Chapter 53

“Or you’re going to break my neck? Is that it?” I sarcastically told him but my hand was still tightly holding my weapon. I refused to be threatened by him despite of the current situation.

Rugien suddenly made a more-than-a-superbeing move. He stood right in front of us in less than a split dot. His face was grim that I’d never seen before. His eyes burned with fire as he looked at the General of the Elite Aryan Army.

“Ah, my son!” The King followed as well after a dot passed by.

I looked at his Creyer. With this distance, I could probe into the King’s mind. However, it was blocked somehow. He looked at me with a mocking and evil grin. He shook his head unaffectedly.

“I know your ability, Xerra. However, you cannot use it against me.” He paused. “Even you, Rugien. No matter how powerful you are.” He turned to the Grand Crown Prince.

Rugien reached out to my mind, I realized. I let him probe into mine. Now he knew what I discovered. His face went grimme

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