Chaper 54

As the General told me his real name, he attacked me with a whip that he manifested. I barely realized that the name of his brother’s staff was Creyer, which was taken from his name after all. The impostor loved his brother dearly—it was crystal clear to see. It was quite admirable. I could understand since I had a precious sister that I loved so much.

Anyway, it was good I was fast enough to dodge his attack. My poniard blocked it the second time, which was caught by it. In turn, I pulled it and slashed it. His hold was broken. I quickly bluffed a thrust but attempted to slash his leg. He was quick to dodge both times it was amazing. He was amazing. I gave him that. However, he just got motionless all of a sudden.

I whipped around to look behind me to see who it was. Of course, it was Frith. He used his favorite weapon, the needle, which made the General paralyzed. I smiled, satisfied, at the unmoving Crey.

I then paid attention to Rugien and the King who are stil

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