full smile. I'm happy because I was the first to take my Omega virginity. Her beautiful face is a beautiful scene when I close my eyes at night and open my eyes in the morning.My senses were disturbed when I felt the movement from someone on my left. The corners of my lips twitched as soon as I saw Damelza yawning a little while rubbing both eyes with her palms.“Are you awake?” I asked Damelza who was blinking her eyes. I tilted my body facing her with my left hand supporting my head.She moved a little messy, making the black blanket covering her body sag down so that her upper body was exposed.“Yes, I've been awake since you looked at me,” she replied with her cheeks all red like peaches. Her hand intended to pull the quilt up, but I stopped her movements directly. “Uhm… I'm embarrassed,” she said, squeezing the blanket cloth.“What's shame for? We've seen all the limbs of each other and picked up the pleasure t
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Chapter 6 Bloody Memory
POV Damelza I kept running indeterminate directions and occasionally looked back to see if anyone was following me. Luckily, the sunlight was able to penetrate the darkness of the forest, so I didn't have trouble running among the very tall bushes. Several times, I rubbed my tear-soaked cheeks until the skin of my face felt sore. My breath was heavy because of the mixture of fear and sadness that had accumulated in the recesses of my soul. I sniffed hard as I closed my eyes, then howled low. Within seconds, my skin was overgrown with white fine hairs until my whole body was covered with feathers. Then my body bent down and turned into a two-meter-high white wolf. My wolf quickly ran through the dense teak forest. Various times my feet were slipped by the abundance of moss growing on the ground and large rocks. GROWL! GROWL! The sound of a wolf's growl terrified me. From the corner of my eye, I can see that there are five Beta-type wolves chasing me at high speed. I didn't expect t
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Chapter 7 Empathy?
POV Theo“Damelza, what's wrong with you? Hey… open your eyes!” I shook my Omega's limp body in my arms. My eyes widened when I saw her complexion turn pale. My body shook when I noticed that her slender legs were bleeding so much.“Have mercy on me, My lord. I'm sorry… I'm guilty. Likewise, I deserve to die.” Damelza said with her eyes closed. Her body convulsed with cold sweat as big as corn kernels.My heart seemed to be uprooted from my chest cavity when Damelza opened her eyes wide, followed by a loud shout. Her strength was so brutal that my embrace on her body slipped off.“Damelza, calm down,” I said, touching her shoulder. “Stop, baby. Don't hurt yourself.” I tried to hug her body when she was about to bang her head against the floor. “Why are you guys quiet, huh? Call the Doctor over!” I yelled at all my bodyguards, who stood stiff. I gave them a piercing look that instantly made them foggy; ran over to call my personal Doctor.Furthermore, I carried my rebellious Omega body
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Chapter 8 Trauma
POV Theo Just like the previous days, Damelza kept her eyes closed tightly. There was no sign of movement from her body lying comfortably on the mattress. Her face was so calm that I didn't know where her soul was now. How closely I touched her body, but I felt unable to touch in her heart. My guilt grew when Damelza was diagnosed with trauma by a psychiatric specialist. I didn't know what she was going through before meeting me, and I'm sure her life must have been in trouble. “Mr. Theo, it's time for Miss Damelza to change the infusion,” said a Beta who walked over, pushing a trolley filled with various medical support devices. She was named Sarah; a Psychiatric specialist recommended by Doctor Antonio. “Quickly get it right,” I ordered Sarah. I stayed by the bed and watched her performance. Not without reason, I do this because I don't easily put trust in others. It had been a week since she took care of Damelza. During that time, I have observed Doctor Sarah's performance, wh
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Chapter 9 Trying to Believe
POV DamelzaThe first thing I saw after my eyes opened was a screech from a well-dressed man with a woman. My forehead furrowed, not understanding why anyone was around me. Then I realized if I was in an unfamiliar room that I didn't know at all. I lowered my head, thinking about where Alpha Theo is going?“Hello, are there any complaints on your body or do you feel pain?” asked a beautiful woman in an all-white shirt. She helped me get up and leaned my body on the head of the bed. Then she brought the glass of water closer in front of my lips.“Thank you. I'm fine,” I replied after finishing my sip of water. Instantly, my thirst disappeared and was replaced by a sense of freshness.Suddenly, she clasped my hands tightly with a sweet smile on her face. “Introduce my name, Sarah Andriana. I was the Doctor who treated you when you passed out for one week,” she explained in a soft voice. Her tan-skinned cheeks were all red when she introduced herself to me.I blinked my eyes softly. Don'
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Chapter 10 Flower Garden
POV Damelza“Louis? You're Alpha Theo's brother?” I repeated the name. In my opinion, Alpha Louis has absolutely no resemblance to Alpha Theo. If Theo has a firm facial line, then Louis has a softer facial line, so he looks more friendly.“You doubt me as Theo's brother?” His two eyebrows merged with the look on his face of dislike. I shuddered as Alpha Louis further advanced his body so that his face was only an inch away from my face.I shook my head softly, dismissing all the bad thoughts that were in my brain. Suddenly, a loud banging sound startled me until my body was stretched back and hit the head of the bed.“Can you enter the room a little politely, Theo?!” Alpha Louis exclaimed loudly, protesting his younger brother's attitude.“Noisy,” Theo retorted with a lazy face. He stepped closer to me. “Go,” he growled right in front of his brother's face.“Ungrateful little brother.” Louis clucked in annoyance and then walked out of the room, slamming the door. It appears that their
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