Chapter 56

“Free all the prisoners in Uzob. The only thing they did wrong was go against the impostor king. That means they’re all innocents,” Rugien said. He then informed them where Uzob was located.

They nodded. They were about to go when Rugien halted them. “One other thing.” He glanced at me first before he continued. “Frith’s body.”

“We’re going to take care of it,” Bullox said. “Right now, he’s going to be washed clean by a couple of our fellow warriors before he’s going to be sent to his family. That’s the least we can do for him at the moment.”

However, Rugien shook his head. “No. Frith can still be brought back to life. Will talk to Healer Ulf regarding this matter.”

I snorted. “Huh? Are you saying that he still has the chance to be alive even after his life source is sucked by the Creyer?” I asked Rugien about that unbelievable suggestion.

He turned to me and all eyes were on him now. “The old palace healer has found something in their research, Xerra.

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