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Maxine waters is a young girl of twenty one who works towards her dream of becoming a professional in photography but that was before she met Edward Hanks professionally known as Dan. Edward is a popular actor in the country and he contracted Maxine to be his fiancee because of some family issues. Both of them are cruel to each other and become worse enemies. Their relationship unraveled alot of deep secrets and mysteries that had been buried for years. What happens when fate changes all their plans and casts a natural and unbreakable spell on them ?? * * * * * * " So you believe true love exists" Edward smirked and i felt my blood boil. "Ofcourse it exists, money isn't always everything" I said calmly but deep down i felt like digging my hands into his face. "Money can buy everything" he said confidently and i started to laugh, I never knew rich people could be this dumb. "Money can't buy love or happiness or peace of mind, it can't buy me either" I said and walked out of the cafe with a mischievous smile.........

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9 Chapters
chapter one
I opened my eyes slowly, as a ray of sunlight slipped through an opening in my curtains, ' it's going to be a beautiful day' i said to myself.I believe that as long as there's life there's hope and this has been my philosophy for years, life is like an adventure to me, giving up is never an option.No matter how difficult the situation becomes, we still need to keep our faith alive.I'm Maxine waters but you can call me Max for short, I'm a photographer and I work for Eddan, one of the biggest production companies in the world.I'm working for Edward Hanks professionally known as Dan, the most popular actor in the country and the owner of the company.It's been my biggest dream to become a professional photographer, and own my own company, I hope that some day, my dream will come true.I got dressed in a denim trousers and a white shirt that had the words Eddan boldly written at the back, my hair was neatly tied up in a ponytail.I quickly had breakfast and left for work, today is fr
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chapter two
I was in the cafe having a drink, I haven't had appetite for food since yesterday. I hope my dad's condition gets better. Becky rushed to the cafe excitedly and it made me curious cos i haven't seen her this happy in a while, could it be that she got a new boyfriend?? "What's with the excitement?" i asked "Dan is here and he wants to see all of us " she said and dragged me back to the office. After the meeting, i wanted to sneak away quietly before Edward recognizes me cos he might want to create a scene. "Stop " he commanded and i froze, I turned back slowly as my whole body started shaking, what if he decides to punish me for slapping him yesterday?. "I believe we've met " he said and i looked around and noticed others were staring at us, me in particular. "I'm sorry sir but you're mistaking me for someone else " I said and wanted to walk away but he held me back. " We kissed yesterday remember?" he asked and my face turned red with embarrassment, how could he say that in f
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chapter three
It was a thirty minutes drive to the party. A boring ride I must say. "When we get there you have to give everyone the impression that we're in love and really engaged" he said.I rolled my eyes sarcastically, he doesn't have to tell me what to do all the time it's annoying. When we entered the building i was awed, it's so beautiful in here. I looked at the glass chandelier that gave a little dim light, it's beautiful and really expensive, I can tell by the model.There were lots of people all dressed in expensive clothes and for the first time in my life i felt inferior I wish i was engaged to my true love not some random jerk.After introducing me to all his friends i was finally free to be alone."Mrs Hanks won't you join us?" his friend Tom asked. Did he just call me mrs Hanks???"I'm not part of the family yet" I said as bent my head downwards in order to hide the fact that i was blushing."You will be soon"he said "Darn it! , i thought I would have a few minutes alone. "O
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chapter four
After changing, I came out of the bathroom and Edward was still inside eating my breakfast, what a shameless man."Let's go" I said and grabbed my bag and an apple."Don't be mad at me, I was hungry" he said and opened the car door for me."I'm not, your highness" I said and closed the door."You are" he said before i whined the car glass up and i sighed."You came to my house without telling me, refused to give me privacy and ate my breakfast so why on earth should i not be angry" I said as he entered the car.If i survive this six months without murdering someone it will be a miracle.Edward's apartment wasn't far from mine, maybe that's why he has time to come to my place this early.His house was a beautiful bungalow with a yard and a pool too, there was also a small garden."Nice place " I muttered and went straight to his kitchen.I will make sure i eat everything in his fridge as payback for my breakfast, it was pineapple sandwich my favorite and he ate it all.I made breakfast
