Chapter 11

The man who answered was unknown to me. He was dressed in an elite warrior suit of black and blue. His long sword was hanging on his side.

I didn’t let down my guard though. I was still holding Ponpon, ready to pounce just in case. Even though he was no threat, I could not just let my guard down. What if the King sent him to kill me after he killed my mother?

Well, I know that I only suspected the King for my mother’s demise. However, I could not just put it to rest that he did not let her children know she was ill at the time. We could have done something. Or we could have been beside her when she was suffering, made her at least comfortable. I had no idea if he did everything he could for our mother then. That is why I so hate the King to the point that I suspect him for killing my mother.

“Oh, Luick! What are you doing there?” I heard Zelian’s deep voice behind me.

I whirled around to look at him. He knew this elite warrior?

“Luick?” I echoed and

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