Chapter 4

I walked back toward my house after I gathered the bark juice for Shahrae. She loved it since we were little. She was never fond of fruit wine ever since she had a taste of it. Maybe because another reason was that she just blacked out after she had a glass of it. I could only chuckle when I remembered that instance. It was on her sixteenth birthday at the time. Poor Shahrae.

From where I was, right in front of the forest, I could see the houses in pyramid style that lined up perfectly. Maybe there were a couple of hundred meters away from each other. The sun was already up high and the land was full of busy, bustling people doing their respective jobs.

Flying public transportations could be seen on the horizon in all four directions. Their centermost of destination was somewhere near the Aryan palace, where the King lives. The transportations were mainly oval in shape, with the average dimension of twenty meters in length by ten meters in width and by ten meters in height. They were all in two colors. Black on the upper part and blue on the lower part of the vehicles, which we called recula. They were all for free and had loading and unloading stations at specific points at each tribe locations, except in the north where the rebels are.

I passed by the farmers who were busy with their own thing. A kunijoh was in my hand. I was told by my father once that the only difference of kunijoh from the so-called Earth’s rabbit was it has only one ear but not as large. A jar of bark juice was held in the other hand.

I smiled at Zelian, a hot spice plant grower. He was of middle age, still well-built, and more agile than any average Aryan with forty-eight chromosomes. He was also considered as one of the good fighters in our tribe. However, I was considered the best as no one had ever defeated me yet. That was why my people gave me the privilege to teach the younger ones how to fight at duskside.

“Good catch today as usual, eh?” he commented, glancing at the purple kunijoh in my hand.

I raised it with a smile on my face. “Yes, Zelian!”

“Xerra, come to our house tomorrow night. There’s a wedding party! Bring Shahrae along!” I heard Oleifa’s voice in the midst of the throng of people going to and fro.

I looked over my shoulder and saw her fat being. I couldn’t possibly miss her. She was one of those unique Aryans who had a fat body. It wasn’t because she ate a lot of food just like people do on Earth, according to my father, but she often willed that she’d look that way so that she’d be distinguished more easily. Usually, Aryans willed to make themselves unique in appearance. That is why most Aryans were good-looking.

“Sure! She’d be delighted to come. Thank you for the invitation, Oleifa!” I smiled and waved the kunijoh at her.

She smiled warmly, waved back, and went on her way to the market. I caught sight of her boarding on an oval vehicle that didn’t touch the ground, unlike the ones I heard stories from my Arcturian father. I wondered how people on the planet Earth, which was a third-dimensional world, would look and live like.

My father once described that they more or less looked like us, called humanoid form, but they didn’t have powers like any average Aryans do. Aryans are naturally strong, intelligent, and agile beings. However, on my part, I am half Aryan and most of my powers are inherited from my seventh-dimensional Arcturian father.

We Aryans only eat once or twice a day, but humans are said to eat more than three times a day. On the other hand, my father, who is a very powerful being, doesn’t need any meal! I can’t even imagine how these so-called Earthlings could eat a lot of food and how they spent their energy with it when they weren’t powerful at all!

“What have you got me, Xerra? Bark juice?” Shahrae was excited when she opened the wooden door for me. She would always feel my presence whenever I was right outside our door.

“You already know what you love. That’s what I’m bringing you from my early morning excursions every day!” I grinned at her and kissed her warm and soft cheek.

“Oh, thank you very much, Xerra! As always, you are such a sweet and thoughtful sister!” she said happily as she took the jar from my hand.

I went in and cleaned the kunijoh with my telekinetic powers while I sat with my ankles crossed on the table.

Shahrae gave me a disgusted look. “Take your feet off the table!”

Sure, she was gentle but she could act like a mother to a kid whenever she wanted to. And that was how she was treating me once in a while even though I was older than her.

I put down my feet on the magenta marble floor, which was typically Aryan.

“That’s what you do when you are in deep thought.” She referred to my habit of crossing my ankles and putting them on the table.

Well, that was very observant of her. She was indeed my sister.

“You’re right, Shahrae. It’s because we met someone in the forest earlier today,” Ponpon revealed her before I could even speak.

I glanced at Ponpon on my thigh then looked at my sister.

“Ignore what he said, Shahrae,” I calmly said. “I met Oleifa by the way. She invited us to the wedding party at her house.” I smiled at my sister.

Her face lit up at the prospect of attending such an occasion—a wedding party. It meant a lot to her. She loved weddings! She’d been looking for a mate since three years ago. But she hadn’t liked anyone yet in our tribe. Perhaps tomorrow, she’d meet someone that could be considered unique in her standards, which were a puzzle to me as there were no rich and poor in the Aiglean land.

“I should make a unique dress for the party tomorrow then. Or, can you do that for me, Xerra?” she pleaded me with her cute eyes.

I smiled at her. She often exploited my telekinetic powers. And that was every single day! However, I didn’t mind. I loved my sister very much as I loved our mother.

I got up from the white marble chair and put my hands over my waist. I surveyed her being and I decided what she’d look more beautiful in. I pictured it already in my mind. Long, fitting blue gown, embedded with fresh flowers of different colors, sprinkled with diamonds to glitter in the evening lights and a tiara would do justice to her beautiful face.

“Alright, I already have something in mind for you. I’ll get on it as soon as possible, dear sister,” I informed her with a big smile.

“And I think you need a new dress, too. Who knows if we’re going to meet that stranger you just met in the forest tomorrow evening?” And she winked at me before she turned her back to cool her drink in a machine we called Bunawan, which wasn’t its sole function.

Bunawan is a machine that is taller than me with some drawer-like divisions with complicated things inside for different purposes like washing or drying clothes, dishes, and others. It also preserves some food, drinks, medical supplies, and others. Moreover, it serves as the keeper of house words, meaning that it records everything that was said and done inside the house—and no one else could retrieve the recorded data except for the owners of the house.

My mind went back to what my sister said. Meet that stranger again?

I snorted as I pictured him once again in my head. That would not happen in a million years, would it?

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