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chapter five
I woke up by 7:57am on Monday, that's unlike me or maybe it's because I'm not going to work else I'm sure I would've been up earlier.I took my bath after cleaning up my room, maybe i should go out and have fun since I will be free for the whole day.It's been ages since i visited the zoo, maybe i should go there.I dressed up in a pink T-shirt and a pair of white shorts, my hair was braided in a single plait and i lined my eyes.I bought some ice creams, cheese crackers, pretzels, candies and bagels.I cannot explain my unending love for bagels, I think they're really delicious. You can try it sometimes.After hours of wondering like a lost child, i returned home and found Edward inside my house."Jesus Christ Edward, you're so creepy" I exclaimed as my heart flew into a panic."I just wanted to surprise you" he said with a smirk."Please don't do it again i could have another panic attack" i said breathing slowly."I apologize but it's your fault, you never told me you suffered from
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Chapter six
After work, i hid at one end of the building waiting for everyone to come out so that i could blend with the crowd, i don't wish for Edward to upset me today so the best option is for me to sneak home.I kept looking back till i bumped into someone and fell."Where are you heading?" Edward asked and i sighed, I'm a coward for not being able to escape from this place without getting caught."I wanted to see my parents" i lied."Then why would you leave secretly?" he asked raising a brow."I... they...,i didn't want you to come with me" i said looking down."Why didn't you just tell me or are you afraid that i will offer you a ride?" he asked and i shook my head."Not at all" i replied."Okay then, let's go" he said and i wondered why i didn't refuse the ride..I don't have intentions of going to the hospital yet cos my father's health state will definitely break my heart.Now i don't have a choice, do i??I got into the car and slammed the door with frustration, my life is becoming mor
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chapter seven
I walked down the street to a coffee shop, Becky asked me to come over for a drink, i don't like the idea, but i don't have a choice either.It's snowing today, the snow came quite late this year, even though the signs came early.When i got to the shop, i took a seat beside the window, I love having a view of everything outside while sitting down. A waitress walked up to me, she was wearing a white dress and black apron.Her hair was done in a bun, and she held a menu card, smiling, like she was advertising a toothpaste brand." May i take your order ma'am?" she asked politely."Um.... could you come back later" i asked looking at my wristwatch.Becky should be here already, i wonder what's taking her so long."I'm here!" Becky sat down opposite me, panting like she's been running Olympics."Could you try to be punctual for once?" i sighed and signaled the waitress to come to our table."I'm sorry, but you know i need to take my time while dressing up" she said, taking the menu card
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Chapter eight
I sat in the back seat of a taxi, humming to the beat of a music, as it sped on the road.These past few days have been really hectic for me, dealing with the stress from work and home.., what the heck am i even doing with my life right now."Could you turn on the volume of the music?" i asked the driver, whining down the window glass, i need fresh air."Yes ma'am" he twisted the button to the right, and the volume increased. I nodded my head to the beat of the music, occasionally singing some parts.I used to be all crazy for jazz music while growing up..., but everything is different now, i hardly listen to music these days."I'm dropping off now" i said my gaze still outside the window.The cab pulled over in front of a grocery store, and at the corner of the store was a fruit market, my eyes caught some oranges, i'll like to get some of those.I need to buy chocolate and chips too, it's the best food for me, especially when i'm down.I strode past the shelves, as my eyes flicked, f
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Chapter nine
The large living room looks simple, but then it's obvious that it carries great wealth. Talking about the gym, infinity pool , sitting plazas, walking tracks, safe play area for kids, and more, they are all as if it is another realm. Is this a house or a hotel cos I'm getting confused.I even became scared of going inside, I'm a low class girl.., i don't belong in such a beautiful place. I think this is heaven."Look who's here today" Mrs Hanks descended the stairs gracefully, her teeth gleamed white against the tanned skin of her lip.Her brown hair was tied up in a ponytail, and her diamond earrings dangled on her shoulders, but this was no ordinary diamond.., it was really expensive, i can tell by the way it looks.She wore a pair of glass hills, i can swear that everything she's wearing can buy my family house.Mrs. Hanks was so young and youthful contrary to her age. I mean she's already sixty two, but she doesn't look a day over thirty.Her red gown swept the floor, as she walke
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