Chapter 55

It was then that Rugien and I grabbed it at the same time that it was taken away from Isoog like his strength diminished. Together, we thrust the staff through his chest and to his heart. Blinding light erupted from within and it seemed that he just melted into a mist, into nothingness, only to appear the real King.

I knew it the moment his green eyes were settled on Rugien. The Grand Crown Prince could tell it, too, that it was his real father.

“Father!” He embraced the older man.

The two males looked happy with this reunion. Well, who wouldn’t? I looked at the staff that was now solely in my hand. I couldn’t feel its surging power now. But I didn’t care. All is well now. My eyes met Zelian’s who stepped closer to us. He bowed to the two royalties and so did the others, including the Furezos and the remaining elite warriors. It looked like there was less than half of their number that was still alive.

“Zelian! It’s been a long time since I last saw you,” the

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