Chapter 52

The Furezos spread out quickly and with agility that I’d never witnessed before. I realized that they indeed worked hard to be able to defend themselves and to protect their land against the King, although it was unsuccessful until now.

The King and General Isoog just got out from the flying capsules, which obviously warped from the palace to get here quietly and quickly.

I ducked when a flying sword was aimed at my direction. I quickly ran to take cover behind a tree. The leipods or simply called as follow-the-enemy flying weapons were deployed all over us to automatically track and attack us. They were as big as an Aryan hand with a triangular shape and steel gray color. They flew without sound, hence perfect for surprise attacks as well. Once it sees and locks in on its target, it won’t stop until the target is terminated.

“Execute all the rogue warriors and the rebels!” I heard the King’s command.

I swallowed and looked at my poniard that was in my hand.

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