Chapter 49

Other elite warriors who were not expecting it were caught by the smoke. They already coughed and groaned. Well, I could just imagine how they feel now, as I experienced it at the Banatan. I knew they felt like dying right now.

I transformed into my Arcturian self, using my black aura to cleanse the smoke. As soon as the air was cleared out, my fellow elite warriors that were affected got back their strength and were healed. Then they used their clear helmets as well.

They dashed toward the Black Forest where blazing arrows kept coming at us. It was like more than hundreds of them. However, the elite warriors easily managed to parry them now and those were rendered useless. I could now make out the people who were as black as the black trees of the Black Forest. No wonder why it was called Black Forest and why their hiding place couldn’t be found even after numerous raids that the King had made all these years. Thus, only the innocents were killed. That was indeed a pity

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